Kartelan Protectorate Agreement

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The Kartelan Protectorate Agreement refers to an agreement signed September 5th, 2388 between the United Federation of Planets and the Kartelan aboard the USS Solaria.


Protectorate Status Granted to Kartelan People

The United Federation of Planets agrees to provide protection and render any means of assistance or aide, as requested by the Kartelan people. This provision applies to Kartelan people across the quadrant and not just in the Kartelan system. As per this agreement, Starfleet agrees to help fortify and defend the Kartelan home system.

Establishment of Starbase 38

Under the terms of this agreement, Starfleet will take control of the Kartelan Defense Outpost on the planets second moon which has laid dormant, abandoned, for nearly a century. Starfleet will resupply, refit and reactivate the outpost once it is fit for purpose. From here, the outpost will serve as Starfleet's headquarters in the region, commanded by Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson. The outpost will be officially designated as Starbase 38. Adjustments to the structure and equipment in the Starbase is approved by the Kartelan government, but in the event that Starfleet should withdraw, any Starfleet technology will be removed.

Sharing of Key Strategic Intelligence

Both parties agree to share all intelligence of strategic importance which is gathered from the time the treaty is signed. This will include records of all Starfleet combat actions in and around the Kartelan system and any agreements with other powers.