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When the C’hakilians found the Khazi homeworld, they found the perfect, easily exploitable, low maintenance worker. The Khazi were a pre-warp society, but they were very industrious. Amazingly efficient workers, the Khazi had a gigantic, ordered society with an extremely sophisticated network of terrestrial and sub-terrain roads, tunnels, and municipal areas. C’hakilian ground troops were not successful in the campaign to take over the Khazi. The reason for their failure is the most prominent Khazi war tactic: relentless, mindless waves of Khazi troops. Even worse for the C’hakilians, Khazi are immune to the effects of the lalachan. In the end, however, the Khazi came under C’hakilian rule.

Physical, Mental, and Social Attributes

Khazi are insect-like creatures of incredible strength. While resembling more humanoid organisms than the insects we constantly and ruthlessly smash beneath our heels, the Khazi have a chitinous exoskeleton and relative strength reminiscent to that of ants. Another attribute common to ants that the Khazi share is the highly ordered, single-minded society. As food, Khazi fancy certain lichens and fungi.


It is commonly known that the open circulatory system of many species of insects cannot work for large organisms. Khazi, however, have a rudimentary closed circulatory system. They are also thin creatures, minimizing the area to which the closed circulatory system must supply oxygen. Khazi also seem to have a weak telepathic ability, which would account for their single-mindedness.


The C’hakilians gave the name Zkh, a C’hakilian word meaning “Hive,” to the Khazi homeworld. The name obviously alludes to the Khazi one-mindedness. Zkh is an impressive world with high humidity, many rivers, no oceans, and plenty of vegetation.


Aside from the relentless horde, the Khazi had little to show in the way of military power. Khazi tunnelling technology has, however, proved quite useful in mining operations. To support the C’hakilian military, Khazi replaced high-maintenance worker drones in most jobs where little intelligence is necessary.