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|star system=[[Qo'noS]], [[Archanis]], [[Rura Penthe]], various others
|star system=[[Qo'noS]], [[Archanis IV]], [[Rura Penthe]], various others
|quadrant=[[Beta Quadrant]]
|quadrant=[[Beta Quadrant]]
|discovery date= 2151
|discovery date= 2151
|affiliation= [[Klingon Empire]], [[Sovereignty of Kahless]], [[House of Mo'Kai]]
|affiliation= [[Klingon Empire]], [[Sovereignty of Kahless]] (Defunct), [[House of Mo'Kai]], [[Hunters Of D'Ghor]]
|capital=[[Qo'nos]] with various House Throneworlds
|capital=[[Qo'nos]] with various House Throneworlds
|political system=Autocratic Oligarchy with Kratocratic tendencies
|political system=Autocratic Oligarchy with Kratocratic tendencies

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Klingon Faction

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A Klingon Male
Basic information
Star System:

Qo'noS, Archanis IV, Rura Penthe, various others




Beta Quadrant

First Contact:


Political Information

Klingon Empire, Sovereignty of Kahless (Defunct), House of Mo'Kai, Hunters Of D'Ghor

Political System:

Autocratic Oligarchy with Kratocratic tendencies

Total Population:

189 Billion Empire-wide



Atmospheric Requirements

Class M Breathable, but with higher concentrations of CO2

Development Stage:

Warp capable



At A Glance

The Klingon species are part of a violent and warlike civilization known as the Klingon Empire. Dominating the Rimward and Spinward border of the Federation's Beta Quadrant frontier, the Klingons have built an expansive built on conquest and the subjugation of "tribute" species. Klingons descend from the apex predator of Qo'noS and those instincts remain extant. The Klingon Empire shares borders with the United Federation of Planets, Romulan Republic, and the Gorn Hegemony. They are always seeking to expand their borders and actively engage in conquest.

Personal "Honor"- the measure of a Klingon's worth in their society- is determined by battle prowess, victory over a challenging opponent, bringing glory and influence to one's House and by adhering to accepted Klingon traditions. Klingons are part of a deeply conservative society that does not integrate alien ideas or citizens into itself.


General Physical Appearance

A Klingon Female circa 2374

Klingons are bipedal humanoids. They share many physical attributes with other humanoid species, including (and not limited to) forward focused eyes, oposable thumb, hinged knees and elbows, ball joint hips.

The most obvious distinctive feature of Klingons is their cranial ridges. These are a thought to be a vestage of the more basic Klingon form, perhaps with an exoskeleton. These ridges are as individual to Klingons as fingureprints are to Terrans. It is common for related Klingons to have similar ridge patterns. The most common pattern involves a number of horizontal ridges from the nose to just below the hair line. Some patterns however are vertical. Some have suggested that the pattern of ridges is linked to social standing, however there is nothing to substantiate this. More likely the genes carrying the vertical ridges are submissive and the horizontal ridges dominant.

Klingons hair is thick and is usually worn long. The hair is often tied back but left loose its weight is sufficient that it stays in place during motion. The male's facial hair is equally substantial.

Similar to the cranial ridges Klingon spines have raised lumps. This is also thought to e connected to a previous exoskeleton. These lumps hold nerve endings and have tactile abilities. The same lumps are present on Klingon feet.

Skin tone varies from peach to dark brown.


Klingons have a varying number of ribs, the average being 23. The ribs are arranged in a lattice, making them much more sturdy than most humanoids. The ribcage protects the major organs in the same way as most creatures with an endoskeleton.

A large variation between Klingons and other species is brak'lul. This is the Klingon term that refers to the possession of multiple organs. Klingons posses two stomachs, two livers, three kidnies, three lungs and an eight chambered heart.

Similarly the Klingon brain has a double-lined neural pia mater. The brain is otherwise very similar to that of a terran.

Other physical appearances

A Klingon male after the Klingon augment virus

During the 22nd Century the High Council became concerned that the Federation might be expanding research into genetics to create a super-race. They therefore started their own experiments.

The test subjects showed heightened intelligence but underwent quite extreme physical alteration. They lost their distinctive ridges and their features became more similar to that of Humans.

One of the test subjects was apparently carrying a flu virus at the time and the experimentation caused the flu virus to mutate.

It is thought that millions of Klingons were infected by the mutated virus before it was brought under control. At least one colony was completely 'cleansed' in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

Once under control those affected by the virus were organised into seperate units and carried out the day to day communication with the UFP.

The virus altered the Klingon genome to a degree that the offspring of those infected were born with the new genetic patter.

Later it was possible to reverse the affects of the virus and those infected were cured. This 'cure' was also succesful on those that had been born with the new genetic pattern.


Klingons mature much faster than Terrans. At the age of 1 Klingons are as advanceed as a Terran 4 year old. At 8 years old they are comparable to Terrans of around 16 years. Klingons reach maturity at 12 or 13.


Gestation is 30 days, usually with a single birth.

Stangely though Klingons are able to produce viable embryos with several other races the gestation of these can be faster rather than slower. As a result many mixed race feutuses do not reach full development and miscarraiges are common. Klingon features are dominant over most other species and if one parent possesess cranial ridges this may show in several subsequent generations.


Klingons have a complicated psyche.

The Ego and ID are closely linked and to some seem to be inseperable.

The Klingon grasp of self awareness is acute however they also put a lot of importance in the group. This is the underlying reason for the social structures known as Houses. It is thought that the reason for such a developed sense of group is due to the harshness of the environment that they evoloved in.


Klingons live in extended family units known as Houses.

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