Mawasii Allegiance

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Mawasii Allegiance
Basic information
Major Species:
  • Mawasii
  • Nayer
  • Taranians
  • Aryions
  • Mawasii Prime

1397 CE

Warp Capable:

1968 CE

Official Language:


Official Currency:


Political Information

Mawasii Council

  • Mawasii High Commander
  • Mawasii Ruling Council
  • Mawasii Governing Chancellor
Military Branches:

Mawasii Supreme Guard


The Mawasii Allegiance is a small collection of worlds and peoples who were conquered by the Mawasii after their rise from under the Dominion. The Mawasii themselves are a very power driven society, placing wealth on the size of their estate and their military force. The subject species of the Mawasii are generally considered 2nd class citizens who have all pledged their Allegiance to the Mawasii. It has been observed that the Mawasii social structure is similar in appearance to that of British Empire India.

Physical Profile

The Mawasii are the central species of the Allegiance, they are the founders and protectors of all their ‘member‘ worlds. All conquered species must submit finances and resources to the Mawasii Supreme Guard in exchange for protection and aid when required.

The Mawasii are very Terran in appearance. Usually taller with a more prominent physical build, the Mawasii benefit from more speed and strength than Terrans.

History of the Allegiance

The Mawasii were a once proud and noble race, very cultural and rich in resources. The Mawasii achieved pre-warp space flight in the early 1900’s. The quickly learned from of other species during their encounter with the Nayer. The Nayer gave the Mawasii warp flight in 1968 and an alliance was born. Both planets sharing technology and resources for their mutual goal of space exploration.

In 2013, the Mawasii first encountered the Dominion, several light years from the Dominions then border. The encounter lasted all of 2 minutes but was one that would shape the futures of these 3 races.

During the last quarter of 2014, the Dominion arrived in full force in orbit of Nayer and had the people conquered within hours. They then moved onto Mawasii Prime. Both races were subjects of the Dominion within weeks.

Life in the Dominion was hard for the Mawasii. They were banned from exploring Dominion controlled space and also banned from venturing to far out of their former space as Dominion patrol vessels fired upon them. The Dominions main aim was to prevent the technologically advanced Mawasii from contacting others to help them and passing on their knowledge of the Dominion, who until 2014, were un heard of in this sector of space.

A former military commander had been running a resistance cell in the Mawasii capital. He had managed to continue to do so without capture by the Dominion due to the nature of Mawasii Primes underground tunnel network. From his base under ground, the Commander (Br’elak) managed to develop a powerful hand held weapons for use against the Dominion. This was eventually developed into a planetary weapon which was used against the Dominion. The small Dominion fleet in orbit was wiped out and the small contingent of Jem’Hadar and Vorta were eliminated. By the time another fleet came to restore order, the Mawasii had constructed enough canons to protect their planet.

In the year 2340, the Dominion officially abandoned Mawasii Prime and the surrounding space, deciding it wasn’t cost effective and viable to try and re-take. Owing both to the lack of ability to obtain a suitable orbit around the planet and also the lack of resources the planet was supplying the Dominion with.

The following 10 years were spent rebuilding the Mawasii Supreme Guard and developing their stealth technology. The Mawasii Guard, commanded by High Commander Br’elak went out into Dominion controlled space and liberated the Nayer and the Aryions. In a turn of events, the power hungry Br’elak demanded the allegiance of the Nayer and the Aryions in return for their continued protection from the Dominion. Soon after, Br’elak over threw the temporarily established Senate and assumed control of Mawasii Prime.

Soon after the establishment of the Mawasii Allegiance, the Taranians offered their allegiance and resources in turn for the Mawasii’s protection. The three subject races answer to the whim of the Mawasii but all four produce soldiers and resources for the Supreme Guard.

In 2362, High Commander Br’elak died in his palace and was immediately succeeded by Che’lark as High Commander. Che’lark had a different view on the Mawasii foreign policy and decided to close their borders and banned all interaction with other species in fear of someone else like the Dominion coming along and one day overthrowing him and enslaving his people. The Nayer, rejecting this policy, left the Allegiance and headed for a distant system in the south of the Gamma Quadrant.

Present Day

The Federation starship USS Venture encountered the Mawasii Allegiance in late early 2386. First contact was short and abrupt. The crew of the Venture respected the wishes of the Mawasii and made way to leave their space. On exiting the system now known as the Nayers home system, the Venture discovers a dilithium rich planet. Upon further investigation, a further 5 planets were found to be rich in dilithium.

It is discovered that the Mawasii and their subject species don’t use Dilithium and have no use for it. The Venture's CO negotiated a pact with the Mawasii. In turn for obtaining this system and its resources, Starfleet would provide the Mawasii with quadrant intelligence and any materials they may require.