Hull Polarization

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Prior to the development of Deflector Shields Hull polarization was the primary means of protecting as star ships hull during tactical or other hazardous situations. When activated the Hull Polarization System increases the physical strength of the hull plating.

System Components:

Polarization Generators:

The generators draw power from the ships EPS network via dedicated EPS taps. Each generator is composed of fifteen five MW graviton polarity sources feeding dual distortion amplifiers. Heat dissipation for the generators is provided by liquid helium coolant loops. The polarization field energy is then directed to the hull plating vial the Polarization Matrix.

Polarization Matrix:

The Polarization Matrix is a network of molybdenum wave guides beneath the outer plating of the ship’s hull. This network delivers the polarization field energy to the hull plating increasing the physical strength of the hull plate.

Hull Plating Relays:

The hull plating relays are connection between the hull plates. The relays act to connect the polarization matrix of each hull plate to the polarization matrix of the surrounding plates. These relays also act as secondary energy regulators controlling the flow of the polarization field energy between the plates that have been removed or become damaged to the point where hull integrity has already been lost.