Krazzle Republic

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This article is official Task Force 93 canon.

Krazzle Republic
Basic information
Major Species:






Warp Capable:


Official Language:


Official Currency:


Political Information

Parliamentary Republic

  • Consul G’tal
    head of state
  • Vice Consul Mendrell
    head of government
  • Senate
    40 members
Military Branches:

Republic Defense Force


The Krazzle Republic is a parliamentary republic formed in 2384, a drastic shift from over three thousand years of dynastic imperial rule since the northern tribes on Krazz formed the first Krazzle Empire in 872 BC (Earth standard year).

The Krazzle Republic is represented by a Consul, who serves as Head of State, a Vice Consul, who manages policies and the central government, and a Senate drawn from Krazz and other worlds.

Political System

The modern Krazzle government is a parliamentary republic run by a Senate of forty representative. Ten representatives are drawn from Krazz, while the remaining thirty represent other worlds within the Republic based on population. Both the Consul and Vice Consul are elected by the Senate, although in reality, this right has not been exercised regarding the Consul, as former Emperor G’tal simply transitioned into the role after bringing about the changes that moved the Krazzle from monarchy to republic.


The earliest recorded eras of Krazzle history tell the story of a large number of tribes scattered across Krazz. The first real political system was founded in 872 BC (Earth standard year) when the northern tribes of Kraz united to form the very first Krazzle Empire. This very early form of government placed its Emperor as a totalitarian leader and created the first caste system, where those in his tribe and closely aligned tribes found favor over other tribes that had joined the Empire because they were smaller, weaker or had been oppressed. This form of government continued to exist for almost two thousand years, a period of great instability as various tribes vied for dominance within the Empire.

The first long period of relative stability came with the 38th dynasty of the Krazzle Empire. Ruled from the now-historic city of Galtur Natal, this dynasty managed to stay in power for over fifty generations before a rival set of clans attempted a bloody takeover. Unfortunately, this takeover did not go as intended, and the Krazzle descended into a bloody world war. It took several decades before stability returned with the rise of a monarchy that came to be known as the 2nd Krazzle Empire for it’s drastic change in tone, one that established a structure that granted greater power to individual clans and that placed the monarch in an executive role, responsible for command over the military and resolving disputes.

Over the next four hundred years, a relatively smooth line of secession was maintained through familial and clan based ties, allowing the Krazzle to grow and expand. It was during this era that they first went to the stars, considered such a pivotal moment in Krazzle history that it marks the year zero on the modern Krazzle calendar. From this first primitive journey, they became outwardly focused, building a space station, exploring their solar system and then, with the advent of warp drive, colonizing neighboring systems. However, while their Empire quickly grew to span tens of light years, they had little interest in other lifeforms they encountered, neither conquering nor affiliating with them; the Krazzle thus very much remained a single culture spacefaring society.

It was during this period of regional expansion that the Krazzle made first contact the Nikashi, a warlike species on the edge of their territory. While they did not establish any real ties with the Nikashi, it was in observing the Nikashi that the Krazzle were first exposed to the C'hakilian Empire, a neighboring superpower. In 2293, the C’hakilians attacked the Nikashi, swiftly conquering and assimilating them. Fearing a similar fate for themselves, the Krazzle amassed a huge fleet to protect an outpost that the C’hakilians were preparing to attack. While this fleet represented the vast majority of Krazzle assets, the C’hakilians did not know this and, impressed with the strength of the armada, they chose to pursue expansion in other directions instead of waging war with the Krazzle. This was the beginning of a hundreds year of distrust and minor border conflicts between the two powers.

At home, things continued relatively smoothly, but with a growing interstellar Empire, tensions began to brew. Recognizing the mistakes of eras past, Emperor G’Tal made a surprising move in the early 2380’s, announcing that the Empire would be transformed into a Republic that guaranteed a voice for all Krazzle, both at home and abroad on other worlds. In 2384, a Constitution developed by Emperor G’Tal was signed and ratified, anointing him Consul and creating a Senate of representatives from throughout Krazzle territory.

The parliamentary republic is a new system to the Krazzle, and it has not met without difficulties. Consequently, the Krazzle have become increasingly inward-focused since 2384, moving into even greater seclusion from the broader interstellar scene. Nonetheless, while skeptics might have doubted its viability, the Republic has thus far held together, and it has both generated a new middle class and led to the deterioration of an old caste system dating back to the original clans of Krazz.