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Hayden’ek Federacy
Survey Data
Star System:

Haess System


Gavarian Corridor


Beta Quadrant

First Contact:


Political Information


Political System:


Total Population:

1 billion

Biological Information


Atmospheric Requirements:


Development Stage:

Warp Capable as of 2371


Progressive, Emerging Minor Galactic Power


The Hayden’ek are a warp capable, humanoid species that originate from the third planet of the Haess System, close to the Romulan border in the Gavarian Corridor.


The Hayden’ek are natives of Haess III, a planet with a harsh terrain and several large continents, a planet where the polar regions surround its equator and the two habitable zones are at the northern and southern poles. They are thought to have become a warp capable, space faring species sometime in the early 2370’s, making first contact with the Romulan Star Empire and the Cardassian Union sometime thereafter. First contact with the Federation occurred in 2384. The Hayden’ek people are split into two sub-cultures; one from the Northern Colonies and one from the Southern Colonies. The Hayden’ek are characterized for the different cranial tattoos and ridged marks on their nose - remnants of an old caste system that has fallen by the wayside and now signals the place of their birth.


The Hayden’ek have a long and storied history of being laborers, with mining operations and trading their preferred vocations for many years. They have a rich heritage which is starting to become apparent to those in the Federation, with art and literature a focal point of teaching on their world in a way similar to that of the Bajoran’s and even the Cardassian's. For many centuries, the Hayden’ek people had a caste system that governed their society but that is thought to have been abolished sometime in the early 24th century. Now, the only real division between the people is their place of birth, with one of the sub-cultures coming from the northernmost colony on the planet and the other coming from a southern continent.

Throughout their history, the Hayden’ek have been overseen by different types of governments, but they are currently overseen by a senate, thought to have been imposed upon them following their first contact with the Romulan Star Empire in the early 2370’s.

Although it is not yet known how long the Hayden’ek have existed, the intelligence gathered by Starfleet Intelligence suggests they have been in existence since the early 20th Century but how they came into existence on the planet or whether their ancestors traveled to the planet prior to then is currently unknown.

They achieved warp drive in 2371 and by the end of the year, they had already made first contact with both the Cardassian and Romulan Empires, but it is the Romulan’s who have left the biggest mark on the modern Hayden’ek society.

Proconsul Callis Ramora of the Southern Colonies.

The Romulans arranged a pact of non-aggression and protection with the Hayden’ek in 2373, with the Hayden’ek allowing a settlement of Romulan diplomats, engineers and scientists on a northern peninsula. In return for protection, the Romulan’s would receive a massive quantity of the planets natural, mined resources - such as trellium and iridium ore and dilithium crystals. The Romulans would provide protection from the overtures of the Cardassian Union, but whilst the Hayden’ek government believed them to be sincere and to care for their people, the Romulan’s simply saw the world as a commodity, a way of collecting valuable resources from a resource rich world.

The Hayden’ek had no real control over the relationship, or the Romulan colony established there, the Romulan’s soon began increasing their presence with the establishment of a military facility. During the intervening years until 2384, the Romulan’s continued to assert their authority on the Hayden’ek, preventing them from making any real inroad into the galactic community and forcefully encouraging them to change their government system to one similar to their own. But in mid 2384, an event happened that would begin to change the course of history for the Hayden’ek people. The United Federation of Planets, and Starfleet in particular, began exploring the Gavarian Corridor in the early 2380’s and by 2384, the few Starfleet vessels that were in the Corridor had penetrated as deep as the Haess System. Locating a new warp signature in the Haess System, the crew of the USS Potemkin (Excelsior Class) set a course to enter the system, but before being able to make contact with the new civilization, the Potemkin was confronted by a Romulan Preax Class Warbird and was informed that they had no right to be in the area. Rather than risk a confrontation with a superior force, the Potemkin fled the system and informed Starfleet Command of what they had found at Haess.

Ambassador Ilmora Ghetal of the Southern Colonies.

Starfleet Command issued a directive that prevented ships from making further contact with Haess until such a time as they could do so without antagonizing the Romulans.

Four years would pass before Starfleet would make contact with the planet again. Following the Hobus incident and increased tensions in the Corridor, the Romulan presence on the planet was close to being discovered by the Federation and so, the Romulan's decided to withdraw. With the planet left in dire straits and stripped of much of their resources, the Hayden’ek Proconsul Callis Ramora, authorised her personal advisor, Ilmora Ghetal, to make contact with the Federation. The USS Venture made contact and was cautiously welcomed into the Haess System. Captain Nathan Hunter and his crew met with the Proconsul and they discussed the history and that Starfleet had been to to the system before, only to be forced back by the Romulan's.

The Proconsul’s former advisor now served her people as Ambassador and traveled to Deep Space 10 aboard the Venture. The Ambassador led a delegation to the Station where she met with a Federation Negotiation Team and began negotiations. Arguing that the planet was deep inside contested territory protected by the Armistice Treaty, a petition for membership to the Federation was denied but preparations for the planet to become a Protectorate began.


Bilaterally symmetrical bipedal primates, the Hayden’ek are a warm-blooded humanoid species and share similar biological traits with species like Humans and Bajorans except with a few differences. The average life span of a typical Hayden’ek can reach up to 150 years. The species differs with the fact that they have slightly denounced ridges on their nose. The males in the species usually have high levels of testosterone and can be quite hot headed, where as the females are known to be cool, calm and collected. They reproduce in the same way as Humans, the Hayden’ek females having a gestation period of some 11 months. To date no Hayden’ek has crossbred with other species, however it is theorised they would be able to do so with most humanoid races. They share Human resilience in being able to survive various climates and situations, including being able to live on one lung.

Sociology and Culture

The Hayden’ek culture and society is a rich one, one that is dominated by a rich art and literature much in the same way as many other races in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The Hayden’ek people are hard working and are known for their efficient mining operations.

Their society used to run on a caste system that used to dictate what role and position one had in society, with those from the southern colonies known to be the ones more likely to hold positions of power or as artists with those from the north more likely to be in the mining trade. Under the caste system, the Hayden’ek people were separated and identified by tattoos given to them in early adolescence. If from the south, four brown tattoos were put on the forehead whilst those from the north had a single brown tattoo that ran down the middle of the forehead. In modern Hayden’ek society, no such divisions remain. Whilst the giving of tattoos remains as an ode to their heritage, they simply identify what colony the person is from. In the modern society, Hayden’ek people from both colonies share all sorts of positions and responsibilities.

When off world, all Hayden’ek people wear a headdress in a of respecting themselves.

Throughout their history, the Hayden’ek have been overseen by different types of governments, but they are currently overseen by a senate, thought to have been imposed upon them following their first contact with the Romulan Star Empire in the early 2370’s and is overseen by the Proconsul. The senate is located in the capital city of Hedonia, in the southern colonies. Members of the senate are elected every five years, with the Offices of the Proconsul and Vice-Proconsul rotating between the North and South Colonies every five years.

Vice-Proconsul Retal Adems of the Northern Colonies.

The current Proconsul is Proconsul Callis Ramora of the Southern Colonies. The current Vice-Proconsul is Vice-Proconsul Retal Adems of the Northern Colonies. Each have two years remaining in office before the next round of elections.

The Hayden’ek have no military group to protect themselves, believed to be due to the influence of the Romulan’s. With their withdrawal from the planet, a Militia is in its infancy and a Fleet of ships is being created.

Stellar Cartography

The Hayden’ek are native to the third planet in the Haess System, Haess III. Classified as an L-class planet, Haess III sports a very cool and generally unforgiving climate with many canyons of razor sharp rocks covering the landscape, usually the site of the different ores and crystals that are mined on the planets surface. There is little in terms of natural vegetation but what vegetation does grow is usually found close to native settlements in the northern and southern hemispheres. Gravity here is comparable to that of Earth.

Unlike Earth however, the polar ice regions are around the center of the planet, whilst the northern and southern continents, making the habitable zones, are wormed from the twin stars above and below the planet.


The Hayden’ek have achieved warp drive and it is believed they achieved it sometime in the early 2370’s but have no spacefleet as a result of the restrictive presence of the Romulans. They are now working to correct this.They have made advancements in their mining operations and their abilities here rival many others.

Under the terms of the Protectorate agreement being drawn up, the sharing of technology will be discussed and debated. Current estimates put the Hayden’ek on par with the Federation at the time of its formation in 2161.

Diplomatic Relations

Cardassian Union

First contact with the Cardassian Union occurred in 2371 and since then, there have been very few incidents involving interactions between the Hayden’ek and the Cardassian’s, largely in part to the Hayden’ek affiliation with the Romulan’s. This could well change with the withdrawal of the Romulan’s.

United Federation of Planets

First Contact with the Federation took place in 2384. After receiving a warning from the Romulan’s about encroaching on their territory, Starfleet and the Federation refrained from visiting the Hayden’ek again until 2388 following the Romulan withdrawal.

The Hayden’ek and the Federation are currently negotiating a Protectorate agreement.

The current Ambassador to the Federation is Ambassador Ilmora Ghetal.

Romulan Star Empire

The Romulan Star Empire and the Hayden’ek Federacy made first contact in 2371 and soon after, terms were agreed for the Romulans to form a small colony on Haess III to assist with the terms of the protectorate agreement. The Romulan’s increased their presence and influence on the planet until 2388 when they were forced to withdraw and direct efforts elsewhere following the Hobus Incident.

Tensions between the Hayden’ek and the Romulan’s are now tense as the Hayden’ek form a path of their own choosing.

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