Inconnu Access Agreement

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This article is official Task Force 72 canon.

This article is official Bravo Fleet canon. Federation Faction AlrakisPact Small.png

The Inconnu Access Agreement was negotiated between representatives of the Federation Government and the Alrakis Pact on Stardate 66410.1, which nullified the Pact’s demand that the Federation evacuate and forever abandon the Inconnu Expanse. While this agreement is awaiting ratification by all parties' respective governments, the representatives at the negotiations have agreed to act as if this agreement is fully in effect.


By signing this agreement, the United Federation of Planets, hereafter Federation, shall wholly and undeniably recognize the claim the Breen Confederacy, Tzenkethi Coalition, Talarian Empire and the Wi’u’Kai, hereafter the Alrakis Pact, exalt over the Inconnu Expanse, hereafter Expanse.

Terms of Access

The Federation shall
  • Not colonize or seek to colonize additional worlds;
  • Not establish bases of operation or other outposts of any kind for any nature;
  • Acknowledge that all Federation colonies, bases, embassies, assets, etc. shall be considered suspect and will be subject to monitoring while occupying the Expanse;
  • Notify all vessels and assets that they shall be subject to search and inspection by Alrakis Pact authorities;
  • Direct all current and future traffic through checkpoints established by the Alrakis Pact at the border of and throughout the Expanse;
  • Make available copies of all sensor data and intelligence collected throughout the Expanse both prior to and during the execution of this Agreement; and
  • Provide medical and disaster relief to any colony or base only at the approval of the Alrakis Pact.

The Alrakis Pact powers shall
  • Establish checkpoints at the border of and throughout the Expanse;
  • Collect tariffs upon all imports and exports sponsored by the Federation;
  • Treat any Federation asset as suspect should that asset be believed to be performing an act against the validity and security of the Pact;
  • Establish Agreements on its own with other Powers without the involvement or influence of the Federation;
  • Confront and/or Expel any Federation asset deemed to be in violation of this Agreement; and
  • Protect its interests throughout the Expanse.


Should either party be found in violation of this Agreement, a period of thirty (30) days shall be allotted to resolve the grievance. If the grievance cannot be resolved, then this Agreement shall be dissolved.

Either party may choose to cancel this agreement at any time with fifteen (15) days written notice.


Representing the Alrakis Pact
  • jata’Uwe Ekzi Megas, Sub Minister of State, Wi'u'Kai (Ravagers)
  • Ambassador Hadad, Talarian Representative
  • Ruvan Vik Tov-AA, Speaker for the Autarch, Tzenkethi Coalition
  • Thot Senn, Breen Representative

Representing the United Federation of Planets
  • Magnus Temple, Secretary of the Exterior
  • Amster-Urzon, Federation Security Advisor

Witnesses from the United Federation of Planets
  • P'niia, Advisor to the President
  • Admiral Malcom King, Deputy Director of Starfleet Operations
  • Admiral Zachary O'Connell, Task Force 72 Commanding Officer
  • Lieutenant Heather Kowal, Team Leader, Law Enforcement Team 72

This Agreement has not yet been ratified.

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