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IRW Imperiax



D'deridex Class


Romulan Star Empire


Beta Quadrant




Commander Volus tr'Keirheol


The IRW Imperiax is a D'deridex Class Warbird commissioned by the Romulan Star Empire. It is the second ship to bear the name.

Mission Details

Call of the Empire

It has been a few weeks since the destruction of Romulus and Remus. Since then, a provisional Romulan government has been established on Rator III to try and provide stability to the Empire. In an effort to aid that call for normalcy, the Romulan Guard has placed all former, reserve and retired personnel back on duty. They are also making use of any ship they can get their hands on.

In orbit of Rator III is T'Rehu Station. There, docked at the station is the newly recommissioned Khellian-Class starship, the IRV Imperiax. Although it still has many damaged systems left over from the Dominion War, the Imperiax has been ordered to launch in a week, giving the crew only that much time in order to get her ready for their very first mission.

The Flames Of Romulus

The Imperiax has been ordered to the Romulan Neutral Zone where it is to rendezvous with a Federation transport that is carrying a number of Romulan and Reman passengers displaced by the events of the Hobus Supernova. Once retrieved, the Imperiax is to relocate the passengers to Unroth III.

Interlude On Artaleirh

After suffering severe damage to most of its systems in the battle with Starfleet forces in the Tarod Sector, the Imperiax has returned into Romulan Space and has arrived at the shipyards located in the Artaleirh System for repairs. As a barely functional Imperiax originally departed from T'Rehu Station about five months ago, will the ship be salvageable this time? What other surprises await the crew of the Imperiax as they are finally able to take some time to grieve for those who were recently lost?

The Blood Of Eternity

Shortly after the destruction of Romulus and Remus, a rogue House within the Klingon Empire attacked and occupied the Romulan colony of Anaeth. While Anaeth initially appears as a simple agricultural world on the surface, Romulan scientists have been working on something in secret underground; something that would be life-changing for ordinary citizens in the Empire.

Times have changed though. After Senator Vorelian was murdered by a Starfleet representative on Algorab, the Romulan Government demanded that all Federation forces leave Romulan territory. Shortly thereafter, the Treaty of Nelvana was signed and many of the planets along the Romulan / Klingon border were simply given to the Federation. Anaeth now lies within Federation territory.

As a result of the chaos in Romulan Space following the Hobus Supernova, no military campaigns were undertaken to retake Anaeth. Now that it is no longer a Romulan colony, it has become especially important that the research is retrieved by any means necessary. For if the Klingons or the Federation got a hold of that research it would potentially tip the balance of power in their favour. With the Romulan Star Empire at its most vulnerable in centuries, such an outcome would be disastrous. It won't be permitted to happen.

Silent Infestation

While returning into Romulan Space following its mission in the Anaeth System, the Imperiax receives a distress call from a Reman colony located 13.6 light-years away. As they are seemingly the only starship in the area, Commander Volus has the ship diverted to the Xolecis System to investigate. The only communication heard from the colony since the distress call was three words - resistance is futile.

Revealing Truths

Subcommander Dhael has received a cryptic message from an old contact within the reunification movement, indicating that he knows the truth of what really happened at Hobus. Ever-wanting to know this truth, Volus allows Dhael to meet with this contact while the Imperiax maintains a hidden position away from the rendez-vous. During the meeting, Dhael realizes that not everyone wants the truth to come out.

The Choices We Make

Having been destroyed by two Galor Class starships, the crew of the Imperiax is upgraded to a new D'deridex class Warbird.

A vote for independence from the Empire has resulted in civil unrest on Ketrillon IV. Forty-nine percent of the colony’s population voted to remain, and as such have chosen not to accept the result of the referendum. In protest of the entire thing, they have taken the governor of the planet captive and refuse to release him unless another vote is allowed to take place where a majority of seventy-five percent would be needed to show that the people truly wish to leave the Empire. Those wanting to leave are not sitting idly by though. They are mobilizing their forces to free their leader. The Imperiax has been ordered to the Ketrillon System to seek a resolution to the crisis; one that will be most beneficial in the end for the Romulan people.


The IRW Imperiax was awarded Sim of the Year in 2015.