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Grid D4, Alpha Quadrant
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Alpha Quadrant


Class D

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United Federation of Planets


50 million


Luna (or The Moon) is the inhabited natural satellite of Earth, affiliated to the United Federation of Planets.

It is the fifth largest known satellite in the Solar System.


Luna is the only natural satellite of Earth, a Class D moon. Originally uninhabited as it was unable to support human life, Luna was colonised by Earth in the late 21st century as they began to colonise the Solar System. The first recorded human visit to the moon was in 1969, when NASA's Apollo 11 landed on the satellite's surface.

People living on Luna live in pressure domes, as there is no breathable air and the level of gravity is too low. Well known colonies are Armstrong City, Tycho City and New Berlin. The Luna Shipyards are also within vicinity of the satellite.


Pre 21st century

  • 1969: The first manned mission to the moon, NASA's Apollo 11, successfully lands on the surface of Luna in the Sea of Tranquility with, Neil Armstrong becoming the first human to walk on the surface of the satellite. Apollo 12 lands on Luna later in the year, this time in the Ocean of Storms.
  • 1971: Two further missions, Apollo 13 and Apollo 14, land on Luna.
  • 1972: Another two landings take place on Luna, Apollo 15 and Apollo 16.

21st century

  • Unknown: The Lunar Colonies are founded.

22nd century

  • 2130s-2150s: Earth Starfleet and MACO survival training was carried out on Luna.
  • 2150s: Lunar One Colony was the largest colony on Luna.

24th century

  • Unknown: The population of Luna reached 50 million people.

External Information

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