Hazari Asteroid Belt

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Hazari Asteroid Belt
Grid E2, Delta Quadrant
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Asteroid Belt


Delta Quadrant

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Hazari and Vaadwaur

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Hazari Asteroid Belt is a vast array of asteroids and what some believe to be debris of an ancient world.  The debris and asteroids are extremely challenging to navigate.  A concentration of Hazari ships can be found within the Belt and there is at least one Hazari base on one large asteroid. It is worth noting that the Hazari use a tactic that can be exploited. As their ships are quite small and lightly armed, they usually attack in pairs. One vessel will engage a target while the other stays at a distance and reinforces the shields of the other.  The Hazari have open doors to the displaced Vaadwaur fleet; with hopes that they will share their immense knowledge of the Underspace.  The Hazari and Vaadwaur often attack together, and crews are often mixed.  The Hazari have filled gaps in Vaadwaur numbers as their population is increasing sparse.

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