Jetrada III

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Federation Faction

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Jetrada III
Grid C4, Alpha Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Jetrada system


Alpha Quadrant


Class M

Political Information

United Federation of Planets


Jetrada III is rich in many minerals, including the key ingredients for Ablative Armor, hull plating and starship space frames used by Starfleet vessels.

For some time Starfleet has engaged in negotiated trade with the inhabitants of the Jetrada System. With the aid of Starfleet the planet's population has grown swiftly and as a result so too as its industrial output.

As of late 2388, much of the planets mining industry has ground to a halt and riots have broken out between miners and law enforcement over safety conditions, working hours and the condition of equipment. Prior to the riots, 4 mine shafts collapsed, resulting in the deaths of 61 miners. Jetrada's economy, completely dependent on the export of the minerals, has slumped significantly. In an effort to stabilize the planet, Prime minister La'ow has requested Starfleet dispatch a ship to conduct an independent review due to the lack of trust on all sides towards the remaining reviewing bodies conducting a fair and just investigation. Meanwhile, the planet sees daily riots and sieges as its inhabitants fend for themselves and demand stability and trust.