Isolinear Optical Chips

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Since their introduction of the isolinear chips they have become the back bone of Star Fleet's computer systems and hand held devices. The Isolinear Optical chips first came into general use in 2329 when they replaced the older Duotronic based computer systems. The chips are 2.54 by 7.62 by 6.62 centimeters.

The isolinear chip make use of singe-axis optical crystal layering to achieve sub-wavelength switching distances.

Nanopulse matrix techniques yield a total memory capacity of 2.15 kiloquads per ship in standard holographic format. Memory is optimized by employing on board nanoprocesors. The metallic circuit visible in the chips is composed of superconductive platinum/iridium that permits the chip to FTL optical data transmissions when energized by the subspace field inside a computer core. This leads to a 335 percent increase in proceeding speed while operating in the subspace field. Outside of the effects of a subspace field the chips are capable of high processing speeds that permit individual chips to manage data configuration independent of LCARS control.

A protective tripolymer sealant over the refractive interface surface ruggedizing the chips so they may be handled to the chips with out the need of protective gloves.