Haess System

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Haess System
Grid E1, Beta Quadrant
Astrometrics Data

Binary Star System


Beta Quadrant


Gavarian Corridor

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USS Opachia



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Haess I

A class M world believed to be the location of some ancient Iconian ruins, but due to the previous Romulan presence, this has yet to be confirmed.

Haess II

Haess III

Classified as an L-class planet, Haess III sports a very cool and generally unforgiving climate with many canyons of razor sharp rocks covering the landscape. There is little in terms of natural vegetation and what does grow is usually found close to native settlements. The gravity is comparable to that of Earth, and so are the overall planetary mass and radius.

Haess III is the only inhabited world in the system, with a native population of some 1 billion people. The natives of Haess III are called the Hayden'ek.

Haess IV

Haess V

Haess V is a class-Y planetoid, also known as a Demon Class, completely incapable of supporting any form of life.