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Luke Duncan





October 11th 2329




United Federation of Planets


Deep Space 19

Vice Admiral
Played By:


Luke Robert Duncan is a distinguished Starfleet officer who has had an illustrious career to date. He is most noted for his four year tenure as the commanding officer of Federation space station Deep Space 19. He is known for his skills, intellect and experience as a strategist and a diplomat.

From 2377 he was a key player within the Federation efforts of securing peace with the C'hakilian Empire. He later went on to represent the Federation in helping those worlds affected by the collapse of the C’hakilian Empire in 2384. After a brief retirement, Duncan returned to Starfleet due to the uncertainty of what was going to happen when the Hobus star went supernova. He remained in service thereafter.


  • Mother: Marie Duncan, retired Starfleet Captain,
  • Father: Mark Duncan, retired Federation Ambassador,
  • Spouse: Nicola Duncan, Starfleet Captain, Starfleet Academy,
  • Son (adopted): Max Duncan, Starfleet Cadet First Year, Starfleet Academy
  • Daughter (adopted): Kathryn Andrews, Civilian


Early Life

Luke Duncan, the only son of Starfleet Captain Marie Duncan and Federation Ambassador Mark Duncan, was born in the town of Greenwich, South East London on October 11th 2329. Luke was raised in the British capital city, with high expectations from his parents and those who knew his family. On occasions he was allowed to join his parents when they visited off-world but most of his childhood was based on Earth within a number of boarding schools. When he was a teenager his parents were both assigned to Earth, as such Luke attended Wilmington Grammar School. He had a solid group of friends throughout his secondary education. For his last three years at school he held the office of Student President on the School’s Student Council which delighted his parents a lot. He stepped down as President a term before he was due to leave the school to concentrate on his final exams. He also captained his year group’s basketball team for three years and became quite the pro at the sport. His friends and he even started up their own band; Luke was a keen percussion player and as such took the role of drummer while on some occasions he was the lead vocalist. While at school Luke excelled in the subjects of English, Math, Humanities, Physical Education, Drama, Music, Art, Maths, Science and learnt to speak fluent in French without using a universal translator. In Science he became quite interested the field of physics.

Early Career

Starfleet Academy

September 5th 2347 saw Luke join Starfleet Academy. His instructors expected Luke to follow in the footsteps of his mother however he surprised them by taking classes in the science division. Two terms later and Luke was doing well in his subject area and was enjoying Starfleet Academy. Before the beginning of the third team the Starfleet Commandant met with Luke to discuss his future in the Academy and Starfleet. A number of Luke’s teachers and instructors believed he would be far better attending classes that were related to the command division. Luke was hesitant at first as he didn’t want to follow in his mother’s footsteps. None the less after much time in reflection he agreed to take tactical and piloting lessons in his third term.

Luke was assigned to Red Squad, where he met Cadets Sean Thompson and David Stone. The three cadets worked well together and soon became close friends. During this time Luke dated Cadet Carrie Parkshaw from his tactical classes. The two ended their relationship after Carrie felt that their relationship would harm her development in Starfleet. On July 26th 2351 Luke had graduated from Starfleet Academy and majored in flight navigation and minored in combined astrophysics and warp theory.

Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards

Luke was given the rank of ensign and assigned to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards for three years as a shuttlecraft pilot. During his tenure he not only flew a number of officers between ships docked at the yards but he also participated in being a test pilot. Luke found his assignment at Utopia to be steady and bland so he placed in a request to be transferred to a starship assignment.

USS Yamaguchi (NCC-26510)

Ensign Duncan was placed on board the Ambassador-class starship USS Yamaguchi (NCC-26510) in 2353 when the ship was at Utopia for a refit. He was assigned as a flight control officer.

The Galen Border conflict

The Yamaguchi was assigned to duties along the Talarian-Federation border four years later. This was the first time Luke would experience what it was like to be in battle. His ship was part of the Federation task force assigned to protect colonies in the area during the brief conflict. When Galen IV was attacked Luke was at the helm of the Yamaguchi. He piloted the Yamaguchi in to battle against the aggressors and was commended for his quick abilities to adapt to the battle by his captain. A year later he was made the ship’s assistant chief flight control officer with the rank of lieutenant junior grade.

USS Galaxy (NCC-70637)

In 2360 Luke was offered the chance to join the newly constructed USS Galaxy (NCC-70637) as its assistant chief flight control officer. The chance to serve on one of Starfleet’s most advanced ships to date was a life time opportunity that he quickly reached for. The Galaxy remained close to the Sol system, testing components that would be improved in later ships of the class. As such Luke was able to see the latest experimental systems being tested. While on the Galaxy, Luke was able to serve alongside his former friends from the Academy, Sean Thompson and David Stone. The three young officers would spend a lot of their off duty time together. It would be here on the Galaxy where Luke would introduce David to his future wife. While on the Galaxy he trained up to be a field medic. After ten comfortable years on the Galaxy and only reaching the position of Chief Flight Control Officer in the last two years, Luke felt it was time to advance his career and consider entering the command track. He applied for a number of positions until he was finally granted a posting.

USS Wight (NCC-72380)

Luke was assigned to the newly built Nova-class starship USS Wight (NCC-72380) under the command of Captain Rachel Webb. He was made the ship’s chief flight control officer and pulled several shifts in sickbay as a medic. Life on the Wight was interesting as the vessel spent two months studying the Bajoran Badlands alongside several other Starfleet vessels. However with the increase of Maquis activity and hostilities with the Cardassian Union rising, the Wight was re-assigned to exploration duty to the Typhoon Expanse. In late 2372 Luke was offered the position of second officer, a position he eagerly accepted. The Wight didn’t have a strategic operations department, due to science vessels not requiring departments. None the less Captain Webb felt that there was a need for the department to be created. Hostilities with the Klingon Empire were heating up and the ever looming invasion from the Dominion was near. She assigned the duty to Luke to create the department with those Wight crewmembers who could double up on duties.

Luke departed the Wight on August 16th 2373 as it was assigned as a scout in the defence fleet assigned to Andoria. By now he had achieved the rank of lieutenant commander and Captain Webb gave him an outstanding reference to his new commanding officer, Tellarite Captain Gaavren of the Akira-class starship USS Thames (NCC-63601).

USS Thames (NCC-63601)

Luke was assigned as the Thames’ Chief Strategic Operations officer as the ship was heavily involved in border patrols along the Cardassian border. For one year the ship operated off from Starbase 378 as it helped gather as much intelligence on the Cardassian Union, shortly after they joined the Dominion in late 2373.

The Dominion War

Come to the end of that year the Thames was assigned to the combined Federation-Klingon task force which attacked the Dominion shipyards at Torros III. The ship came out of the engagement with only a few scars, this was thanks to Luke’s idea to create a rotating EM signal. The signal was powerful enough to jam the Dominion sensors and communications. Luke was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Gallantry for his outstanding service rendered during the battle.

In 2374 the Dominion War was in full conflict, the Thames remained on the Cardassian border constantly engaging enemy forces on one on one fights. In the first few months of the war the ship destroyed nine Dominion attack fighters and two Cardassian Galor-class cruisers. The ship participated in small covert attacks alongside the [[Centaur Class|Centaur-class starship USS Vauxhall (NCC-49110) and a handful of Klingon birds of prey. Their attacks were successful and temporarily halted enemy advancements near Starbase 378.

The Thames later participated in Operation Return, Captain Benjamin Sisko’s daring plan to retake starbase Deep Space 9 from the Dominion. During the battle the Thames was heavily damaged, Captain Gaavren was seriously injured and the executive officer was placed in to coma after receiving serious head injuries. At his commanding officer’s request Luke assumed command of the Thames as it engaged the enemy. The Thames was responsible for the destruction of a number of Cardassian fighters as it co-ordinated the attack with the Starfighter wing assigned to the craft. When Klingon re-enforcements arrived the ship was saved by three Vor'cha-class attack cruisers. With the Federation-Klingon fleet able to punch several holes in the lines of their enemy the Thames was able to full back and make repairs. Luke commanded the entire ship as the crew attempted to repairs the ship’s defence and propulsion system. The ship later arrived alongside the Galaxy-class starship USS Trinculo (NCC-71867) at Deep Space 9 after the successful but costly recapture of the station. Luke was later assigned as the ship’s Executive Officer and received the battlefield promotion to the rank of Commander. He was also awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valour and the Starfleet Commendation Medal for his outstanding service during the battle. By the end of the war the Thames had been involved in numerous engagements including the last one, the Battle of Cardassia It was here where the ship was nearly destroyed by Breen forces. The ship was towed back to the Coridan shipyards and decommissioned.

USS Roehampton (NCC-49201)

With the war over Luke took several months of leave. He was later offered the position of the Executive Officer on board the Excelsior-class starship USS Roehampton (NCC-49201) under the command of Captain Nathan Harrison. Luke assumed his duties as executive officer on the ship on February 4th 2376. The Roehampton had been assigned to patrol alongside the Klingon border and aide the Empire if they requested it. The ship became quite known in the Empire as one of many Starfleet ships to provide help to the Klingon people who needed it the most. Luke became quite close with his new commanding officer. The fifty six year old captain became a mentor and role model for Luke. While there Luke became romantically involved with one of the science officers, Lieutenant Commander Nicola Sand. While on the Roehampton Luke and Nicola were asked by Captain Harrison and his wife Lianne to become god parents to their seven year old son Max. In the August of 2377 the Roehampton was returning to Earth when a malfunction in the ship’s warp core containment field occurred. Unable to eject the warp core, Captain Harrison sent out a distress call to the USS Rutledge (NCC-57295) and ordered his crew to abandon ship. The once proud Excelsior-class starship exploded in to flames and debris as the Rutledge arrived on the scene. The entire crew was rescued and all re-assigned. Nicola and Luke broke up afterwards as they new assignments didn’t lead them to be together anymore.

Starfleet Command Headquarters, ASDB

Luke was offered a position at the Advanced Starship Design Bureau as a consultant. He was responsible in reviewing the latest suggestions coming from the designers. Luke got on considerable well with one particular fellow officer here, Kai Andrews. The two of them became fast friends and were assigned to a number of projects together.

USS Roehampton (NCC-49201-A)

December 2nd 2378 saw Luke once again re-assigned to active starship duty once again. He was assigned to the newly commissioned Nebula-class starship USS Roehampton (NCC 49201-A) under the command of Captain Nathan Harrison. Luke jumped at the chance to be re-united with his old crew and returned as the Roehampton’s executive officer. The entire old crew came back together, including Nicola who had been assigned as the ship’s chief science officer now. The Roehampton once again was assigned to the Beta Quadrant on a four year mission of supporting Federation forces in the Raeyan sector. With hostilities with the newly encountered C'hakilian Empire, the Roehampton for three months had been assigned to assist in defence of the Klingon border.

On February 14th 2379 Luke proposed to Nicola to marry him. She accepted and the two were to be married in a few weeks. However disaster struck the ship and crew when the ship was attacked by rogue Klingon forces. The ship had been assisting a small Klingon colony with medical supplies when the rogues attacked. They destroyed the shuttlecraft that contained the supplies and murdered Commander Lianne Harrison, the ship’s chief medical officer and Captain Harrison’s wife. The Roehampton countered attacked by destroyed the rogue force. Nicola and Luke postponed their wedding as Captain Harrison entered a state of mourning for his wife. He left command of the Roehampton to Luke as it was once again re-assigned to another sector in the Beta Quadrant. The Roehampton successfully engaged numerous pirates and was able to reduce the amount of raids on Federation and allied shipping by two thirds. The captain kept himself isolated a lot of the time which forced Luke and Nicola to take care of their godson Max. Luke, Nicola and other members of the senior Roehampton staff helped their captain through his depression. The captain soon was psychology fit enough to resume command before the ship was re-assigned again. With hostilities with the C’hakilians calming down the Roehampton was assigned to help Starfleet ships in sector 611. The ship was assigned to patrol the border and the newly established neutral zone.

On March 3rd after a successful covert mission Luke was finally promoted to the rank of Captain and four weeks later Starfleet ordered him to take command of the newly built Prometheus-class starship, USS Odyssey (NCC-79002). The ship was to be assigned to the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 21.

USS Odyssey (NCC-79002)

The Odyssey was towed from Avalon Fleet Yards to Starbase 611 to wait for its new commanding officer. With Nicola being assigned back to Starfleet Academy, both she and Luke decided to wait to get married. In early May Luke officially took command of the Odyssey. Pulling in some favours Luke got his old friend Kai Andrews assigned as his first officer on the Odyssey. While docked at Starbase 611 Luke discovered that an old academy friend, Commander Sean Thompson was assigned as the Executive Officer on board the USS Mikhail Kalashinikov (NCC-74477). The two were able to get together and talk about their old academy days.

The Odyssey participated in a successful joint mission with the USS Akagi (NCC-32563-A), under the command of Commodore Jeff Murdock in the August of 2379. The two ships rescued several members of a new alien race that had been attack by the C’hakilians and returned them to their homeworld.

The Pirate Heaven threat

In November the ship was assigned to recover several Starfleet Intelligence teams from a base called Pirates’ Heaven. The crew had been successful in retrieving the officers however during the engagement the vessel was boarded and Luke was captured by Pirates’ Heaven. Luke was submitted to numerous sessions of torture. The Odyssey crew rescued their commanding officer, with help from the Roehampton and severely damaged Pirates’ Heaven. With his return to the Odyssey, Luke informed Starfleet Command that Pirates’ Heaven was planning to kill those who were close to him. Their threat became more serious when the Roehampton itself was attacked by three pirate vessel. During the attack Captain Harrison was killed, orphaning his son Max. Luke soon took Max underneath his wing to care for the boy as his own son. However Luke was bitter from the death of his former commanding officer and mentor. He isolated himself (just like Harrison had done a year ago) in his quarters as he cared for his godson. Starfleet had ordered him to bring the Roehampton back to Starbase 611 under the protest of the Roehampton crew who wanted to attack Pirates’ Heaven. The acting CO of the Roehampton, Commander Shras (the ship’s Andorian security officer) took the ship in to high warp and planned to avenge his captain’s death. Luke was torn between joining his old family and from stopping them from taking a terrible mistake. Fearing that their new commanding officer may disobey Starfleet orders, several senior Odyssey crewmembers led by Commander Andrews took command of the ship. Alone together in the Odyssey’s conference room Luke finally broke under the pressure from recent events in to tears. He told Kai that the reason why he had kept to himself was that Pirates’ Heaven had promised to kill not only Nicola, Nathan and Max but Kai as well. With help from his best friend and first officer Luke got through this bad patch in his life. Together Luke and Kai prevented the Roehampton from creating any more serious problems with Pirates’ Heaven.

In early 2380 Luke was assigned as Task Group Alpha Commanding Officer in Task Force 21. He also gained Captain Nikolai Kastrovich, the commanding officer of the USS Mikhail Kalashinikov as his Task Group Executive Officer. A month later, Luke led a joint mission with two ships from the Romulan and Klingon empires to explore the Bora Kora Gulf, a class 9 nebula near to the C’hakilian border. During the mission they encountered several pirate ships and together were able to capture them. The mission was a success and the three ships all parted their own ways after the pirates were taken to Starbase 611. Odyssey was ordered to Kovar Colony after this for re-supplying but on its way towards the colony was attacked constantly for ten days. The ship was heavily damaged by the time it reached orbit of Kovar. Luke ordered his crew to abandon ship, while a few of the senior staff remained on board as they landed their damaged craft. For several months the Odyssey rested on the surface of Kovar as she was repaired. While on Kovar, Nicola visited Luke. They both got married before the Odyssey was scheduled to leave. At the same time Luke and Nicola adopted Max as their own son and became his legal guardians.

Luke would lead a battle group to end the threat of Pirates’ Heaven by the end of 2380. With hostilities with the C’hakilians on the rise again Starfleet wanted to rid themselves of any pirate activity in Sector 611. The battle group was successful and destroyed Pirates’ Heaven base of operations near the Bora Kora Gulf with assistance from the Klingons. It was during this mission that Luke made close ties with Captain Kolhar, the Klingon commander assigned to assist Starfleet in destroying Pirates’ Heaven.

The C’hakilian armistice crisis

In November 2380 there were a number of skirmishes with C’hakilian forces along the border. The Odyssey responded to the distress call of the USS Miranda (NCC-77001). The Miranda had fortified a military presence on a planet in the neutral zone. The ship was destroyed but the crew rescued. As the Miranda had been in his task group Luke met with the ship’s commanding officer, one Captain James Ryan. Their meeting did not go well as Luke accused Ryan of disobeying several general orders, protocols and rules that Starfleet had set out for their commanding officers. Ryan was later court martialed for his action with Luke serving as one of the witnesses.

After dropping off the Miranda crew at Starbase 611 the Odyssey rushed back to the border to respond to another distress call. This time coming from the Explorer-class starship, USS Ferdinand (NCC-79000) under the command Captain David Stone. Captain Duncan boarded his friend’s ship and within a matter of hours the Odyssey crew was towing the ship back to Starbase 611 for repairs.

Starbase 611 was attacked twice in December 2380, but the second attack was what brought the majority of Task Force 21 together. The C’hakilians had developed a new super weapon that caused heavy destruction to the Starbase. Rear Admiral Murdock assigned Luke in to the new position of Task Force Executive Officer in early January 2381. In March of that year Luke was promoted to the rank of Commodore. During the rest of 2381 the Odyssey was assigned to border patrol close to C’hakilian space. Later on in the year the ship was ordered to the El’uman homeworld, a race that the commodore had made contact with during a cover mission when he was the executive officer on the Roehampton. The commodore was ordered to retrieve data about a damaged C’hakilian craft that was of the new battle cruiser class which was used to attack Starbase 611. The mission was a partial success. The C’hakilian ship had been destroyed (after it was boarded and vital intelligence was gathered) but most of the Odyssey was damaged internally after being boarded by C’hakilian foot soldiers and plagued by a computer virus. The virus had affected the ship’s Emergency Command Hologram who attempted to take over the Odyssey and deliver it to the C’hakilian Empire. It was later found out that this virus was part of some last act of vengeance from Pirates Heaven against Duncan and his crew. The Odyssey finally limped back to Starbase 610 in hopes of repairs and refits.

USS Odyssey (NCC-79011)

While at the base it seemed that the amount of damage sustained to the Odyssey was beyond repair. Luke was ordered back to Earth to inform Starfleet Command in person of the situation with the C’hakilians. They ordered him to take command of the newly constructed Explorer-class vessel USS Determination (NCC-79011). With special dispensation from Starfleet Operations allowing for the vessel to be renamed Odyssey and crewed by those from the last Odyssey by Luke’s request. Starfleet was hesitant at first due to the fact many of the Odyssey crew were young and only gained their experience as well as ranks from the Dominion War. Luke challenged Starfleet Command to let him experiment with the possibility of seeing what affects the Dominion War had on cadets and officers who were rushed in to active duty. Starfleet Command agreed to his request but in return they assigned several more “experienced” and “older” crewmembers to the Odyssey’s manifest.

At the start of 2382 Luke, with other commanding officers from Task Force 21, commanded a task group on an assault against a group of C’hakilians. This group had been evicted from their government and designated as the people responsible for the attacks against the Federation the year before. The operation was successful for the combined Federation-Klingon task force. However on the way back in to Federation space and the commodore receives some sad news from the USS Akagi. Rear Admiral Murdock had passed away after being infected by a virus from an ancient civilisation which was now plaguing the C’hakilians. The lost of another mentor and leader affects Luke badly. He takes responsibility in leading the memorial and funeral service for his fallen leader on Kovar Colony. Vice Admiral Sy’Pol later contacts him and informs of Starfleet’s decision to temporarily assign him as Task Force 21’s Commanding Officer with Captain Ryan as his acting executive officer. It is at the funeral of Admiral Murdock that both Duncan and Ryan finally end their petty differences to lead Starfleet forces in the region to success and prosperity.

The Abyss

A month later, Luke was with his wife, son and a group of cadets when their runabout was pulled in to an anomaly in Sector 610. The Odyssey, who had been ferrying a Klingon crew back to the Empire, responded to their distress call but was also trapped in the anomaly. The Odyssey was lost in a region of enclosed subspace, a region where time was displaced before their arrival. In between the Odyssey’s efforts of trying to escape from the anomaly they detonated a [[ma:tri-cobalt device]|tri-cobalt device]. The subspace compression wave from the device somehow removed the temporal displacement from the enclosed region. It is later discovered that Luke, Nicola, Max and the cadets all aged by at a year. During his time in the Abyss (the name they had given the region) Luke forged many alliances with other species trapped there. With the arrival of the Odyssey they all finally escaped and returned to normal space.

Deep Space 19

Luke was promoted by Admiral Trotter of Starfleet Command on Earth, to the rank of Rear Admiral and given full command of Task Force 21 in mid-2382. He was shortly made commanding officer of Deep Space 19 too.

The rise and fall of the Romuluan Imperium

Within a week of assuming command of the newly constructed station he managed the evacuation of a nearby Federation colony that was populated by the Bolian race. After the colony was destroyed, those responsible reveal their identity to be a rogue state within the Romulan Star Empire. A conflict erupts between the Federation (as well as the Klingons) against this rogue state, called the Romulan Imperium. Several Starfleet ships are attacked by these Romulans, and later on the station itself is placed under siege by them. Luke, with a skeleton crew left behind on the station, engage in small unit combat against the Romulans. A resistance movement was formed which ended up taken the station back with aide from a large Federation-Klingon fleet. During the battle Luke’s first officer and best friend, Captain Kai Andrews was killed by a Reman boarding party. After the battle, Luke leads the station’s family in mourning for the lost of Kai. Luke and Nicola become the legal guardians for Kai’s only daughter; Kathryn. Once again the recurring theme of death affects Luke in a major way. After his wife’s resignation from Starfleet, Luke began to wonder if his place was still with the service. Eventually he decided to remain in Starfleet until he actually feels it’s time to leave.

The beginning of the collapse of the C'Hakilain Empire

At the end of 2383 Luke was made a Vice Admiral and within this time period it was discovered that there was a possible unrest within the C’hakilian Empire's political establishment. The Federation Council approves a plan created by Luke to send a covert operations team within C’hakilian territory to assist several important contacts with getting an individual who may be able to stabilise the Empire. This was deemed a dangerous mission due to the fact the C’hakilian Empire was continuing to endure the virus that had plagued them a year ago. This particular individual that Luke wanted to extract was from another race within the Empire. The race was called the Oolanari, who were a pacifist race conquered by the C’hakilian s decades ago. This individual, called Oolus, was a staunch political activist who was placed in to exile from his homeworld by the C’hakilian government. Many on the Oolanari homeworld felt that his ideals would help to stabilise the Empire once and for good. Authorising the mission to go ahead, Luke had to negotiate with the Romulan Star Empire to lend the Federation a cloaking device and in return the Federation had to give the Romulans all the intelligence they gathered on the C’hakilians. With the cloak on board, Luke sends the USS Mikhail Kalashnikov, under the command of Captain Nikolai Kastrovich on its mission. At the same time, to prevent any attention to the departure of the Mikhail Kalashnikov, Luke ordered the USS Odyssey, under the command of Captain Christian Templeton, on to a deep space exploration assignment; their first mission was to make contact with the Ontailions. The mission within C’hakilian space was herald as a success by Starfleet Intelligence after Oolus was recovered and returned covertly to Deep Space 19.

A day before the Mikhail Kalashnikov returned to the station, Starfleet Command contacted Luke and inform him that a Starfleet outpost close by detected the remains of a Borg Probe. Luke took the Sentinel-class USS Ulysses (NCC-84996) to investigate and retrieve the debris. During the mission the Ulysses is approached by a mysterious ship which leaves before any contact can be made. Once they return to Deep Space 19, Luke’s crew are able to speculate that Borg technology may holds the key to curing the C’hakilians of their possible virus. He authorises for them to begin researching the possibility.

The Cartel threat

By 2384 Luke was promoted twice, once to admiral to assume the office of the executive officer of the Fourth Fleet and by the end of the year he was its commanding officer with the rank of Fleet Admiral. With having to deal with the collapse of the C’hakilian Empire, Luke was given overall command of all Starfleet forces in and around the C’hakilian border as well as the "northern" parts of the Beta Quadrant. At this time he commanded elements from the Fourth and Eighth fleets. These combined forces at the end of the year worked together to remove the threat of the Cartel, a criminal organisation, who were bent on causing problems for the Federation with its allies in the Klingon and Romulan empires. This security matter was dealt with by a combined effort of Luke leading Starfleet forces through various missions of combat, reconnaissance and sending several covert operations in to the Cartel, with the main one being led by his first officer. With the Cartel threat removed Luke returned to leading Starfleet forces in the area by ensuring the last remains of the Cartel were dealt with and to continue the exploration efforts by such ships like the USS Odyssey and USS Iliad.

At the beginning of 2385 he took his personal flagship, which had been dry-docked after being severely damaged during the Cartel threat, on a tour of several Federation key facilities including Kovar III, Starbase 611, Starbase 610, Jontara V, and several outposts along the C’hakilian-Federation border. This tour boost moral with Starfleet troops and improved the slightly battered relations with the Klingon Empire. For his service to Starfleet and the Federation close to the C’hakilian border Luke was awarded the Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon, the Starfleet Silver Palm (with Cluster) and the Legion of Honour.

The Borg incursion

Luke remained commander of Deep Space 19 until 2386. During this time Luke led the Federation relief efforts to help the remains of the collapsed C’hakilian Empire. Many worlds had been left without support and through working with Governor Sean Thompson of Kovar III and Captain Christian Templeton of the USS Odyssey; they were able to develop a plan that mutually benefitted everyone. In essence they were able to convince many of the worlds to sign up to a pact known as the Kovar Concord. Those worlds that joined the Kovar Concord were all looked after by the Federation primarily through the resources from the Kovar government. It was estimated that it would take several years for those worlds to be restored to their former glory. At the end of 2385, as his last act as commander of Deep Space 19, Luke signed the membership treaty for all of the worlds of the Kovar Concord to join the Federation. However as these worlds joined the Federation they were attacked by remnants of the Borg Collective. Luke commanded a large fleet to defend Kovar when it was invaded by a Borg Tactical Cube. He once again led Starfleet forces to victory but at a cost of losing his flagship the USS Ulysses. After the region was secured he handed command of DS-19 to Captain Templeton and retired to Earth with his family.

Service Record

B-blank.png Civilian N/A 2329-2347
R-C-1.png Cadet First Year Starfleet Academy 2347-2348
R-C-2.png Cadet Second Year Starfleet Academy 2348-2349
R-C-3.png Cadet Third Year Starfleet Academy 2349-2350
R-C-4.png Cadet Forth Year Starfleet Academy 2350-2351
R-O-1.png Flight Control Officer Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards 2351-2353
R-O-1.png Flight Control Officer USS Yamaguchi (NCC-26510) 2353-2359
R-O-2.png Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer USS Yamaguchi (NCC-26510) 2359-2360
R-O-2.png Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer USS Yamaguchi (NCC-26510) 2359-2360
R-O-2.png Chief Flight Control Officer USS Galaxy (NCC-70637) 2360-2368
R-O-3.png Chief Flight Control Officer USS Galaxy (NCC-70637) 2368-2370
R-O-2.png Chief Flight Control Officer USS Wight (NCC-72380) 2370-2374
R-O-3.png Chief Flight Control Officer, Chief Strategic Operations Officer & Second Officer USS Wight (NCC-72380) 2370-2373
R-O-4.png Chief Strategic Operations Officer & Second Officer USS Thames (NCC-63601) 2373-2374
R-O-5.png Executive Officer USS Thames (NCC-63601) 2374-2376
R-O-5.png Executive Officer USS Roehampton (NCC-49201) 2376-2378
R-O-5.png Design Consultant Starfleet ASDB 2378
R-O-5.png Executive Officer USS Roehampton (NCC-49201-A) 2378-2379
R-O-6.png Commanding Officer USS Odyssey (NCC-79002) 2379-2381
R-A-1.png Commanding Officer, Task Force Executive Officer USS Odyssey (NCC-79002) 2381-2382
R-A-1.png Commanding Officer, Task Force 21 Executive Officer, Fourth Fleet USS Odyssey (NCC-79011) 2382
R-A-2.png Commanding Officer, Task Force 21 Commanding Officer, Fourth Fleet Deep Space 19 2382-2383
R-A-3.png Commanding Officer, Task Force 21 Commanding Officer, Fourth Fleet Deep Space 19 2383-2384
R-A-4.png Commanding Officer, Fleet Executive Officer, Fourth Fleet Deep Space 19 2384
R-A-5.png Commanding Officer, Fleet Commanding Officer, Fourth Fleet Deep Space 19 2384-2386
B-blank.png Civilian N/A 2386-2387
R-A-3.png Commanding Officer, Task Force 47 Commanding Officer, Fourth Fleet Deep Space 19 2387

Other Information


Luke keeps himself well presented at all times and believes that neat appearance is crucial to the success of being a good leader. For a man of his age he does his best to keep in shape and healthy. Rarely does he grown a beard and he always keeps his hair short and smart.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Luke is head strong in his convictions and is a noted leader. His family mean a lot to him as well as those colleagues he has known for a long time.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Luke has had to deal with the death of a number of colleagues during his service to the Federation. On each occasion it has forced him to reflect on his own life and career choices. In each situation though he finds a source of strength that helps him through these rough patches.

Luke is an ace pilot and when he has the opportunities to fly he snaps them up straight away.


Luke had always wanted to be a Starfleet captain and no more. However his career in the Fourth Fleet changed this and he was on the fast-track in to the admiralty.


  • Federation Standard
  • Klingon
  • Vulcan
  • Romulan
  • Cardassian

Hobbies & Interests

During his spare time Luke likes to cook, play velocity and enjoys many classical Earth novels, his favourite being Captain Correlli's Mandolin. He also enjoys the theatre and playing sports mainly basketball. Listening to many Earth types of music is another enjoyable hobby of his. He is a big fan of many famous Earth singers, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Barry White, Stevie Wonder, just to name a few. He enjoys all types of holo-programs

Service Awards

  • Starfleet Medal of Gallantry
  • Christopher Pike Medal of Valour
  • Starfleet Commendation Medal
  • Bravo Fleet Career Service Citation Award
  • Legion of Honour
  • Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
  • Starfleet Silver Palm (with Cluster)
Preceded by:
Fleet Admiral Adrian Mormar
Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer
October 2383 (2006) - December 2383 (2006)
Succeeded by:
Admiral Dan Taylor