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Lucius Hawke







United Federation of Planets


Rear Admiral

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  • Spouse: Marianna - Divorced; Remarried -Aia Rios
  • Children: Li (daughter, Chief Intelligence Officer, SB900); Seren (Son, Starfleet Intelligence); Nahi (Son - Deceased, Killed In Action)

General description & Personality Overview

Lucius is tall, his figure trim and muscular, reflecting his compulsion to keep himself in top shape. His hair is prematurely white, despite being just 49, and his eyes the usual Betazoid black. His face is ruggedly handsome, the set of his jaw stern until softened by a warm smile, which is seen often. An air of authority surrounds him, generally causing those within reach to pay closer attention, to stand just a bit straighter in his presence.

Lucius is a strong and determined leader who expects full effort from those in his command. He does not require anything of his crew that he will not give himself, however, and never hesitates to pitch when needed. Lead by example is a strong belief of his and it has served him well. He believes in utmost professionalism when on duty but is not averse to a more relaxed atmosphere when off. Those who take the time to get to know him soon find that beneath the polished exterior lies a wicked sense of humor and a love of adventure.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Determination and the willingness to go the extra mile whenever necessary are his primary strengths. He believes in his ideals and will uphold them no matter what.

Weaknesses: Weakness: He tends to be somewhat emotionally reserved on the surface, not liking to display his own personal, deeply-felt emotions publicly.


Lucius' early ambitions centered around his Starfleet career and rising among the ranks. The opening of the Delta Quadrant changed that and his focus now, backed by a fierce drive, is to explore the new region that was previously thought to be hopelessly out of reach of the Fleet

Hobbies & Interests

Lucius is an avid reader and the subjects that pull his attention are varied indeed. He has published several books on the history of intelligence tactics of some of the most legendary warrior groups across the ages. His hobbies include his writing of course, as well as maintaining the vast array of plants and flowers that fill his home - especially rare orchids; and hand-weaving chain maille, both functional and decorative. He is an avid chess player and practitioner of martial arts in the Betazed tradition.


Lucius was born on July 14, 2337 on Betazed of one of the last of the Noble Houses. As was customary, he was promised at that time to Marianna Estvan, the daughter of a close associate of his father’s. There was some dismay at his decision to join Starfleet but given the growing tension in the sector, he felt duty-bound to join the ranks in protecting the peace.

He graduated in 2358 with a specialty in Intelligence and Covert Ops. He served in various intell positions and was involved in the investigation into the destruction of the Pegasus in 2358. As a lowly ensign, his findings were taken by the higher-ups and he was passed on to other classified posts in some far-reaching areas. It was only 12 years later, in 2370, that he learned of the cover-up perpetrated by the high-ranking Intelligence officers who faced the consequences along with Pressman after he commandeered the Enterprise.

The Dominion was a growing threat and he had requested to return to Betazed. In 2374 the planet was conquered. For two years he was a fierce member of the resistance, sending back regular reports to Starfleet. His information on their prime installations proved to be a key piece of the puzzle and when the Romulan Empire switched sides, the Dominion presence on Betazed was wiped out along with a string of bases all along the borders. The war was over and Lucius emerged on the other side with many of the same internal scars as the rest who survived it. His service during this war resulted in his call to SSF, one he eagerly accepted.

He remained based on Betazed but spent the next five years undercover investigating the rogue Section 31, gathering evidence of its activities and relaying it on to Starfleet Intel. There was trouble in paradise, however. His years away first at Starfleet Academy, then during the Dominion War, coupled with his constant travel as part of Covert Ops, took their toll. Some things were beyond repair and his relationship with Marianna was one of the casualties. When Lucius was honest with himself, and allowed himself to really think about it, he knew that the union had never been where either of their hearts lay. He declined a seat on the ruling council of Betazed, accepting instead a command post at Starbase Xalia, along the border of the former Neutral Zone. Peace accords had been forged with the Empire and while the old saying that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ proved true during the invasion, it did not mean the Romulans were trusted.

He spent the next five years directing the Starbase and assisting with the rebuilding of the Fleet. His eldest son Nahi was killed in January 2385, just before the new year, when a shuttle he piloted from DS9 exploded, mere feet from the shuttle bay. It was determined to be sabotage, a problem that seemed to be a serious plague upon the Fleet now. His last year has been spent overseeing the station and investigating reports of ‘accidents’ and irregularities within Starfleet - suspected espionage within the ranks of Starfleet itself. Then, in March, a call came in from Admiral Wegener, while visiting his daughter on the USS Berkeley, with an offer he could not refuse - to take on the exploration of The Round Table in the Delta Quadrant in a Diplomatic capacity. Lucius’ love of travel had been nipping at him of late and so he accepted the post and began to pack. Before He could depart however, another change was coming. He was now to serve as Task Force 38's Executive Officer, meaning he would remain on SB900 where his daughter now served as Chief Intelligence Officer

Service History

2355-2358 Starfleet Academy

2358-2371 Various classified posts throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants

2372-2381 Betazed - the Dominion War and rebuilding; Section 31 investigation; promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 2374; Captain in 2380

2381-2386 CO of Starbase Xalia

2386 – Task Force 38 Executive Officer; Starbase 900

2386 - Task Force 38 Commanding Officer; Starbase 900