Jadia Nalla Sharan

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Randa Islands


Holy Monarch


President in the Raeyan Dytaal

Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan was the Holy Monarch of the Randa Islands, which meant she owned most of the private property and land. A famous celebrity on Raeya 3, she lived a life of extreme wealth with plenty of pomp and circumstance. She was noted for her anti-Federation views, and eccentric personality. Queen Sharan, along with all of her known family were killed in 2386 by sabotage by the Eternal Light.


Jadia was mostly know as an eccentric, with an aura of smug superiority, who in recent years before her death, was very much against Starfleet having a permanent presence on Raeya 3. She also loved the spotlight, making frequent public appearances and well prepared speeches. In public, Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan would wear extravagant and expensive clothing, as she was one of the most well known celebrities on the planet. Not minding that most of her life was followed by reporters or paparazzi, she would commonly try and set the example of how a Raeyan should properly act. Having considerable sway over public opinion, but no real political power, she made her distaste of the Federation after the C'hakilian War clear, and nearly succeeded in having Hawkeye Island closed were it not for Prime Minister Jarod Fllacti.


Born on Randa Isle Prime in 2331, to Queen Nalla Mariy Sharan and King Rego Botten Sharan, the owners of most of the private property on the Randa Islands, and even many of the islands themselves. The Sharan family, one of the richest families on Raeya 3, Jadia lived a life of extreme wealth with heavy doses of pomp and circumstance. As the Sharan family were not only well off, but also celebrities, most of Jadia Nalla's life was followed by reporters and cameras. In 2339, her younger brother, Prince Elrick Rego Sharan was born. She attended the finest private school in the Randa Islands, and as she approached her teens, Jadia fell more comfortable with her image and role to the Raeyan people.

Life as a Princess

Jadia in her mid 20's.

As she turned 21, she started to take more interest in the public eye, conducting interviews, and even a fashion trend setter. Jadia quickly became a bit of a sex icon, as well. Living the extravagant life of a wealthy heiress as her brother lived the life of a playboy cruising the planet on his yatch while gambling outrageous sums of money in casinos. Jadia fired over a dozen fashion designers, and it was incredibly rare to see her wear the same thing twice. Giving little thought to how things were and should be run, one of her more extreme things Jadia has done was disapproving on a casino's interior color choice that her family owned. Closing down the establishment, she ordered a complete renovation, and even got most of the management staff fired. Her escapades were nitpicked and gossiped about, but Jadia rather enjoyed being the center of an entire planet's attention. Using some of her personal money, she bought a substantial amount of land for the Sharan family on Raeya 2.

Takeover of Ownership

Queen Nalla Mariy Sharan got sick and died of a brutal disease in 2364. Since King Rego Botten Sharan was not of royal blood, he stepped down and let Jadia accept the throne. Now the owner of most of the buildings and land on the Randa Islands, and in complete control of the massive royal fortune, Jadia was awkward in her first few years as queen. Learning chiefly by trial and error, Jadia Nalla started to understand what it meant to control that many buinesses and that much land. Her wild girl ways of the past quickly faded to a mature and elegant queen. She also took her mother's guest spot on the Dytaal Council. While not a voting member, Jadia could voice her opinions on a planetary scale. As Raeya 2 became more and more important, and as Raeyans slowly started to venture out into space, Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan donated large amount of money to keep the Raeyan space program running. In 2370, she entered a relationship with Jaso De'Luth, a prominent Raeyan Guard member, which got Raeyan news outlets going.


In 2372, Queen Sharan and the rest of the Raeyan people were awe struck to realize they weren't the only ones in the universe. With first contact with the Federation, the Raeyans quickly applied for Federation Protectorate status as Starfleet began building a rather massive presence in the Raeyan System. With Starbase Bravo built in orbit, and the Federation wanting to build a base on the planet's surface, the Dytaal deliberated on where to allow the Federation to build. Jadia Nalla Sharan voluntarily donated an uninhabited island in 2375 that was part of the Randa Islands, which would be renamed Hawkeye Island. Originally built as an Academy campus, it was later changed to a Marine Base with the single largest marine presence in the sector. After the C'hakilian War, in which the C'hakilian Empire had conquered Raeya 3 and destroyed Raeya 2, Sharan had her opinion changed on the Federation, and wanted them off her planet. Political resistance from Sharan would continue for years, and she managed to split public opinion on the matter.


In 2386, after a hallucinogenic plant spread throughout the Randa Islands, Prime Minister Jarod Fllacti had finally changed his pro-Federation opinion, and wished to request that Hawkeye leave their planet. Queen Sharan and her family met with the Prime Minister in an old castle, and ordered a meeting with Hawkeye Commanding Officer Eric Winters. While Winters was en route, Reayan Guardsmen discovered bombs throughout the castle and the entire castle exploded, and everyone in it was killed. The Eternal Light took responsibility. In search for an heir, the Royal Database was cracked and it was found that Jadia Nalla Sharan's father, King Rego Botten Sharan, had an affair that produced an illegitimate daughter in 2369. That daughter has yet to be found.