Jathlin Trading Group

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This article is official Task Force 38 canon.

Loose organization of governments (situated roughly in the Jathlin Arm of the Round Table) that have subscribed to the Jathlin Accord on Trade and Tariffs (JATT), thereby agreeing to cooperate in economic matters in order to further free trade and economic prosperity among member states. The Jathlin Trading Group is considered one of the preeminent commercial alliances in and around the Jathlin Arm. Its total size and scope is unknown, but it is known to include races and governments from a wide range of technological backgrounds, from pre-warp to expansionary interstellar civilization. Known member states include:

The Jathlin Trading Group holds no governmental authority over any of its member states, but, taken together, the JTG wields considerable economic power in the region, which it occasionally uses to impose sanctions on competitors, cartels, and governments deemed by the consensus of the JTG board of governance to be in violation of human rights. The Divitian Republic considers the JTG a rival economic power, and has used its considerable influence in the Perenalthorias Union to impede the Jathlin Trading Group's progress within the Union's territory. The Divitians have been moderately successful, but young associate states of the Union have largely welcomed the fresh commercial activity. The Judaat, of course, joined the JTG to thumb their collective nose at the Divitians.

Brian's Race, though not typically known as an industrial powerhouse of the Jathlin neighborhood, has nonetheless gained considerable economic strength and influence thanks to its membership in the Group. As the only member of the Group willing to travel into and trade within the dangerous and highly stigmatized Star Desert (thanks to that region's long association with the Skareen), Brian's Race has been able to recover substantial profits as the sole provider of Jathlin Arm goods to residents of the Star Desert, and has had equal success retrieving artifacts from the deeps of the Desert and selling them off at great profit in the more populated Jathlin Arm.

The Jathlin Trading Group has no formal contacts with the Federation, but was discovered by the U.S.S. Horlderlin during their encounter with Brian (the namesake of Brian's Race) in mid-2384. The Judaat were reported to have joined the Group a few months later.