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CURRENT Fleet YEAR: 2399

Welcome to the Bravo Fleet Wiki!

This wiki is a repository for any and all information relating to Bravo Fleet canon. The vast majority of articles here are relevant to our vision of 2399, shortly before the events of Picard, and may be referred to as 'IC' or 'In Character' information. This includes history, galactic governments, locations of note, and people of note. Please note that this is not a complete repository for all possibly relevant Star Trek canon, and we have tried where possible to not simply duplicate information which is available from other resources such as Memory Alpha. The information on this wiki is exclusive to Bravo Fleet, or provides essential background and context for that information. We also have ongoing efforts to flesh out other periods of Bravo Fleet history, some of which are the focus of members' games and stories.

There is a limited selection of articles relevant to the Bravo Fleet real-world organisation, such as policies. These may be referred to as 'OOC' or 'Out of Character' information. This is to keep some documents readily available and easily accessed by the members, and are not to be added to, edited, or removed without permission.

IC information on this wiki is collaboratively generated under the guidance of the Lore Office. This means that any Bravo Fleet member may contribute articles relevant to the lore of their story or their game. However, only articles which include an icon of Bravo Fleet or the relevant major power (such as the Klingon Empire or Romulan Star Empire) in the top-right corner have been ratified by the Lore Office; the content of these articles is binding across the Fleet. All other information is relevant to the specific game or story that generated it and should be considered 'opt-in,' to be used and shared at the discretion of other members.

Registered users have access to add and edit content. For guidance on how to get involved, please consult our Submission Guide. For an overview of what Bravo Fleet considers to be canon, please review the Canon Policy.

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House of Mo'Kai


The House of Mo'Kai is one of the Great Houses in the Klingon Empire and held a seat on the Klingon High Council. In the 23rd century, the House of Mo'Kai was infamous for being composed of "watchers," "deceivers," and "weavers of lies" – employing tactics of espionage and subterfuge that other Great Houses considered dishonorable compared to a frontal assault.

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