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Federation Faction

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Grid F4, Beta Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Iccobar system


Beta Quadrant


Class M

Political Information

United Federation of Planets


Approx. 400,000

  • 96% Romulan
  • 4% Other

Iccobar is a Federation world once controlled by the Romulan Star Empire. It is located near the end of the Rayean Transit Corridor.


The present Commanding Officer of the Federation Outpost is Captain Sven Sigurdsson. The present Outpost Chief Of Engineering is Lieutenant Commander Lasal.

Iccobar was initially one of the outlying pleasure planets more or less subtly taken over by Romulans over time from local independent operators. The planet eventually joined the Romulan Star Empire, gaining a lot more popularity and recognition as time went by. However, due to its location, it was one of the planets ceded to the Federation by the Treaty of Nelvana. The agreement was soon reached between the leading entrepreneurs of the planet and the Federation. Lease of land in return for protection. As the deal was affordable - the Federation set up a small outpost on the planet and gained access to the pleasure resorts while the locals got access to advanced tech, medical facilities and protection now that they were no longer members of the Romulan Empire.

It is a class M planet with large bodies of water and temperate to warm climate.

The planet's populous is mostly Romulan and the locals keep to themselves, while the federation officers mostly keep to the resort areas. The planet is used as the regional shore leave destination and minor research and repair outpost. The outpost also houses a well stocked medical facility which is open around the clock to both locals and Federation officers.