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Federation Faction

This article is official Task Force 93 canon.

Kovar Colony
Grid G4, Beta Quadrant
Colony Information
Star System:

Kovar System


Kovar III / Class O



Political Information



3.988 Million

  • Human 36%,
  • Bolian 19%,
  • Vulcan 9%,
  • Andorian 9%,
  • Bajoran 7%,
  • Tellarite 7%,
  • Trill 5%,
  • Efrosian 5%,
  • Betazoid 2%,
  • Other 1%
Capital City:

New Hampton

Other Information
  • Satelites
    • Telus
    • Telos
  • Discovered By Commander Joshua J. Pearson

Kovar III (also known as Kovar Colony, Kovar Prime) is a Federation colony in the Kovar system. The colony was established in 2378 and the third planet orbits a Type G star named Kovar. The planet is a Class O planet, made up of more than 80% water. Kovar has two natural satellites - Telus and Telos. The planet is roughly equal in size to Earth in the Sol system and has a rotation period of 28 Earth hours per day. One Kovar year is equal to 378 Earth days. Kovar is led by Governor Sean Thompson, a former Starfleet officer who had served on Kovar since its founding.

General Overview

A thriving colony established in 2378, the planet has scattered settlements on its many islands. Its capital city, New Hampton, is where the governing body resides and where a majority of the colony's trade occurs. Kovar was always vital to the defence and support of Starfleet assets in the Beta Quadrant until the withdrawal of Starfleet assets from the region in 2386. All of the planets inhabitants are Federation citizens with most of them being humanoid. The world is governed by a colonial democracy with a congress leading the legislature branch of the government and the governor heading up the executive branch of the government.

Kovar System

Kovar Star Systeml

The Kovar system has seven planets with an inner asteroid belt. The planets are:

  • I - Kovur - D Class Planet
  • II - Kovor - N Class Planet
  • III - Kovar - O Class Planet
  • IV - Kovir - K Class Planet
  • V - Tasmar - J Class Gas Giant
  • VI - Antamar - J Class Gas Giant
  • VII - Vkar - Y Class Planet


Established in 2378 the colony became a thriving community within one settlement which became the capital city and was named New Hampton. After originally been discovered in 2376 by Commander Joshua H. Pearson of the USS Vancouver the Kovar system itself was first mapped in the same year by the USS Vancouver and USS Americana. The Federation Council was eager to establish a colony in the system and lay claim to the system due to the high deposits of uridium ore found in many of the moons and Kovir (the fourth planet from the sun). Away teams from the Americana also found rich deposits of dilithium crystals on the beds of the vast oceans of Kovar. Starfleet had hit jackpot with this find and soon established ore processing and mining settlements across the system. Such a rich find meant that Starfleet could maintain a stable and well resourceful presence in the area while they maintained the peace with the C'hakilian Empire.

The colony was founded on the basis to aide Starfleet Operations in the area and to support Task Force 21, an element within the Fourth Fleet in defending the border against the C'Hakilian Empire. Early in 2379 after a series of away teams declared it safe to colonize, a retiring Starfleet engineer Commander Fritz H. Marushke, was offered the Temporary Administrator and Designer as the Governor up until October 2379. It wasn't long until other settlements began to thrive across the planet. Kovar became a centre of trade for the area and it was not long until many civilian businesses and companies established themselves on the planet. In mid-2379 on the tropical islands close to New Hampton ancient ruins of a civilisation were found, believed to be from the ancient race known as the Vaterians. The government declared the islands off limits to allow scientists to explore these ruins further. The islands were named the Isles de V'tier. In October 2379, Starfleet signed the Joint Kovar Usage Agreement, this allowed them to develop a large base on the surface, shortly after Task Force 21's Executive Officer, Commodore Jeff Murdock was assigned command of the facility. In December 2379, the planet became a self-governing planet within the United Federation of Planets, with the Administrator role permanently disposed of. This gave the Colony the power to create it's own laws, and create a local defence force. However, the Colony cannot create a large exploratory Starfleet, nor can it violate the federation charter.

One noted incident the colony had to deal with in its second year was the crash landing of the Prometheus class cruiser USS Odyssey in 2379. The Odyssey had been forced to crash after receiving heavy damage from attacks from pirates for ten straight days. The Odyssey became the first vessel to be repaired and fixed on Kovar. This showed Starfleet and the Federation how vital the colony was to them and the impact it could make. In 2381 the Gehki star system was destroyed by a rogue Romulan faction. Gehki had been a Bolian colony and as such it was quickly evacuated. Kovar took in a majority of the refugees and as such its population rose dramatically over night.

In an interview with Jonathan Riggs from Kovar Colony Network January 2380, in a rare interview Commodore Murdock shared his feelings about his new command, “I have to say that this was the toughest decision that I’ve had to make in my Starfleet career. Having spent most of my career stationed aboard a Starfleet vessel to suddenly find yourself sat behind a desk is quite a culture shock. However, having saying that I believe that I made the right decision in accepting this position. We have an amazing facility here and once the Starfleet base is operational we will be looking make our presence know within this sector. One of our main responsibilities will be to supply Starbase 611 and the TF with shuttles, torpedoes and Dulitilan for the fleet. Oh course, I also hoping that the fleet will see us not just as place to pick up supplies but a place for their crews to unwind and enjoy what Kovar has to offer and interact with the civilian population.”


Map of Kovar Colonyl

New Hampton Bay

The capital city and the first settlement on the colony. This is where the government is seated and a majority of the world's commerce happens. The primary base of operations for Starfleet is situated along the coastlines of New Hampton Bay too.

New Elmbridge

This city is the second settlement and like its sister city of New Hampton bay plays a pivotal role in the colony's commerce and trade. This is also where the embassies for the Klingon Empire, Romulan Empire and Ferengi Alliance are located. The specially created Forward Operating Base of the 93rd MEF is located on the outskirts of New Elmbridge.

Murdock City

Named after Rear Admiral Jeff Murdock, the first Starfleet officer to command Starfleet's forces in this area and a former commanding officer of Task Force 21, Murdock died after discovering the plague that was striking the C'Hakilians in 2379. However it was later found out that this Murdock was in fact a clone, made by the C'Hakilians to infiltrate Starfleet's operations in the area. The real Murdock had been found on a planetoid in the neutral zone in a stasis chamber. The real Murdock had been kidnapped after he left Kovar for the last time to take command of the USS Akagi again. Murdock City is where the colony's militia trains its recruits and is a city of various cultures. It is also here where many Bolian refugees from Gehki reside.

Canterborough Province

This smaller settlement is where the world's inhabitants exist in a simplistic way of life with limited use of technology happening. A majority of the planet's agriculture work happens here too. It is also where most of the Bajoran demographic live and a large Bajoran monastery is built here.

Istead Creek

The mining settlement of Kovar due to most of the dilithium deposits are closer to the Calypso Islands in the Kovarian Ocean.

Heki Bay

The recent most settlement, Heki Bay is home to the rest of the Bolian population who do not live in Murdock City. Heki is similar to Canterborough Providence where the simplistic way of life happens.

Falrock Canyon

Formally home to the Covert Intelligence Unit, the facility in the snowy north of the planet is now home to the planets Starfighter Air Group.

Historical Statues

Rear Admiral Jeff Murdock

A statue now proudly stands in the main square within New Hampton following the death of Jeff Murdock in 2381, after being killed by the virus killing the C'hakilian Empire.

Political System

The Kovar political system works on common Federation laws of a colonial democracy. The executive branch of the government is led by a Governor and their Lieutenant Governor with a cabinet of secretaries of states for various areas of running the system. The Governor is also deemed the Commander-in-Chief of the colonial militia. The legislature branch of the government is managed by the colony's congress which is presided over by the Speaker of Congress. Representatives are elected to congress from the various settlements by their constituents. Congress Representatives are elected for two year terms while the Governor (and their government) is elected for a five year term. The judicial branch of the government is led by the Chief Justice who presides over the colonial supreme court. The next government elections are due in the summer of 2388.

Senior Government Leaders

  • Governor: Sean Thompson (Human Male)
  • Lieutenant Governor: S'Tarah (Vulcan Female)
  • Speaker of Congress: Nanmira Penaren (Betazoid Female)
  • Chief Justice: Mien Kwife (Bolian Male)

Cabinet Members

  • Governor: Sean Thompson (Human Male)
  • Lieutenant Governor: S'Tarah (Vulcan Female)
  • Chief of Staff: Amanda Noble (Human Female)
  • Colonial Security Advisor: Norah Blackston (Human Female)
  • Secretary of the Exterior: Hira Hiraizumi (Human Female)

Executive Office of the Governor Staff Members

  • Chief of Staff: Amy Grant(Human Female)
  • Press Secretary: Pierce Foster (Human Male)

Starfleet Presence

In the early days following the founding of the colony, the planet was protected by the Kovar Militia which was the forefront of defence for Kovar. It operated on land, in the oceans and the air. The militia depended upon the support of Starfleet for protecting the entire system. However, as of 2388 and the resurgent Starfleet presence in the region, Governor Thompson disbanded the Militia and the planet is solely under the protection of Starfleet. As part of the planetary defences, the 93rd Marine Expeditionary Force has been assigned to specially created Forward Operating Base (F.O.B.) at New Elmbridge. The abandoned facility at Falrock Canyon, in the ice fields at the north of the planet is also home to a newly established Starfighter Air Group.

Task Force 93

Kovar originally coordinated with Task Force 21's Command Starbase; Starbase Templar (SB611), providing all Task Force 21's needs and supplies. However when Starfleet's forces pulled out in early 2386, the planet was left to its own devices. Only when Starfleet had a change of policy in 2388 and began to redistribute forces into the area did the planet and its orbiting Starbase fall under the jurisdiction of Task Force 93.

Previous Starfleet Commanding Officers

  • 2378: Commander Fritz H. Marushke
  • 2378-2379: Commmodore Jeff Murdock
  • 2379-2380: Captain Ben MacKenzie
  • 2380-2382: Captain Nikolai Kastrovich
  • 2382-2383: Captain Sean Thompson
  • 2383-2386: Captain Nikolai Kastrovich

Starfleet's Covert Intelligence Unit

In 2382 Kovar also is the home of Starfleet's Covert Intelligence Unit (CIU) at Falrock Canyon, a secret undercover agency that protects the interests of Starfleet Command under the Command of Captain Ben MacKenzie. Its main purpose is to monitor activities and communications of the C'Hakilian Empire and surrounding species classified as a threat to the Federation (including the recently encountered 'Vaterians'). It also has the authority to investigate such threats, via either undercover missions, or marine deployment. In addition one of their objectives is working undercover within Starfleet itself, serving aboard federation starships or starbases to monitor the conduct of the senior staff or an individual ship/base. However, the unit was disbanded just 6 months after its creation by Starfleet Command. The Falrock Canyon facility has now been significantly redesigned to house the planets Starfighter Air Group.