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IRV Devoras

IRC 2009


D'deridex class


Romulan Star Empire




The IRV Devoras is a D'deridex class-class warbird serving in the Romulan Star Empire's Third Imperial Fleet. It was last commanded by Admiral Tolak tr'Servek. As once a flagship of the Third Imperial Fleet, the Devoras was tasked with personally overseeing many important missions for the Empire including defending her borders, gathering scientific research and data, and expanding the Star Empire beyond it's current borders.


The original Warbird Devoras, constructed in the year 2357, is noted as a prestigious warbird with a decorated history, and dark past, was first commanded by Admiral Mendak. Beginning it's illustrious history in 2367, the IRV Devoras met the USS Enterprise inside the Romulan Neutral Zone, originally to transfer Ambassador T'Pel aboard the Devoras for treaty negotiations. In actuality, T'Pel was a Romulan agent named Sub Commander Selok and the transfer was just means of escape into Romulan hands. After the success of the transfer of Sub Commander Selok back into Romulan hands, Admiral Mendak was given a more prestigious command within the Star Empire.

Dominion War

The destruction of the original Devoras.

The Devoras switched command to Sub Commander Nerith. Nerith commanded the vessel for many years, and in 2374 when the Romulan Star Empire officially declared war on the Dominion. Two days after war was declared two hundred Romulan vessels engaged and destroyed all the outposts along the Romulan-Cardassian boarder. Taking it's place within the battles as one of the primary flanking warbirds, the Devoras unfortunately was destroyed with all but 156 crew lost.

A few months after the destruction of the Devoras the Dominion War came to a close with the surrender of all Dominion forces to the Allied Fleets. With a new page in Alpha Quadrant history beginning a D'deridex Class warbird was constructed out of Romulus Fleet Yards and christened with the name Devoras in memory and honor of the original vessel to bear the name. The ship was personally chosen as the flagship of Admiral Pellus sel'Mar and was sent to Cardassia Prime to assist in the clean up and rebuilding of the planet; this proved to be as much help as the Romulan Empire was willing to give to the Cardassians. The ship returned to Romulus in 2380 where it became home to a new commander.

Admiral Tolak tr'Servek, a decorated warbird commander, took command and the Devoras was assigned the role of flagship of the fleet making a counter-attack during the Romulan-Tholian Conflict. After the successful engagement and retaking of the Neh'Rihar Fleet Yards from the Tholians, Tolak was able to successfully lead part of the Romulan fleet deeper into Tholian space to claim three systems.

Role in the Tholian Conflict

Tensions between the Tholian Assembly and Romulan Star Empire have been on the rise ever since the incident involving the Shinzon of Remus and the assassination of the Romulan Senate. The Romulan Empire received help in resources from the Federation and since then has built several new fleet yards including one on the Romulan-Tholian boarder, Neh'Rihar Fleet Yards. These fleet yards in particular have been the center of the tensions between the Romulans and Tholians. The Tholians claim that the empty sector of space that the Neh'Rihar Fleet Yards are in is Tholian space and has been for over 230 years. The Romulans claim that this was Romulan space since before the Tholians had even explored that area of space.

The Tholians were tired of arguing back and forth and finally took action by sending a fleet of 62 ships to take control of the fleet yards. They took the fleet yards suffering a loss of only 13 ships and have halted all progress of construction for the ships in the fleet yards. Some ships escaped to warn Romulan Military Command and some were destroyed upon trying to escape. The Tholians claim that since the fleet yards is in what they believe to be Tholian space they own the fleet yards and will convert it to build Tholian vessels. They also warn that any Romulan ship that comes within one light year of the Neh'Rihar Fleet Yards will be intercepted by a Tholian fleet.

The Tal'Shiar has been able to ascertain that the Tholians had reinforced the area with over 120 ships and are trying to set up an anti-cloaking detection grid. The Senate has already passed a vote, unanimously, to declare war on the Tholians and begin planning for an operation to retake the Neh'Rihar Fleet Yards and later press on into Tholian space. The Senate were, however, divided on what to do after the fleet yards are recaptured. Some senators believe that the Romulans should just let the Tholians cut their losses there. Others think that the Military should destroy or capture a Tholian ship yard on the boarder to give them a taste of what it was like. However a majority of senators think that it's best if the Military is sent into Tholian space to begin a conquering of the Tholian Assembly.

After a heated debate it was decided to simply take the ship yards back and then see what the Tholians did or if they would retaliate. The Romulan Military has sent 30 ships to an adjacent sector to that of the Neh'Rihar Fleet Yards to prepare for a launch into the sector and eventual re-capture of the fleet yards. 60 more ships are scheduled to take part in the attack with the entire force being split into two fleets -- one to attack the Tholian fleet and another to reclaim the fleet yards. Before the actual attack though some vessels will be engaged in intelligence gathering missions as well as advanced recon. However the Senate and Military both expect the turn out to be successful for the Romulan forces with minimal casualties.

The Warbird Devoras had been ordered to meet with an Yridian information dealer near the Romulan-Gorn boarder who is a contact and operative for the Romulan Military to pick up some intelligence information on the Tholians and their ships. The Devoras received the information then sent a set of coordinates for the Yridian to pick up his payment. After the information was received the Devoras headed to meet up with the Romulan fleet where Admiral Tolak was promoted to Commander of the Third Imperial Fleet and took command of the force set to attack the Tholian fleet. Using the intelligence information given to them by the Yridian to their advantage, Tolak took his new found high command and led the Romulan force. Coordinating with two other admirals, Tolak was able to successfully reclaim the fleet yards. From there, the rest of the battle was purely political; the Star Navy believed it didn't have the resources to press on, whereas the Imperial Senate clearly believed it did. After much convincing, the Praetor decided to only allow the Star Navy to claim a few more systems. They successfully did so with three uninhabited, very resource rich star systems within Tholian space, then discontinued the conflict on both sides.

Aftermath of Conflict

After the cessation of hostilities with the Tholians, the Devoras was forced back into dry dock. Over due for minor refit mixed with the battle damage it had suffered during the conflict with the Tholians had taken it's toll on the Devoras. With a total estimated time for the Devoras to be back out into space pegged at around a year, Tolak and his command staff laterally shifted over to the IRV Torrell, joining Tal'Shiar Colonel Sekar rh'Aeren, and headed for the Neutral Zone with the Federation. Under the command of Tolak, the Torrell was responsible for intelligence gathering on the post-Dominion War strength of the Federation's Starfleet.

Their mission ended just in time for the completion of the Devoras overhaul. The Torrell returned to Romulus where it found a new commander. Tolak was to be returned to commander of the Devoras before complications arose in the change of command.

An Uncertain Future

Admiral Tolak and his first officer were recalled to Romulus by Imperial Command to answer for their stance of non-expansionism against the Tholians. He was temporarily replaced as commander of the Devoras by Sub Commander Eskr tr'Kaem. After eight months of critical investigation and questioning by Imperial Command, Tolak was cleared of all charges. Although his first officer was ordered to return to the Ministry of Science on Romulus, Tolak was permitted to return to his command of the Devoras and the Third Imperial Fleet.

Forced to bring on an entirely new crew, Tolak spent the better part of a year on Romulus while the Devoras remained in dry dock. This allowed Tolak to take the time to recruit a solid crew for his flagship without sacrificing any quality. When selected officers had been summoned to the Devoras, the ship left dry dock again, this time heading towards the shared border with the Klingon Empire. As an obtrusive presence of the Star Empire's flag with the Klingon Empire. The fear from the Senate was that the Klingon Empire would, even in the years since, try to take advantage of the still shaky political foundation of the Star Empire following the Shinzon Incident. With career military officers on the frontier and Admiral Tolak as their leader, the Klingons kept their pushing and skirmishes to a bare minimum.

Romulan Expansion

By 2385 the Empire was in a state of prosperity it hadn't seen since well before the Dominion War. With the Senate looking to reclaim old territories, and the military looking to annex neutral systems, the Devoras was one of many warbirds sent to the Neutral Zone of the Federation. This would be the third major assignment of the Devoras to the Federation border. The Federation was growing more into an ally of the Romulan Empire each day, but the Senate also knew that it would strongly protest any military expansion or annexation of worlds. The Devoras also assisted with the continuing escort of Federation cargo supply ships and Starfleet medical vessels to various Romulan worlds.

At the end of 2385 the Devoras was again recalled by Imperial Command, and per orders nearly 90% of the crew of the Devoras including the senior staff, were reassigned elsewhere throughout the Imperial Fleets. Much to the distaste of Tolak, he was forced to again choose crew. This tedious effort was short lived as many of the former candidates were still available in some capacity or another. As the assignments came in, at the middle of 2386 the Devoras was ready to return to the Neutral Zone. Again, Admiral Tolak and General Sekar were reunited. The Devoras was present during the evacuation of Romulus during the Hobus incident, and following the incident, it operated as the flagship of the Romulan Star Navy along the Klingon-Romulan border until September 2387.

OOC Note

The IRV Devoras is considered a retired designation. Such honors have been reserved for retired Bravo Fleet Commanding Officers. Future simulations in Bravo Fleet may not carry the name save for Admiral Remar, should he return to the fleet.