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This article is official Bravo Fleet Official Policy.

This article is an official Bravo Fleet award.


The IC awards are awarded to a recipient for their work and contributions as a particular character, on a particular sim. These awards often relate directly to a simulations mission and storylines.

Due to the nature of these awards being given to a particular character, any one player may receive the award more than once, for different characters. When nominating evidence, in the form of the nominated post(s), must always be provided.

TIER 1: Awards for Nomination by a Player/CO and Confirmation by HoH

Distinguished Service Medal
Grankite Order of Tactics
Letter of Commendation
Lifesaving Medal
Pilot/Flight Control Certification
Prisoner of War
Purple Heart
Vulcan Order of Science
Zephram Cochrane Medal of Discovery
Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
Jonathan Archer Ribbon of Peace

TIER 2: Awards for Nomination by a Player/CO and Confirmation by BFA

Medal of Honor
Legion of Merit

In-Character Campaign Medals

The following list of medals are for purely IC purposes and are available to ANY player on ANY relevant simm. These awards can also be reproduced on any simm in the fleet without the need to submit any nominations. However, if you would like your character to be recognized fleetwide as having served in these battles and having won the medal, then a nomination will need to be submitted as per the other awards. These award nominations will be automatically accepted.


Battle of Wolf 359

Federation-Klingon War (2372-73)

Battle of DS9
The Archanis Campaign
Battle of Ganalda IV
Battle of Ajilon Prime
Battle of Sector 001
First Battle of Union Colony

Dominion War

Battle of Torros III
Battle of Tyra
The Bolian Front
Operation Return
Invasion of Betazed
Liberation of Benzar
First Battle of Chin’toka
The Siege of AR-558
The Battle of Riktor Prime
Second Battle of Chin’toka
Battle of Draconia
Invasion of Cardassia

Post-Dominion War

First Battle of the Raeyan System
(Federation/Klingons vs C’hakilians)
The Cestus Campaign
(Federation vs Gorn)
Battle of Starbase 900
(Federation vs Borg)
Second Battle of the Raeyan System
(Federation/Klingons vs C’hakilians)
Battle of Starbase 611
(Federation/Klingons vs C’hakilians)
Battle of Garen Epok
(Federation vs Breen)