Hunters Of D'Ghor

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Former House of D'Ghor
Basic information
Major Species:



Formerly, D'Ghor (now Nogral)


Prior to the 23rd century

Warp Capable:

930 CE

Official Language:

tlhIngan Hol (Klingon)

Official Currency:

Darsek, Gold-pressed Latinum

Political Information

Feudal Monarchy



Military Branches:

Fleet of the House of D'Ghor

At a Glance

The Hunters of D'Ghor are members of the fallen House of D'Ghor. In 2371, D'Ghor, head of one of the most powerful Great Houses, attempted to annex the House of Kozak after Kozak's death. The ensuing scandal involved a Ferengi bartender and Kozak's widow who successfully challenged D'Ghor's claims.

It was revealed that D'Ghor had been undermining the House of Kozak using economic warfare- an extremely dishonorable act. The Chancellor of the High Council at the time, Gowron, had D'Ghor removed from the High Council and his House will suffer dishonor for another three generations.

Upon his accession to the Chancellery, Martok, the leader of the High Council and Gowron's successor, has declined to restore D'Ghor's titles and honor. In their disgrace, the House of D'Ghor was stripped of its titles and throneworld.

Hunters of D'Ghor