Jewel Hurd

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This article is an official Bravo Fleet canon character.Federation Faction

Jewel Hurd

1/4 Klingon, 1/4 Vulcan, 1/2 Human




September 8, 2355




Task Force 99


Task Force Commanding Officer (Ret.)


Major General
Played By:



Jewel Hurd currently holds the rank of Major General, She formerly served as the Task Force Commanding Officer in Task Force 99 which is apart of the Fourth Fleet.

Physical Appearance

  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 140
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Gray
  • Physical Description: She is an average person, she has the Klingon head ridges, and has the heart and attitude of a Klingon, despite she is not a full Klingon. She has a scar across her right shoulder from a fight she had with a Cardassion. She is also muscular as she works out regularly to keep in shape. In 2389 Jewel ended up loosing her lower right leg due to bone cancer that was hereditary from her mother. She now has a prosthetic leg and has learned to use it quiet well. It doesn't look like she doesn't have her real leg.


  • Spouse: David Hurd Sr.
  • Children: Sons: Jay Dartt; David Hurd Jr. Daughters: Liberty Dartt, Alena T'yrni Hurd
  • Father: Vice Admiral Simon Chricton III (Human; Biological Father); Adoptive Father: Ja'So of the house of Pir'Up Pa (Jason Pepper)
  • Mother: T’yrni Dartt (Klingon/Vulcan; Deceased); Step-Mother: Emmaline Fultian-Chricton
  • Brother(s): Simon Chricton IV (Half-Brother)
  • Mike K`Wor Bremer (Brother-in-Law)
  • Barag (Adopted Brother; House of Pir'up Pa)
  • Vorak (Adopted Brother; House of Pir'up Pa, CO, IKS Sar'Cho)
  • Sister(s): Janice Fultain-Bremer (Half-Sister)
  • K'leela (Sister-in-law, House of Pir'Up Pa)
  • Sogh M'Kota (Sister by marriage; Security Officer; Starbase 400)
  • Other Family: Uncle: Sgt Maj Marcus Pepper SB400 (UFPMC) aka M'Kus of the House of Pir'Up Pa
  • Nieces: Becca Bremer, Emmaline Fultian-Bremer (Deceased);
  • Nephews: Mike K'Wor Bremer Jr, Christopher Bremer, Marc Fultian-Bremer (Deceased), Torak Son of Vorak (House of Pir'up Pa).

Personality & Traits

  • General Overview: She is a tough marine and tends to have a very bad temper, but also has a soft spot that very few get to see. She is also very loyal and protective of her family including her two children. She works out a lot and has a fascination with weapons mainly Klingon ones. She usually cares a Klingon dagger at all times usually hidden.

2382 Jewel was adopted into the house of Pir'Up Pa and was given the Klingon name B'Jul

  • Strengths & Weaknesses: Strengths: She is a tough marine and a very hard worker, she tends to keep busy sometimes late into the night. She works out constantly and also likes to train the marines that serve under her.
  • Weakness: Her weakness would have to be her temper; she sometimes has a hard time controlling her temper. She also has a tendency to speak Klingon when she is very angry or pissed off. Her temper has landed her into trouble many times.
  • Ambitions: To work up rank and position again, to become a better person for her and her family.
  • Hobbies & Interests: Working out, Martial Arts (Of all kinds), hand-to-hand combat, she likes listening to some music depending on her mood. She likes Holonovals that give her a challenge, mainly Klingon Holonovals. But most of all she loves spending time with her two children and her family which includes her sister Janice.
  • Languages: Federation Standard, Vulcan, and Klingon

Personal History

Jewel Dartt was born on September 8, 2355 to T’yrni Dartt; she grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, Earth. She grew up with her mother who was a Medical Officer in Starfleet. She never really knew her father until later in her life. While growing up she learned everything there was to know about her culture and grew up to respect them. She had one problem while growing up and that was her temper, she would always get into fights in school and with the neighborhood children. She would never back down from a fight. She would always find herself getting suspended because of it.

In 2370, her mother sent her to a military school to help her better control her temper, but needless today it didn’t help her much. In 2372 she was on the USS Liberty with her mother who decided it be a good idea to enroll her in a Marine Cadet in training. To prepare her for the Academy in one year. Her mother talked with the Marine Detachment Commander about it and he thought it was a great idea. She excelled and they sponsored her and she was accepted into Starfleet Academy, then the Marine Corps after her completion of the Academy. She surprised her mother by passing all of her classes and graduating in 5th of her graduating class.

During the years 2374-2375 she was sent in and participated in part of the Dominion War, which she got some first hand experience while in the Academy.

Between the years 2377 to 2379, after completion of the Academy she served aboard a few Starships working up in rank and position until in 2380 to 2382 she was at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. She was then transferred to Hawkeye Island Marine Base as the Marine Commandant of the Bases Marines. This is where she found out that she had a Half-Sister who happens to be the Base’s Commanding Officer, Colonel Janice Fultian. They shared the same father, but Jewel still doesn’t speak to her father to this day. Jewel worked up in rank as well as her sister. When Janice was promoted to Brigadier General, Jewel was promoted to Colonel and given the position of the Base’s Executive Officer’s position.

While station on Hawkeye Island she met and married Jay Enigma and a year later became pregnant with twins. Needless to say the marriage didn’t last long; they were soon divorced and departed ways. Soon after the twins were born, she named them Liberty and Jay. Janice also had a set of twins that were born on the same day as Liberty and Jay. They were born one month early but were in perfect health. Soon after she had the twins she left Hawekeye Island.

In the year 2382 Janice and Jewel departed ways but kept in contact over the years, Jewel was then adopted into the Klingon House of Pir'Up Pa and returned to Qo'nos to serve the house, where she was given the Klingon name B'Jul. She would also raise her two children as Klingons while on Qo'nos. She served the house until 2385 where she was asked to re-enter Starfleet. She was assigned to Starbase 400 as the Marine First Division CO. When she re-entered Starfleet she took a pay in grade to First Lieutenant, but she realized it was a price she would have to pay being away from Starfleet for so long. She had found her sister again who was now married to Mike K'Wor Bremer she was happy for her sister.

In 2386 Jewel was asked to be the Executive Officer on the USS Cairo, she was given the field promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. After a tragic accident of the USS Cairo-B and it's Commanding Officer was Killed saving the crew. Jewel was promoted to the rank of Colonel and given Command of the USS Cairo-C a Luna-class Starship. Shortly after she took Command she was promoted to Brigadier General.

In 2389, Jewel retired her commission with Starfleet and now resides on Starbase 400 as a Civilian. The USS Cairo has been decommissioned and is currently docked at Starbase 400 awaiting where she is going to go after that. While there she met and fell in love with Lieutenant Colonel David Hurd the Marine CO on Starbase 400. Now, they are engaged and Jewel is expecting a baby with David. After her rough first start things are getting better and she can finally settle down and have a real family with her beloved David.

After everything has calmed down, Jewel decided she enter back into active status aboard Starbase 400, she was given the position as Chief Diplomatic Officer. She was again promoted to Major General and now she has been promoted to Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 99 in Bravo Fleet.

Service Record

  • 2355: Born; New Orleans, Louisiana, Earth
  • 2370-2372: Sent to Military School
  • 2372-2373: USS Liberty; Marine Cadet Trainee
  • 2373-2374: Starfleet Academy; Cadet 1st Year
  • 2374-2375: Starfleet Academy; Cadet 2nd Year
  • 2374-2375: Dominion War; USS Sentinel
  • 2375-2376: Starfleet Academy; Cadet 3rd Year
  • 2376-2377: Starfleet Academy Marine Corps; Cadet 4th Year
  • 2377: USS Melbourne; Marine; 2nd Lieutenant
  • 2378: USS Apache; Marine; 1st Lieutenant
  • 2379: USS Comanche; Marine XO; Marine Captain
  • 2380-2381: Hawkeye Island; Marine CO; Lieutenant Colonel
  • 2381-2382: Hawkeye Island; Base Executive Officer; Colonel
  • 2382-2385: Served the House of Pir'Up Pa; Qo'nos
  • 2385-2386: Starbase 400; Marine First Division CO; First Lieutenant
  • 2386: USS Cairo; Executive Officer; Lieutenant Colonel
  • 2387: USS Cairo; Commanding Officer; Colonel
  • 2387-2389: USS Cairo; Commanding Officer; Brigadier General
  • 2389: Starbase 400; Civilian/Retired USS Cairo CO; Brigadier General
  • 2389-2391: Starbase 400; Chief Diplomatic Officer, Brigadier General
  • 2389-2391: Starbase 400; USS Sutherland CO; Brigadier General
  • 2391: Starbase 400; Chief Diplomatic Officer; Major General
  • 2391: Starbase 400; USS Sutherland CO; Major General
  • 2392-Pres: Task Force 99 Commanding Officer, USS Sutherland CO, Chief Diplomatic Officer, Starbase 400