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Grid G4, Beta Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

XP-242 system


Ge'Ovan Belt


Beta Quadrant


Class L

  • Dakra
  • Selos
  • Ursos
  • Verla
Political Information

Krazzle Republic

Native Inhabitants:



3.2 billion

Capital City:

Shinjur Natal


Kraz is the Class L homeworld of the Krazzle and the Core World of the Krazzle Empire.

Astronomical Data


Bordering Territories


  • Kraz
  • XP-242-Beta (The second Planet within the System)



"The dead Soil"

Kraz's closest moon is also the most hostile.

Barely sustaining any athmosphere other then sulfid acid vapors the surface of the moon is generally dead. Surface temperaturs can vary in extreme manors.

The Krazzle set foot on Dakra as the second of all 4 moons because of its hostility. Nonetheless Dakra is the richest of all moons on Kelbonite sources but mining operations are rather limited.

Dakra is mentioned in 45 classic Krazzle folklore tails and 22 theatre plays. In religious believe it is the seat of Manur, the god of thunder.


"The Golden Star"

Kraz's second closest moon.

Although the moon is considered to be golden in ancient believe the beige surface color is made up of various sulfur and ferro compounds making it uninhabital for any kind of live.

Selos was the first moon the Krazzle space program sent a manned mission to. The Selos-Challenger flight was commenced in 2087 by Earth-Years.

Krazzle Religion describes Selos as "the golden orb of Na'Uri". Who is the father of all gods, nonetheless always portrayed as a child with a golden toy orb.


"The Frozen Palace"

Kraz's third closest moon and the only one with a breathable athmosphere.

Ursos' athmosphere consists to only 7% of oxygen but of no majorly poisonous gases. Therefore it is breathable to a certain limit but no heavy work outside is possible without breathing gear.

The average surface temperature lies 35° degree below zero but is pretty consistent throughout the day and night circles due to moderate vulcanic activity.

Ursos is said to be the frozen palace where all dead Krazzle souls find their ultimate resting place. It is also supposed to house all "Light Gods". Therefore Ursos was reconnoitered last.


"The forsaken Place"

Kraz's fourth closest moon is mainly colored by it's gaseous athmosphere.

Due to the fact that its orbit puts the moon mostly in Kraz's shadow Verla was discovered last of all moons. Only 56 years before the first mission to Selos was launched.

Verla is the most invaluable moon of Kraz and houses only various smuggler outposts as it is the furthest away from the planet and it's listening posts.

The "Tail of Good and Evil" tells the story of a war between the "Light Gods" and the "Dark Gods" before life on Kraz even began. Verla was supposed to be drenched in the blood of the "Dark Gods" of whose only Manur managed to escape into exile on Dakra.

Orbital Installations

Artificial Satellites
The Krazzle facilitate an excellent system of orbital communication and surveillance satellites. Some of them with extensive offensive capabilities are regarded as the last defense line for the planet.
Orbital Industry
Large parts of the Krazzle Industry are placed on multiple space stations orbiting the planet. This was a decision made by the 62nd emperor of Kraz who not only wanted the hazardous Kelbonite refineries off the planet but also all industrial facilities. In his eyes the planet should stay as luscious and green as it was ment to be by the "Light Gods".
Space Traffic
Because all industry soon was moved off the planets surface a huge increase in space traffic was imminent. It is estimated that 75 percent of all traffic in use of vehicles is running in orbit.
The USS Shadow approaching its assigned orbit over Kraz.
"Reserved Orbits"
Other orbit installations, unique to the planet Kraz, are orbital traffic lanes. Marked out by small satellites with either one red or one green light on its ends these stationary orbits are reserved for foreign starships only and may not be left by them at any cause. Even the correct position against the planets surface is suggested by red lights facing Kraz and green ones pointing away.


General Characteristica

Kraz's landmass is almost entirely covered in a lush jungle which tree layers can be up to 80 meters high covering almost all Krazzle architecture and traffic.
Rivers, Lakes and Oceans
Generally Kraz's oceans are not more then big lakes as almost 80 percent of the planet is landmass. Therefore the Krazzle never had any use for seafaring ships. All land is connected to one big continent patched with many rivers.
Vulcanic Activities
There has been no charted vulcanic activity on Kraz for the last 5 million years.

Settlements and Cultural Development



The capitol of Kraz is Shinjur Natal which is also the planets biggest settlement. It is located hillside against the Shinjur slope, hence the name (Natal = City).

The capitol houses the newly acquired Senate-Building, the Shinjur Trade Marketplace, various religious localities and temples and the biggest accumulation of landing platforms in a city on Kraz totally.

The tallest man made structure (still standing) on Kraz is Shinjur Natal's watchtower on the hilltop above the city, next to the royal palace, now the seat of Kraz's prime consul. The Shinjur water reclamation plant services about one quarter of Kraz's entire population via partly 200 thousand year old aqueducts.

Ancient City of Galtur Natal

Galtur Natal are the remains of the oldest settlement on Kraz so far discovered. For more information visit the history page of the Krazzle

Further Information


Main article: Krazzle

Kraz is the homeworld of one of the oldest civilizations in the Beta Quadrant. It is only due to various devastating conflicts in early Krazzle history that their development is considerably low today.


As discovered by the USS Shadow in 2384, the Krazzle recently changed their monarchy into a republic. Their former emperor directly turning into the new prime consul. Various counts and noblemen becoming senators.


Land formations

  • The southern Peninsula
  • The polar Mountain Peaks

Bodies of water


  • Shinjur River
  • Whispering Waters


  • Ocean of Tears

Cities and towns

  • Galtur Natal
  • Shinjur Natal


  • Kraz was first visited by the Federation vessel USS Shadow in 2384 on a diplomatic mission to negotiate trade treaties. (USS Shadow Episode 34 - A New Day)
  • Due to high densities of Kelbonite in the planets crust (as on many other planets within Krazzle territory) transporter can not be used. As a result the Krazzle do not have any kind of transporter technology.