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This article is official Task Force 93 canon.

This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

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Beta Quadrant

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Krazzle Republic

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The Krazzle are a felinoid race native to the Beta Quadrant. While they currently inhabit a region of space over thirty-five light years wide, their homeworld is Kraz, nestled in the middle of their territory, and their interstellar government is organized as the Krazzle Republic.


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In the early developmental stages of Kraz, as volcanic activity subsided and the surface began to develop a lush jungle-like ecology, two semi-intelligent life forms began to develop, the Proto-Krazzle and the Menur. The Proto-Krazzle were feline, whereas the Menur were reptilian. While the Menur began to walk upright several thousand years before the Proto-Krazzle, a fall in surface temperature ultimately led the cold-blooded Menur to die out, well before they reached the development stage to leave any significant traces of their existance.

In modern Krazzle science, it is believed that the extinction of the Menur was the crucial event that enabled the Proto-Krazzle to evolve into a dominant position over the planet. If the climate of Kraz had been slightly different, some scientific theorists suggest that the belated Proto-Krazzle might have ended up a subject of the reptilian Menur. However, this theory is rejected by the religious majority of the Krazzle who, if they even accept the existance of the Menur, take their extinction as a gift from the gods. While the former viewport is taught in the most exclusive of Kraz’s universities, the Menur are viewed as a taboo subject among most Krazzle.

If the scientific theories are to be believed, then a few hundred thousand years after the extinction of the Menur, the Proto-Krazzle began to form their first clans. For a few thousand years, the southern hemisphere of Kraz was regarded as the civilized side, building the first real cities and first developing a consistent language. However, given that Kraz is comprised of one giant connected continent only marbled with oceans and seas, clans and tribes readily interacted across the entirety of Kraz, leading to a homogenizing of technological and cultural development, although each tribe maintained a distinct identity, forging nothing more than temporary alliances to fend off enemy tribes.

This all changed in 872 BC (Earth standard year) when the northern tribes of Kraz united to form the first Krazzle Empire. See History of the Krazzle Republic for further details.


Males are covered in a typically black or dark chocolate fur, while females most often have a more blonde or even white fur color. Standing on their hind legs through the use of a tail for balance and a highly defined musculature to maintain their posture, they average roughly seven feet in height and two hundred pounds in weight.

Female Krazzle tend to be more physically adept, proven stronger and more nimble. For this reason, they dominate the majority of the military, while male Krazzle usually hold government and traditional wage labor jobs while tending for the family at home.

Standard civilian attire is usually a belt with drapery around the waist and ornate jewelry around the neck, ears and elsewhere. Government officials don ornate robes usually of white and green, the colors symbolically representing royalty, although other colors have now come into favor with the government following its reformation as the Krazzle Republic. Military members wear heavy armor based on a principle similar to that of Federation ablative armor, able to absorb and redistribute energy to lessen damage from the point of impact.

Social Structure

Traditionally, Krazzle society has been dominated by a caste system, one where status is defined by the longevity and influence of one’s particular clan. However, this social structure has began to unravel with the reformation of Krazzle society as a republic. A progressivism movement has arisen, especially among the youth, that focuses on personal achievement as a measure of success within a new and growing middle class. This class is not regarded with the same stature as the upper castes of old, but it has still managed to develop economic and political influence outside of the traditional caste system.

There is also a vast gender gap within Krazzle society, one borne of the fact that Krazzle females spend most of their time away from the home serving in the military, leaving men to run the government, tend to day jobs and care for the family. This stems from thousands of years of tradition, both when the Krazzle fought internally and then when they took to the stars, forced to maintain an impressive military force to ensure they were not overrun by the C'hakilian Empire. However, with the C’hakilians now in a period of recession as they struggle with a virus, and with a change of government, women have began to return home in greater numbers.


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The Krazzle have a rich culture that extends to every aspect of their society. Since their development from ancient tribes, the Krazzle have maintained a strong sense of family and fealty. Because of this, they often partake in massive meals included extended family and colleagues. This close sense of family has helped keep the people of the Republic closely tied together, even during their time of great expansion.

The Krazzle are also a religious people. Developed from the ancient felines of Kraz, the Krazzle have strong ties to planets on which they live. Because of this, they worship a variety of planet gods. This worship can be reflected in their art and architecture as well. Art tends to be made up of earthy, neutral and metallic colors reflecting their love of nature. Structures are built with a certain elegance to better enhance the aesthetic beauty of their worlds, including ornate statues of the various gods.