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Grid F3, Beta Quadrant
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Star System:

Hobus System


Beta Quadrant


G-type (destroyed)

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Romulan Star Empire


Hobus was a main sequence G-type star located approximately 9 light years from Romulus and Remus. In early 2387, inexplicable instabilities were discovered in its core, and on April 13, 2387, it went hypernova.

Hobus Incident

The Hobus Incident is the colloquial name used to refer to the hypernova event on April 13, 2387, that destroyed a significant region of the Romulan Empire, including its twin homeworlds of Romulus and Remus.

Damage Zones

The effects of the hypernova have been characterized into three separate damage zones:

  • Inner Vaporization Zone Within 5 light years of Hobus, the hypernova created a no-man's land laden with gravimetric and subspace fissures that have dangerous effects on space-time and destabilize warp travel, as well as heavy and exotic particles in quantities that traditional shielding does not adequately protect against. No conventional stellar matter is left in this region, and travel through this region is all but impossible.
  • Middle Destruction Zone From 5 to 10 light year of Hobus, the hypernova obliterated all stellar matter, leaving vast nebulas and debris fields. Romulus and Remus lay on the edge of this zone, thus completely destroyed by the hypernova.
  • Outer Damage Zone A region from 10 to 15 light years beyond Hobus, the hypernova destroyed all civilizations and bases but did not destroy stellar matter. The damage in this zone lessens cubicly with each light year outwards, and at 15 light years from Hobus, while the shockwave would have overcome inertial dampeners, shielding and atmospheres protected all facilities from damage.

Beyond these three regions, the effect of the Hobus hypernova was still felt through an electromagnetic pulse that was detected as far away as the core Federation worlds, although no substantial damage occurred beyond the outer damage zone.


The exact cause of the hypernova of Hobus is unknown. However the stars age, mass and size leave doubt as to natural causes of a star’s normal life cycle. A few weeks following the incident, a Federation task group was deployed to investigate its causes, concluding that iron was introduced into the stars fusion process in heavy amounts. Whether it was naturally or through artificial means is still unknown.

Hobus Aftermath

Romulan Empire

While most denizens of the region were evacuated by a combined Romulan-Federation effort in the weeks leading up to the hypernova, the Hobus incident still had a profound effect on the Romulan Star Empire.

Following the incident, a new seat of power was established on Rator III, which holds a central position within the Romulan Empire. However, this move has had a marginalizing effect on worlds close to the old seat of power, causing dissention and even sporadic calls for secession. This prompted the Algorab Summit to resolve these differences, although the current state of affairs following the event is still unknown as the Romulan Empire closed its borders following the Treaty of Nelvana.

United Federation of Planets

In the weeks leading up to the Hobus hypernova, and in the period directly following the incident, Task Force 93 was tasked with providing aid to the region and supported the Romulan Star Navy in dealing with opportunists attempting to take advantage of Imperial instabilities. Soon after the hypernova, it also became clear that the portal to the Raeyan Sector had become unstable and was no longer suited for use. Starfleet was thus forced to transit through the Empire to reach the Raeyan Sector.

However, following a number of destabilizing events and culminating with the Algorab Summit, the Romulan Star Empire closed their borders to the United Federation of Planets, entering into a period of isolation. In negotiating the Treaty of Nelvana, which formalized this, transit to the Raeyan sector was ensured through a new Raeyan Transit Corridor along the Romulan-Klingon border.

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