Il'Trian Prime

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Il'Trian Prime
Grid E2, Beta Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Il'Trian system


Gavarian Frontier


Beta Quadrant


Class L


1 moon

Discovery Date:


Discovered By:

USS Merrimack

Political Information

Obsidian Order (formerly)


Il'Trian Prime was the home of an Obsidian Order base in the Gavarian Corridor. The base has long been destroyed, and areas of the surface irradiated as a result.


Il'Trian Prime is a planet located in the Il'Trian System. It is the second planet from the systems star, and is classified as an L Class planet. It is a barren world that can barely support life. The most complex life on the planet is lichen that grows on virtually every shaded surface.

Located in the Gavarian Corridor, otherwise known as "'The Gauntlet", Il'Trian Prime was first occupied by the Cardassian Union as a listening outpost on the neighbouring Romulan Star Empire. Many years later, the listening post exchanged hands in the Cardassian Government, and was subsequently occupied by the Obsidian Order.

The planet was first discovered by the USS Merrimack in 2385. The Merrimack, searching for another missing ship, the USS Alexandria, travelled to the Il'Trian System and located the Obsidian Order Base on the planet Il'Trian Prime. In the ensuing battle, the Merrimack destroyed part of the Base and was able to recover the lost Federation ship.

A little over a year later, the USS Ajax was dispatched by certain members of the Federation to enter the partially destroyed base and recover any Intel the fleeing Cardassians left behind. When the Ajax arrived in the base, the infiltration teams discovered that the base had been rebuilt, and furthermore that it was occupied by the Tal Shiar.

During the infiltration mission to obtain Intel data on Cardassian and Romulan ship movement, the Ajax crew was forced to overload the fusion reactor powering the Obsidian Order base, causing it to explode and destroying the base, the mountainside, and irradiating much of the continent. The explosion was so powerful that the radiation is easily detectable from space.

Notable Locations

Obsidian Order Base

Il'Trian Prime Base

Areas of the Base Include:

  1. Upper Observation Bunker
  2. Command Level
  3. Accommodation Level
  4. Reactor
  5. Plant/ Storage
  6. Armoury
  7. Communications Tower
  8. Phaser Battery
  9. Communications Center
  10. Intelligence Center
  11. Detention & Interrogation Cells
  12. Lower Observation Bunker
  13. Transporter Room
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