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Iconian Gateways were a formerly powerful means of interstellar travel developed by the Iconians. By 2387, all known gateways were destroyed by order of the Fourth Fleet due to a destabilization of the archaic technology. They were replaced by the Federation Transwarp Network.

Historical Details

When in operation, Iconian Gateways employed a form of space-tunneling, acting as stable portals between one discrete location and another. Some gateways were linked with other gateways (bidirectional), while others had an exit terminus that was not itself a gateway (unidirectional).

When the Gateways existed, they were divided into three classes based on specifications and capabilities.

  • Personal Gateways were small, unidirectional gateways that appeared almost as a window looking out at a destination across the Galaxy. Two such gateways were known, one on Iconia (destroyed 2365) and the other on Vandros (destroyed 2372).
  • Very Large Gateways (VLGs) were space-based, bidirectional gateways, all kilometers in diameter and capable of being used by starships to transit between two points in space. Four such gateways were known, the Union Gateway (destroyed 2387), the F'hoca Gateway (destroyed 2384), the Solaria Gateway (destroyed 2387) and the Mauoian Gateway (destroyed 2385).