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Survey Data
Star System:

Khrexani System


Inconnu Expanse


Alpha Quadrant

Political Information
Total Population:

8.3 Billion

Biological Information
Development Stage:

Warp Capable




Natives to the Inconnu Expanse, The Khrenal are one of the species that collectively make up the Ravagers.



The Khrenal evolved on the planet Krexani, in the same system as the Azulren. They attained sentience after the Azulren, who achieved interplanetary travel at least 2 centuries before the Khrenal. The Azulren are a species descended from primates on the planet Azuphria in the Khrexani system. They were the first species to attain sentience in the system. They have quite oblong shaped heads.

They have average sized mouths for their heads, and their noses are quite flat, but wide.

They have a small, flattened ridge on their faces that goes up from their nose and across their foreheads. Like the Azulren, they have horned ridges that go from above their eyes presumably because the various species within the Khrexani system evolved from the same ancestors. Also like the Azulren their eyes are reflective. However, they are more suited to low light, meaning a Khrenal buildings are likely more likely to have tinted windows, and have more subdued lighting.

Their skin is hairless, with the exception of the Khrenal male, who has hair that grows from midway through the scalp down the back of the head. Their ears stretch from almost the base of their jaw, right to the same level as their eyes, and can go higher. Their hearing is phenomenal. Their skin colours range from pink to a silvery grey.

Both Khrenal adult males and females can grow to between 145 cm and 190 cm tall.


The Khrenal and their Azulren brethren share the most physiological traits, presumably because they are two sentient species from the same solar system, where they have evolved from some long distant ancestor. They can both perform well in both light and dark environments, however the Khrenal prefer to work in darker environments. Both Khrenal and Azulren blood is iron based, and is a dark red colour.

Khrenal and Azulren have two sexes. The female Khrenal is fertile once every 56 days. This gives them somewhat of a low annual birth figure. Because their DNA structures are quite similar, they can crossbreed without any medical intervention.


Main article: Khrexani System

Khrexani is in the Khrexani system, and is the not only the evolutionary birthplace of the Khrenal, but also the homeworld of the Wi’u’Kai. Their government is run from the jata’Keshtu, which is in the city of jaj’Khrexa. One of the moons is also designated as a prison facility, also run by the waru’Ete.

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