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Here at Bravo Fleet, we believe in giving our simmers a good base of information to help them research, plan, and execute rich backstories and missions. The admiralty, internet office, and individual simm command staffs have all been doing an excellent job keeping the information current and relevant, and all should be proud of keeping this place active and pushing us up to the status of one of the most commonly-used pieces of Bravo Fleet. If you'd like to help, please feel free to reach out to the Infobase Team!

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Quantum Slipstream Drive

Quantum slipstream.jpg

Quantum Slipstream Drive is a subspace technology that enables space travel at faster-than-light speeds well beyond conventional warp drive. It does this by manipulating the curvature of subspace around the warp bubble, contracting it in front and expanding it behind via the Alcubierre metric. This has a multiplicative effect on the warp factor, enabling starships to operate at speeds well in excess of Warp 9.975.

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This Wiki (commonly known as the Infobase) serves as Bravo Fleet's Official Repository for Canon. We apologize for any lack of information as this Infobase will always be a work in progress. The errata contained here isn't just available for reference; it is also at the ready for those able to keep it up to date with new information as it is researched or developed in character. If you or your simm has something to add to the Canon, please utilize our Submission Form via the Bravo Fleet Service Request System or contact a member of the Infobase Staff.