Mauo System

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Mauo System
Grid E1, Beta Quadrant
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The Mauo System is located in the Gavarian Corridor near Romulan space.


The Mauo System is a trinary star system with some five planetoids. Four of the planets are believed to be uninhabited, but one, Mauo II, is the home of a pre-warp civilisation and was first discovered in 2385, but the system was first explored in 2386 by the USS Patriot under the command of then Commodore Garen Tal.

The Patriot’s arrival in the system was by sheer mistake. Originally located in the Delta Quadrant, the Patriot was due to carry out a series of cargo runs to and from Starbase 900 to Union Colony but on Stardate 64221.83, when the Patriot embarked on its first mission in the cargo run, there was an unexplained error with the Solaria Gateway. Just seconds before the Patriot was to travel to Union Colony, the connection with Union Gateway was switched to that of an inactive gateway elsewhere in the Beta Quadrant. Without realising, the Patriot and her crew travelled through the gateway and arrived in the Mauo System, some thirty thousand light-years from their actual destination.

Upon arrival, the Patriot crew stumbled upon a Tal Shiar operation to find the activation sequence for the inactive gateway. The Tal Shiar operatives desired the activation sequence so they could have a tactical edge over other empires. Tal Shiar operatives were busy working at the ruins on the nearby Mau III upon the arrival of the Patriot and had to cease working until the Patriot’s commanding officer was appeased enough to leave the system. When Commodore Tal uncovered the Romulan plan, he ordered the destruction of the Gateway. The resulting battle between the Patriot, the 112th Starfighter Air Group and a Valdore Class Warbird lasted for little more than 30 minutes before the Gateway was destroyed.

With the Tal Shiar knowing that they had been rumbled performing unsanctioned missions, no further repercussions were sought against the Federation and the Patriot soon arrived at Kepler Station for debriefing.

Following the Romulan withdrawal from the Gavarian Frontier in late 2387, Starfleet Intelligence received word that the Gateway had not been completely destroyed. They suggested that Starfleet command dispatch a crew to investigate before the Cardassian's, under the new Gavarian Armistice Agreement, caught wind of the situation. Following a layover at Olympus Base to drop off personnel, Commodore Kate Walsh, the Task Force Executive Officer for Task Force 47 ordered the USS Venture and Captain Nathan Hunter to investigate these claims.

Mauoian Gateway

The Mauoian Gateway is a Very Large Gateway (VLG) located in the Mauo star system, unusual because of its lack of physical apparatus. The dissimilarity has led Federation scientists to speculate that the Iconian Gateway network may consist of many different kinds of Gateway, each with its own unique shape, characteristics, and capabilities. It was destroyed in 2385.

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