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Hailston Station

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Beta Quadrant


Hailston Station is a Starfleet Facility operating on Hailston Prime. Hailston Station was operating in Task Force 93 of Bravo Fleet. Hailston Station was formed to protect the people of Hailston Prime and to defend the Raeyan Sector's Border. Hailston used to control Starfleet's assets in their part of the sector and acted as a Forward Operating Base for several exploratory and defensive Task Groups. In 2388 Task Force 93 handed operations over towards the Spera and still keeps diplomatic embassy on the planet.

Hailston is a peaceful colony located on the edge of the Raeyan Sector. It is made up of a peaceful humanoid species known as the Spera. The Spera are more interested in Science and Technology over military and defense. Hailston is an M-Class planet which is considered one of the most beautiful and enjoyable planets in the Raeyan Sector. It is visited by citizens from all over the Federation, but the planet is not as well known as Risa.


In 2387, the colony of Hailson was attacked by a pirate militant group which had been attacking civilian vessels in the Raeyan Transit Corridor, however Starfleet could not find where they came from. They have been a nuisance to Starfleet and Civilian vessels all over the sector and have been a goal of may Commanding Officer's to take down this group.

At the beginning of these attacks, the USS Sherman responded as it was in the area. They put together information from several vessels who encountered them attacking civilian supply vessels. After the Sherman submitted its report, Starfleet began to take a more serious look at this new threat.

Starfleet’s defensive forces were not too strong along that border, so they decided to place a more permanent presence in that area and also to try and take down that group. In 2387 Starfleet set up a Federation and Starfleet Operations center in the capital city on Hailston with several divisional facilities outside of the city.

The USS Sherman will be protecting the area along with a few other vessels along that border. Their mission is to protect the outer planets of the Raeyan Sector from the pirate organization.


Hailston Station is the name assigned for all of Starfleet's assets on Hailston Prime. Each Facility has its own shuttlebay with at least two shuttlecrafts. They are not all located in the same area, in fact most of the facilities are spread out either throughout the city or throughout the province. Hailston Station consists of the following facilities:

Federation Embassy

The Federation embassy is located in the city’s downtown area a few blocks away from the city's beach. The Embassy is a pyramid style building, one of the smallest but prettiest in the area. THis building houses the Federation Ambassador to Hailston as well as a diplomatic entourage. This building and the people who work in it handle the Federation's and Starfleet's contact with the Spera's Civilian Government.

Starfleet Regional Command Center

This is an administrative facility where the Command Staff of the Colony keeps their office and Starfleet's Base of Operations is in the area. This building is the largest in the area and it is connected to a smaller building which holds the government of the Spera. This building is also where some of Task Force 93's Operations are controlled. This facility houses the Regional Judge Advocate General's Office, the Station Operations Center, and the Strategic Operations Center.

Marine Headquarters

The Marine Headquarters is placed on the border of the city far from the civilian population. This houses the all of the Marine personnel on the planet and in the system. They respond to every high threat emergency that the Station's Police Force cannot handle. They act as a SWAT team for the Police Force, they also handle the protection of all high value assets in the system. They provide security for all of the Federation buildings as well as the Government Officials.

Hailston Station Police Headquarters

The Hailston Station Police force is located in the center of Hailston City, near the General Hospital. The Hailston Station Police Force is made up of joint Starfleet and Civilian units. Most officers do patrols either on foot or by hover vehicle which are stored in this facility. Any civilian or starfleet emergency outside of a Federation or Government building is handled by this police force.

Flight Operations Hangars

The Flight Operations Hangars spread throughout the entire city on the bay. There are several hangars housing shuttles, fighters, or runabouts. Each one is located in a position where they can reach any facility within a matter of minutes, should the need arise. The Flight Operations Center is located in a largest hangar which is located in the downtown area of the city.

Research Center

This facility houses all of the scientific research done on the planet. There are several teams conducting research throughout the system to see if there is any value of the local minerals. This also houses a Research and Development area where the Spera and the Starfleet personnel create, integrate, and understand each others technology.

General Hospital

The general hospital is a medical and psychiatric facility located in the center of the city. This facility is the main medical facility on the planet, anyone civilian or starfleet may visit for treatment. This facility has its own dedicated shuttlebay for emergencies, as well as its own power generator, separate from the city's, and a transporter room.

Engineering Center

In this facility is the operating center of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. These officers handle the day to day maintenance of the city, including its power source and the construction of Federation buildings, as well as maintenance of any auxiliary craft.

Housing Units

The Starfleet and Marine officers live in a building in the vicinity of the hospital and embassy. The Ambassador and senior officer’s live in penthouses on the top floors. The lower floors consist of officers with quarters all the same size, except there are special family quarters on each level.


The Federation personnel are spread throughout each facility.

  • Officers: 4,000
  • Enlisted Crewmen: 10,000
  • Marines: 5,000
  • Civilian Envoy: 1,000

Corps of Engineers

The Starfleet Engineering Corps team is assigned to serve Hailston Colony. They were assigned to Hailston Station to help build and develop the Starfleet facilities and ensure they are performing properly. They are also assigned to working with and helping the Spera, if possible learn and understand the Spera's technology and integrate Starfleet's with Spera's.

187th Hawk Air Group

The 187th is responsible for ensuring that the airspace in/above/around the system and planets are secure. They are specially trained Starfleet Pilots who handle the day to day operation of the Colony's auxiliary crafts and the Colony's fighter squadron. They are based out of the Flight Operations Center and can be deployed to any part of the planet within minutes and can reach the furthest planet in 15 minutes.

47th Marine Expeditionary Unit

The 47th MEU handles all of the Tactical protection of all bases and VIPs of the planet. They are made up of the 87th Special Forces Battalion and the 102nd Combat Logistics group. If needed, they act as a Special Weapons and Tactics Team for the Hailston Station Police Department.

Diplomatic Corps

The Diplomatic Corps consists of a Starfleet & Federation Envoy for Hailston colony. The Ambassador to Hailston Prime is Jonathan Edwards. The Envoy is tasked with matters regarding Federation Citizens living on the planet and strengthening the alliance between the Spera and the Federation.

Hailston Station Police Department

The HSPD is made up of Starfleet and Civilian officers and marshals who are responsible for ensuring the safety of the citizens of Hailston. The HSPD is made of the Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit (SCIU) and the Federation Marshals Department.

Judge Advocate General

The Judge Advocate General's Office handles most legal matters within the Raeyan Sector. Here, officers and members of the Federation will be tried and either convicted or acquit of their accused crimes. The Regional Judge Advocate General is Captain Jonathan Williams

Defensive Armaments

Please note that these systems are spread throughout every facility on Hailston

Weapon Systems

These armaments are spread evenly across all 6 facilities.

  • Surface to Air Torpedo Launcher: 60
  • Type-XII|Type-XII Phaser Banks: 180

Shields & Protection

Integrated into buildings

  • Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull
  • Ablative Armor

Auxiliary Craft

Hailston Station is equipped with the following vessels:

Garrisons Vessels

  • USS Phoenix, Saber Class - Usually docked on Surya or doing regular patrols throughout the system
  • USS Icarus, Defiant class - Can be found in the bay of the orbital docking platform in orbit of Hailston Prime

Stellar Cartography

Hailston System

Hailston System Map

The Hailston system is located on the border of the Raeyan Sector and unexplored space. Within the Hailston System are five core planets. Hailston Prime has not been developed as much as say Earth, however it is still a beautiful and advanced planet. The Spera try to preserve life of any kind, they build their cities in places that are not harmful to the other living beings on the planet.

Hailston Prime

The core planet of the Hailston System. Located at the very center with a population of about 3,000,000, excluding Starfleet personnel. Hailston Prime is the forward operating base of Task Force 93. The Starfleet personnel located here control all of Starfleet's assets in the area. Half of the Raeyan Sector is under control by Faltan Station, the other half is under command by Hailston. In orbit of Hailston Prime is a small docking port first created by the Spera but majorly outfitted by Starfleet with weapons. This station holds a Defiant Class Garrison vessel, the USS Icarus, and the ability to have three other medium sized vessels.


A small moon orbiting Hailston Prime. There is a mining colony there as it is rich in natural minerals used to power Hailston Prime's reactors, the Spera's starships, and also to be donated to the Federation.


Another small moon orbiting Hailston prime. It houses the fleet yards for the Spera's starships, which has mostly been destroyed. Currently being rebuilt with the help of Starfleet. The planet holds a small colony of Spera with resources to help repair the station in orbit.


Tao is a small planet on the edge of the system. It holds an abandoned research facility, the planet surface is unlivable due to a toxic radiation leak of dangerous particles in the atmosphere. There is a myth among the Spera claiming that the planet is haunted with the men and women lost when the research facility exploded.