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The Jathlin Arm is an area of space to the galactic north of Starfleet's primary presence in The Round Table. The region is the most densely populated discovered in the sector thus far, and is home to numerous species, and political entities. In the past the region was a prime target for exploration, charted most notably by the crews of the USS Excelsior and the USS Xelisa

The Jathlin Arm is one of the largest sub-regions of The Round Table, easily spotted on maps as being to the galactic north of most other regions and landmarks.


The Jathlin Arm is a primary target for exploration by Task Force 38 due to the large number of species that call it home, but in comparison to other areas of The Round Table it has fewer spatial phenomenon of note, at least as far as has been explored and charted. One area of note is the Ly'bven'tho Field, located around Thanatoksia. The Field is a navigation hazard, especially for larger vessel as the diamagnetic field disruptions play havoc with sensor equipment. The Field also serves as something of a border region between the arm, and the Star Desert, a region of few stars, and fewer civilizations. The exact extent of Jathlin is unknown, as it has yet to be fully charted, and among the local civilizations its definition may also refer to the more densely populated portions which fall into the same sphere of political, cultural, and economic interests.


The Jathlin Arm's defining feature is that it is teeming with life. Unlike the Pre-Warp Cradle on the opposite end of The Round Table, many of the species in the Arm are not only warp capable, but have also formed political unions with one another. However some worlds and species such as the Raehcoren are decidedly pre-warp. Even more than that, there are worlds that are believed to have once been home to advanced forms of life, and have left only ruins behind, the aforementioned Raehcoren being another prime example of a planet with ruins of advanced civilization. Many of the warp capable species of the Arm have in their histories contact with the Skareen prior to the downfall of their empire, and presumed extinction. The militaristic Skareen enslaved many worlds of the Arm, and as result many of these worlds still fear a return of the Skareen to this day.

Political Entities

The Jathlin Arm is host to a number of regional political entities, some of which have had dealings wit the Federation as explorative inroads are made in the region, but many remain unknown or are poorly understood.

Perenalthorias Union of Commonwealths

The Perenalthorias Union is a loose confederation of numerous species and political entities within the Arm. It exists largely to regulate trade, maintain peace in the arm, and serve as a forum for member entities to voice concerns. Unlike the Federation, the Union has few qualms about raising primitive species to a higher level of technology, and bringing them into the interstellar community. Some members such as the Divitian's see this as beneficial, terming it "Civilization Welfare. Known members of the Union are:

  • Divitian Republic- While not a founding member of the Union, the Divitians are without a doubt the most powerful at present. They are the only non-founding member with veto power, a clear sign of their status within the Union. With fifty worlds under Divitian control, a large military, and a capitalist drive for expansion, they are the force behind the Union's strength.
  • Judaat- The Judaat are one of the two co-founders of the Union, with a great deal of political clout in the Jathlin Arm. The capital of the Union, Perenalthorias Station, is located near their homeworld.
  • Ialnalyn- The Ialnalyn are the other co-founder of the Union, well known for executing the veto power they hold on many occasions.
  • Thanatoksin- The Thanatoksin are a relatively new member of the Perenalthorias Union, and one of the species uplifted by the Divitian's. While technology developed at a rapid pace as result, the agricultural sector of the planet was unable to keep up with the population boom leading the Thanatoksin to commit genocide against Rheger Tuhg, an ethnic subgroup that held arable territory. The conflict is still ongoing and has had profound effect on Federation relations with the world.

Jathlin Trading Group

Made up of by a number of species including Brian's Race and the Judaat, the Jathlin Trading Group is a commercial alliance in the region, that the Divitian's consider to be in direct competition with them. The JTG is one of the few Jathlin powers known to openly trade with the species and powers of the Star Desert. Many others avoid the region due to stigma left over by the Skareen, giving the Jathlin Trading Group a monopoly on trade in the region. In addition the JTG backs various expiditions in the region to locate artifacts which can be sold for a substantial profit.