Klingon Ranks

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Klingon Faction

Ranks in the Klingon Empire are not only used in the Klingon Defence Force, they are also commonly in use in many Houses. It is not unheard of for a Klingon who has attained high rank in his House Fleet to expect the equivalent rank in the KDF if he enters the service.

Klingon Military Ranks

Officer Rank

Rank Image Klingon Rank Translation Starfleet Equivalent
Laquv.png la'quv Supreme Commander Fleet Admiral
Kaj.png 'aj Admiral Admiral
Sa.png Sa' General Vice Admiral
Totlh.png totlh Commodore Rear Admiral
Ech.png 'ech Brigadier Commodore
Hod.png HoD Captain Captain
La.png la' Commander Commander
Soghla.png Soghla' Lt. Commander Lt. Commander
Sogh.png Sogh Lieutenant Lieutenant
Lagh.png lagh Ensign Lieutenant, j.g.
Ne.png ne' Yeoman Ensign
MangHey.png mangHey Cadet Cadet

Non-Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Rank

Rank Image Klingon Rank Translation Starfleet Equivalent
Bu'mochw.png bu'mochwI Master Chief Petty Officer
Bu'a.png bu'a Master Sergeant Senior Chief Petty Officer
Bu'naQ.png bu'naQ Staff Sergeant Petty Officer First Class
Bu.png bu Sergeant Petty Officer Second Class
Da.png Da Corporal Petty Officer Third Class
Beq.png beq Crewman Crewman
BeqHey.png beqHey Crewman Apprentice
Ghuv.png ghuv Crewman Recruit