Helios Colony

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This article is official Task Force 38 canon.

Helios Colony
Grid B2, Delta Quadrant
Colony Information
Star System:

Demeter System


Demeter I / Class M



Political Information




  • 10,000 Civilians
  • 3000 Starfleet
Other Information

Graylay Targon


Helios Colony is one of two major Federation colonies in the Round Table, home to over 40,000 civilians since the Delta Exploration Initiative was cut off from the Alpha Quadrant. At the center of the colony lies the saucer section of the USS Helios, crash landed on Demeter during the Battle of the Round Table, which has been repurposed as a regional base of operations for Task Force 38 and is referred to as Helios Station.


In June 2388, the Borg attacked Starbase 900 at the Battle of the Round Table. As the tide of battle turned against Starfleet, Rear Admiral Diego Macedo gave two orders. First, to prevent the Borg from spilling into Federation space, he ordered the USS Excelsior to destroy the transwarp gate that connected them with the Beta Quadrant, and second, he separated the USS Helios saucer and drive sections, ramming the drive into the Borg Cube. The saucer then crash-landed on the class M planet Demeter.

With Starbase 900 destroyed and access to Federation space cut off, Task Force 38 needed every last asset it had to survive in its isolation. The saucer section couldn't be made space-worthy again. However, as most of its communications and logistics technology was intact, it was re-purposed as a makeshift planetary base dubbed Helios Station. Within weeks, makeshift structures began to spring up around the saucer and the civilian population blossomed, leading to the surrounding territory being referred to as Helios Colony - a name that is now used to include both the Starfleet base and the civilian population center.


Helios Colony is one of two civilian colonies in the Round Table, the other being Persephone Colony. Unlike Persephone, Helios Colony was not a colony before the Battle of the Round Table. Instead, it was a creation of necessity, providing a home for Federation civilians stranded when the transwarp gate was destroyed or displaced when Starbase 900 was destroyed.

Originally, Helios Colony was managed by the Starfleet Commanding Officer of Helios Station. Quickly, issues between military and civilian governance began to mount, and now the population center manages itself autonomously. It is currently run by a Caitan governor, Graylay Targon, and a community council.


Helios Station is one of two permanent Starfleet bases in the Round Table (the other being Diogara Station). It is currently managed by Lieutenant General Jagged Anderson, the Chief of Task Force 38 Marines.

Helios Station is home to a large logistical staff who manage Task Force 38's operations across the Round Table, as well as a Starfleet Marine Corps quick reactionary force and a JAG office. Ultimately, Helios Station provides a self-sufficient integrated command for the Round Table given that it is disconnected from the rest of Task Force 38 and Starfleet except for once every nine days when the Epatha Gateway connects it with the Gradin Belt.


Helios Colony is designed as a set of concentric circles around the saucer section of the USS Helios. The inner rings of the colony are Starfleet-centric, while further out lie city functions, residential facilities, etc. The entire colony is located between two seas, the White Sea and the Great Inland Sea, in an area referred to as the Aequitas Plains.