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Jackie Clawson





November 22, 2341


USS Horizon – A

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Physical Characteristics

Caramel coloured fur, chest-length orange-red hair and dark brown eyes. She is mostly found clad in a Starfleet duty uniform, when working out she wears a navy coloured jumpsuit.

Personal Characteristics

Jackie is of a somewhat quiet nature, preferring to keep 'herself-to-herself' on a personal level, but is always willing to go beyond the call of duty should she feel it be required. She retains a dry sense of humour and generally gets along with her fellow crewmates, even though she does not describe herself as a 'social creature' all that much.

Her general frame of mind is usually one of confidence, allowing her to do whatever task is in need of being done rather than hesitating - this proves to be both a gift and curse in some situations. Jackie is a total workaholic. Given downtime she will either work anyway or fret because she isn't allowed to work. She is dedicated to her job and will do whatever it takes to get it done. She is rarely seen off-duty or out of uniform; preferring to spend her time wisely rather than indulge in what she considers unnecessary activities – hence why she is often found either in her office, on the bridge, or working-out in the holodeck rather than socializing in the mess hall/lounge.

However, Jackie does enjoy a good cup of coffee or raktajino which she’s grown to like over the past few years. It’s been rumoured that the coffee is what gets her through the daily routines of when things are a little bit calmer.

Jackie Clawson often puts her crew’s needs and lives before her own, and has been known to put herself in the line of fire to protect those whom she serves with.

Relationship wise, Jackie steers clear of them for personal reasons that she refuses to discuss with anyone with the exception of her former Commanding Officer and her mentor Admiral Mark Harmon, instead claiming that relationships complicate things more. As an alternative she prefers to focus her full attention on her career as a Starfleet officer, and thus strives to drive herself hard in order to stay in shape and keep her senses sharp. She feels this sense grows stronger with almost every passing moment. She often feels personally insulted should any ship or crewmember under her command be fired upon, making her a worthy adversary in combat, as well as an unpredictable and determined one.

Over the years, Jackie's had a number of unfavourable run-ins with Romulans and Cardassians. Ultimately the run-ins proved unfavourable for both parties in all cases. She’s been known to have a personal vendetta against Romulans in particular, to the point of losing control of herself and flying into a rage when a Romulan is in sight, reasons for that remain anonymous to most around her.

Her record shows several run ins with both species, but no clear cut explanation can be rendered from that considering she refuses to discuss it. Her knack for wreaking havoc among enemies and her ability to continue to wreak havoc even after sustaining heavy injuries has become well-known... as has her avid hatred to sickbays.

Given her ambition for flying, there was no question about what she would do once she entered Starfleet Academy. Once in the Academy, she excelled in manoeuvring various starship classes, fighters and shuttlecraft through some of the tightest spots possible, finding that a great challenge to herself, knowing that that ability would come in handy in her future career. Performing some of the manoeuvres she did; has earned her the nickname ‘hot shot’ in the Academy and the nickname had stuck with her whilst she was stationed as Wing Commander on the USS Rayden.

As well as possessing expert flying skills, Jackie’s aim with a variety of firearms was not so bad either, with practice her aim became one that can stand up almost against anyone in the Academy, hence why Jackie’s sharp shooting skills have earned her the nickname of ‘sharpshooter’ later on in the years. Having that skill as well as natural ability in combat techniques given her race, amongst several other abilities she possessed, Jackie went on to study Tactical/Security training in order to become a Tactical/Security officer in addition to her flying career. That way she could always trade between the two in case something happened to her along the way and she couldn’t perform one of her qualifications as well as needed.

Personal History

Much of Jackie’s personal early history is unknown as she isn't fond of talking about her early years and her past for personal reasons.

All is known from her own words and actions, is the fact that she had always been fascinated by anything that flies, and had learned to pilot a shuttle once she was old enough to reach the control panels. Since joining StarFleet, Jackie had earned certifications to fly almost any type of starship and fighter in the fleet and even now tries to keep her skills up to date whenever possible.

All is known from her Starfleet record is that she has earned a purple heart and a security citation aboard the USS Kenzington before she resigned her commission in 2368 for reasons later classified by Starfleet, and went back to Earth. Nearly a year later, she was reinstated into Starfleet by request and with the help of one Mark Harmon and posted on the USS Rayden under his command.

Jackie isn’t fond of discussing her past, if her past is brought up or queried, Jackie tries to steer the subject into another direction preferring not to discuss her past with anyone except possibly Mark Harmon, the Commanding Officer of the USS Rayden, given the particular kind of relationship the two developed throughout the years. It’s quite possible that he is the only one Jackie opened up to fully.

Her ability to multitask as well as being a workaholic had enabled her to manage a double post as a Wing Commander & Chief Tactical/Security Officer along the line of her 11+ year stint aboard the USS Rayden, under the command of Mark Harmon. She spent four years as a Tactical Officer, before landing a second post as Wing Commander for the duration of her posting there.

Throughout her posting on the Rayden, Jackie has earned a number of commendations including a number of distinguished flying crosses, another purple heart and later a prisoner of war citation along with a star cross for her actions on Cardassia in the early 2370s. She keeps quiet about her commendations and doesn’t talk about what exactly happened on Cardassia with anyone but a select few to this day.

During her posting as a Tactical officer aboard the Rayden and after a particularly debilitating experience at the hands of Cardassians, with the help of Harmon, Jackie discovered the art of Klingon battle styles and combat techniques and thought that to be the best way to train herself as well as her staff. She now uses those to train herself and keep her skills up to date on almost every occasion she gets. She’s able to use a bat’leth in a holodeck environment but has not ventured outside of one preferring to keep that particular interest to herself. So far the Klingon styles have helped her hone in on her own hand to hand combat tactics and keep her edge in a face to face battle.

Jackie rarely resorts to using her claws as a weapon, however if she feels threatened or extremely angered by the enemy, there’s no telling what she can do to protect and fight for those around her. Jackie only uses her claws when the situation calls for it or when her instinct takes over and she completely gives into it and lets that lead. However, this happens very rarely as it is usually not a side she likes to display all too often, it is also not a sight a lot of people wish to observe, let alone be on the receiving end of the fury of the Caitian.

Jackie still strives to drive herself hard in order to stay in shape and keep her senses sharp and do the best she can. In her spare time, the Caitian can be found working hard in the holodeck homing in on her fighting skills in a variety of Klingon battle scenarios, keeping herself fit, testing out yet another manoeuvre during flight, or sharpening her aim.

Early in 2381, Mark Harmon approached Jackie with an offer: her very own command. After some thought, Jackie agreed and was given command of the Intrepid class USS Horizon-A within Task Force 17.

Her ability to command fighter wings has aided her greatly in making the decisions a Commanding Officer should and thus has proved to the Caitian that she could do the job of a Commanding Officer even if she had to sacrifice her security/tactical and flying career for most part.

She is still tempted to step into her old shoes and either step behind the helm of the Horizon or handle a security related problem on her ship as she’s still not fully used to being the Commanding Officer of a ship. To her flying the Horizon is something she enjoys doing and she feels relaxed and less unburdened by the tasks of a Commanding Officer when guiding the Intrepid across the space.

Shortly after her promotion to Captain, Jackie was surprised to find out she was being reassigned to Task Force 93 as its new Executive Officer. Setting course for Starbase 13, Jackie was even more astounded to have her ship stopped in the middle of their journey and have one man change her life and career in a dramatic way with a few commands. Her Executive Officer promoted to Captain and given his own command followed by her own promotion to Rear Admiral and given the reigns of Task Force 58 by one man who came aboard her ship to do so: Dan Taylor.

But that wasn’t all… shortly after their arrival to StarBase Bravo the Caitian found herself aboard the Astalder, unknown to her heading for Serenity base. Finding herself virtually kidnapped by Mr Taylor aboard the Astalder and given the choice to either attend or fight at the Fourth Annual betleH competition; Jackie chose to be a competitor and she hasn’t looked back at that decision since.

Her presence at the betleH tournament coupled with her choice to be a competitor ultimately was a life altering experience for the Caitian in more ways than one. Upon the tournament's finish, the Caitian didn't just bring back a new betleH with her, she also brought back a lot of new experiences, a refreshing wake up call for herself, and several new crewmembers.

Falco Tauvits former Task Forve 58 Commanding Officer himself and one of the Rogue 5. The suave former commanding officer of Task Force 58 calmly informs Jackie that he's now part of the Horizon's crew as her Mission Advisor on detached duty from Starfleet.

In addition Jackie finds herself facing her half Vulcan/half Klingon stalker from the tournament, who is now her Chief Operations Officer after having requested the transfer from IKS meH'Haj. K'Vok wishes to proove himself to the Caitian Admiral as well as try to learn more about his Vulcan heritage and he believes his stay on the Horizon will be beneficial.

USS Horizon departs Starbase Bravo to get back to the basic principles of Starfleet: exploration. As the Horizon departs, another familiar face from the fourth annual betleH tournament makes his presence known: Lieutenant Alex Chadwick, the ship's new Chief Security Officer.

Soon danger rears its ugly head right back into Jackie's life as her past comes back to haunt her with a vengeance all over again. This time danger comes in the form of an old enemy of Jackie Clawson and her mentor Mark Harmon. Sorak, a Romulan disguised as a Vulcan crewmember managed to put the Caitian Admiral in a coma whilst aboard the Horizon leaving the ship under the command of Lieutenant Chadwick. Chadwick contatcs the only person who may be able to offer him an explanation for what's going on: Mark Harmon. Aware of the danger in which the crew of the Horizon has just been placed, Harmon orders the Rayden to rendezvous with the Horizon in 3 days.

The Caitian Admiral wakes up 2 days later seemingly in a daze, asking for someone no one knows or aware of, defiant but unable to get out of sickbay in her current condition. The Chief Medical Officer is called in and manages to put the Admiral under once again. Sometime later, unknown to Jackie, Chadwick is off meeting Admiral Harmon whilst Jackie's wide awake and trying to jog her memory by catching up on reports Chadwick had brought her in at her requests. Sorak chooses this time to strike again; he appears in sickbay, beams away the medical staff and injects Admiral Clawson wtih a paralyzing agent making her immobile as he launches into a speech on what he is planning.

Sorak reveals that he's bent on paying back the favour to Clawson and Harmon for destroying his career whilst Jackie was stationed on the Rayden. Sorak plans to kill Harmon whilst all Jackie can do is watch helplessly before the same fate strikes her but in a more twisted way as he injects her with a slow working neural toxin which would lead to a slow but painful death.

Sorak makes off with Jackie and Harmon and steals the delta flyer; after a long pursuit he is found on an asteroid by Ensign M'Karll R'Pas and Lieutenant J'Al Grenn, along with his two captives, a rather feisty Jackie Clawson literaly at his neck despite the toxin in her system quickly working away to a painful death. Sorak managed to fight her off and pushes her onto M'Karll's cutlass, the sword passes right through her.

She's brought back to the Horizon and straight to sickbay by a very guilty M'Karll. Harmon races to find the antidote Sorak mentioned, and with the help of Horizon's security teams managed to discover what he's after and get it to Jackie who begins a long road in recovery from the ordeal.

The effects of the ordeal had taken a bigger toll on her than she realises or wants to admit. She spends most of her time either on the bridge or in the ready room dealing with her internal turmoil in her own way: immersing herself in work so she doesn't have to remember her past and re-open old wounds. She also spent time evading the medical department and the security detail Chadwick put on her since the incident and practicing with the betleH on the holodeck with the safeties off as usual to keep things more realistic despite medical saying she was strictly forbidden to carry out any such activities due to her stomach wound and current 'emotional state' despite her insisting she was perfectly fine and just needed to get back to work.

Several weeks before the Fifth Annual betleH tournament, Jackie is contacted by Ta'pez ech' of the house of cheng and the IKS meH'Haj extending her an offer of mutual cooperation; details of which he'd prefer to discuss in person. Intrigued by the proposal, and given the recent events Jackie finds herself agreeing to meet the cheng joH before the tournament starts. Soon after as the Horizon heads back to StarBase Bravo for crucial repairs, Jackie takes the AeroWing and K'Vok to meet with Ta'pez.

Whilst aboard the meH'Haj, Jackie and Ta'pez discuss and make arrangements and forge an alliance. Jackie names Ta'pez her Task FOrce Executive Officr thus sharing her Federation resources in return for the frienship of his house. Before the tournament began, she spent time at Khitomer Yards as guest, fully immersed in Klingon environment and culture and not feeling out of place or alienated for a moment.

Onto the betleH tournament, year 5...

Starfleet Service Record

2358 – Applied and accepted to StarFleet Academy.
2358 - Cadet 1st Year - General Studies - Starfleet Academy
2360 - Cadet 3rd Year - Tactical Aviation Studies - Starfleet Academy
2361 - Cadet 4th Year – Security/Tactical Operations Studies - Starfleet Academy
2362 – Ensign - Command Studies & Under-Graduate Mentor to flight cadets – Starfleet Academy Command School
2364 - Ensign – Tactical/Security Officer - USS Kenzington NCC-25625
2368 – Resigned from Starfleet. Reason unknown.
2369 – Reinstated into Starfleet as Lieutenant J.G. – Chief Tactical/Security Officer - USS Rayden NCC-72264-D
2372 - Lieutenant - Chief Tactical/Security Officer - USS Rayden NCC-72264-D
2373 – Lieutenant – Wing Commander & Chief Tactical/Security Officer – USS Rayden NCC-72264-D
2375 – Lieutenant Commander – Wing Commander & Chief Tactical/Security Officer - USS Rayden NCC-72264-D
2381 – Commander – Commanding Officer – USS Horizon –A, Task Force 17.
2381 – Captain – Commanding Officer – USS Horizon –A, TF17.
2382 – Rear Admiral – Transferred to Task Force 58 as Task Force Commanding Officer
2382 - Vice Admiral - Task Force 58 Commanding Officer , USS Horizon Commanding Officer
2383.4 - Resigned from Starfleet during the Fifth Annual betleH tournament

Qualifications & Certifications

Conn & Navigation Certification
Arms Handling Qualification
Advanced Aviation Certification
Command & Leadership Certification
Tactical/Security Certification

Decorations & Commendations

2364 - Purple Heart
2365 - Bronze Star
2366 - Purple Heart
2368 - Security Service Citation
2370 - Starfleet Lifesaving Medal
2371 - Distinguished Flying Cross
2372 - Purple Heart
2372 - Prisoner of War
2372 - Star Cross
2373 - Security Service Citation
2374 - Combat Action Citation
2376 - Bronze Star
2378 - Distinguished Flying Cross
2379 - Security Service Citation
2382 - Purple Heart

Interests & Hobbies

Flying – Anything to do with flying, she can often be found behind the helm controls of the USS Horizon or running a simulation program in the holodeck testing a new manoeuvre or keeping her skills up to date.

Music - Mostly rock of the 21st Century. A favourite of hers is a singer from 1980s and 1990s.

Extreme Sports - Enjoys rock-climbing and any sorts of extreme sports that can be a threat to her life as she is a thrill seeker. (thank God for safeties in the holodecks!)

Klingon Fighting Styles - variety of combat styles, with weapons and without. She mostly kept the Klingon weapons-use restricted to the holodeck, but after the Fourth Annual betleH Tournament held in 2382 Jackie earned herself a betleH given to her by K'Hare during the Rogue 5 incident; she currently trains with the betleH with several of her crewmembers including Alexander Chadwick, Falco Tauvits and others, and in 2382 started training with the mek’leH along with K'Vok. Was the winner of the Fifth Annual betleH competition.

Character Quirks

  • To date is not too fond of the daqtagH blade as has been on the receiving end of one at the hands of a Cardassian in 2372.
  • Has picked up the betleH at Mark Harmon's insistance and under his expert guidance and with his aid to get over her fear of blades after she was rescued from Cardassia Prime in 2372 after being held prisonder, tortured and sent into a coma by a Cardassian.
  • Eats raw qavIn beans
  • Has resigned from Starfleet at 27 and 'dissapeared' before being found and approached by Mark Harmon a year later and reinstated with a promotion in rank aboard the USS Rayden commanded by Mark Harmon.
  • Takes a while to get drunk on bloodwine, but can easily get drunk on any human/other alien alcoholic beverage, this is why she stays away from alcohol.
  • Has a very close, bordering that on being a father/daughter relationship with her former CO, Mark Harmon
  • Has a number of high standing enemies in the Romulan Empire due to her past actions.
  • Has been in 2 comas. (2372 and 2382)
  • Hates Romulans with an avid passion that exceeds that of any other Caitian.
  • Has been known to 'relax' by being at the helm of the Horizon
  • Dislikes sickbays and medical personnel if they hound her for a medical check up.
  • Practices with the betleH in the holodeck with the safeties off.
  • Most of her detailed official record is heavily classified and can only be accessed by a handful of high ranking people in Starfleet with the proper clearance levels.
  • Promoted from Captain to Rear Admiral in 2381 when she was given Task Force 58 to command; she is still not sure why Starfleet had given her such a responsibility based on her actions in the past and her 'colorful' albeit highly classified record.

Starfleet Medical Addenda

Dr. Jennifer Paige (Cmdr.) - April 2380

“…Jackie Clawson remains in excellent physical condition and shape. She dislikes sickbays for several reasons and does not enjoy staying in one for even a few minutes; no matter how severe her injuries may be at the time. That may be a bit difficult to handle for some Medical Officers with whom she serves, aside that; I see no problems in her physical condition whatsoever. She’s as fit as a cadet.”