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Randa Islands


Prime Minister


Mayor in the Raeyan Dytaal

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Jarod Fllacti was the Prime Minister of the Randa Islands before his death in late 2386. A strong supporter of the Federation and their presence on Raeya 3 for several years. He was killed by the Eternal Light along with Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan and her family.


Jarod was known to be a kind and compassionate leader. Also a well known philanthropist, having donated a substantial sum of his earnings to various public and private education facilities around Raeya 3, along with helping out several charitable organizations. Always capturing the public eye mostly because his speeches were never written or really thought up before hand which allowed a more personal touch when speaking to the people of the Randa Island. During his time as a Prime Minister of the Randa Islands, Jarod Fllacti's approval rating never dropped below 80% and is thought of the single person who kept the Federation, and therein Hawkeye Island, a good thing in the eyes of his fellow Raeyans.


Born on Nuarta Nui, a northern island in the Randa Island chain, to a wealthy family who owed two casino resorts, Jarod lived a life of luxury. From an early age, Fllacti felt for the less fortunate of Raeya, and opened a charity organization named after his grandfather when he was only 17 years old. Jarod attended Martonye University and graduated with degrees in both business and politics. He spent years after that in the city of Mihera, and worked his way up to vice president of Raeya's largest bank. Once his parents retired, it fell to Jarod to take over the family business. Moving back to the Randa Islands, Jarod was requested to join the small cabinet of the Randa Island Cabinet.

Prime Minister

Shortly after Federation contact, and Starfleet built a base on Hawkeye Island, Jarod was elected Prime Minister of the Randa Island Cabinet, which was a Mayoral position in the Raeyan Dytaal. He was very much for the Federation's help, even when Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan, who originally agreed to donate the island to the Federation, became an outspoken critic of Starfleet, especially after the C'hakilian occupation of Raeya, and the destruction of Raeya 2. During that occupation, Jarod spent most of his time underground, helping coordinate what resistance movements there were. After the war was over, public opinion had turned against the Federation, and the Prime Minister was crucial in letting the people realize how much Raeya needed the Federation.


It it unknown whether or not Jarod was affected by the hallucinogenic plant that had spread throughout the Randa Islands in late 2386. However, he did meet with Queen Sharan in Bohrok Castle, and was ready to formally request that the Federation leave the planet. Recovered castle records show that Elite Raeyan Guard members discovered a series of bombs, set to explode once Eric Winters arrived at the castle. Guard members tried to disable the explosives, but instead triggered them early, which killed Prime Minister Fllacti with several of his aides, and Queen Sharan with most of her known family. The Raeyan extremist group called Eternal Light claimed responsibility, adding to their ever inconsistent methods and reasoning. Jarod is survived by his younger brother.