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Laura Matzger







United Federation of Planets


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Chief of Starfleet Medical (Ret.)

Vice Admiral
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Vice Admiral Laura Matzger is the former Chief of Starfleet Medical. A seasoned veteran of many conflicts with experience in not only medicine but command during the time between the Cardassian and Dominion Wars, she is a no nonsense officer who does whatever it takes to ensure lives are saved and that Starfleet is on the forefront of medicine.

The first thing people notice about Laura is her assertiveness, she is very confident in everything she does although this hard exterior protects a very passionate person and was always a surprise to those who saw her bed side manner, a far cry from the argumentative officer often seen in staff meetings.


Born on January 17th 2321, Laura is the eldest child with her younger brother, Steven, being born in late 2325. Laura was encouraged from a young age to aspire and her parents supported her goal of becoming a doctor including arranging addition tuition from the age of 12. Although initially wanting to become a general practitioner it was the allure of travelling to distant stars and being the first to encounter new species that led to her application to Starfleet Medical as Starfleet Command began a new phase of exploration and fleet expansion.

Sadly this dream was to last only a short time as within 18 months of her graduation the Federation was at war with the Cardassian Union. As her skills were refined on the battlefields she also gained a reputation as a leader, aptly shown by the Minos Korva incident of 2349 when Cardassian ground forces surrounded a Federation settlement. Laura, wary that Cardassians did not respect hospitals as neutral ground, ordered the defences be bolstered and that the building would become the focal point of the Federation defence as there were hundreds of casualties and dozens too critical to be moved. The young Lieutenant worked for 2 days without sleep, tending to the injured and coordinating with the security forces to ensure they held out until reinforcements arrived. For her actions she was commended by two flag officers and a starship Captain for her actions, she was later promoted to full Lieutenant and received the Starfleet Medal of Valour with Cluster.

Over the next two decades Laura was assigned to various starships and starbases culminating in her first command, the medical starship USS Salk (named after Doctor Jonas Salk who developed the first safe polio vaccine), a modified Soyuz class starship in 2364 and a promotion to the rank Commander. While the Salk was relatively slow and outdated compared to the newer ships in the fleet Laura has always held a special place for this ship and when it was decommissioned in 2371 the then Captain Matzger called in a favour to ensure it was not scrapped and was instead placed in the Medical Reserve fleet, something both she and Starfleet would later be grateful for.

The mid 2370’s were a hectic time for all of Starfleet with conflicts ranging from Maquis terrorists to the Klingon and Dominion wars, for Laura this was no different. During this time she became adjutant to Admiral Toddman at Starbase 11 where she coordinated Medical efforts during the Dominion War for much of the Dorvan Sector along the Cardassian border. During one particular relief mission Captain Matzger took command of a small convoy en route to Betazed shortly after it was recaptured, sadly the convoy was ambushed with the loss of three transports and the Excelsior class USS Vigilance. The only ship to survive the attack, and rescue the survivors, was an old Soyuz class starship called the Salk which had hid in the atmosphere of a gas giant much to the frustration of the Jem’Hadar.

At the end of the Dominion War and after the brutal attack on Starfleet Command by the Breen, Laura was posted to Starfleet Command as liaison between Starfleet Medical and Starfleet Operations to facilitate the relief effort for the Cardassians and the various Federation worlds still trying to recover from the wanton destruction caused by the Dominion and their allies. This assignment also marked her promotion to the Flag ranks when she was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral.

When the position of Chief of Starfleet Medical arose in 2381 Laura originally did not want the position as she was happy at Starfleet Command but after talking with a number of her peers and most importantly her husband she applied, within the week she had been appointed Chief of Starfleet medical and promoted to Vice Admiral, a position she holds to this day. In her time as Chief of Starfleet Medical she had introduced a number of initiatives to encourage aspiring doctors to join the fleet and has also been a proponent of the EMH program much to the surprise of many with Starfleet Medical. Most recently she was the honoured guest at the launch of the newest starship to bear the name Salk where she placed the dedication plaque in place and gave the order to get under way, an experience which brought back many fond memories of her time commanding a starship to such an extent that she is now considering various off world seminars just to spend time aboard a starship again.