Haess III

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Haess III
Grid E1, Beta Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Haess system


Beta Quadrant


Class L


3 moons

Discovery Date:


Discovered By:

Task Force 47

Political Information

United Federation of Planets

Native Inhabitants:



1 billion


Haess III is the third of five planets in the Haess System and is the only inhabited planet in the system. The planet is inhabited by the Hayden'ek people. Located close the Romulan Border, the planet has been abandoned by Romulan colonists following their governments order to withdraw all forces from the Gavarian Corridor and is now in the process of becoming a Federation protectorate world.


Haess III, is an L-class planet laying just on the outer border of the habitable zone of the Haess star system and as such was the first and main point of interest as a possible opportunity to establish a permanent presence in the Frontier. Laying at about 15 days from Deep Space 10 and Federation space at Warp 6 it is far from friendly space for Starfleet vessels.


Classified as an L-class planet, Haess III sports a very cool and generally unforgiving climate with many canyons of razor sharp rocks covering the landscape. There is little in terms of natural vegetation and what does grow is usually found close to native settlements. The gravity is comparable to that of Earth, and so are the overall planetary mass and radius.


Whilst first contact with the planet was made in 2384, it was first actively explored by Task Force 47 in early 2388. The planet has a strange metaphaisic compound in the planets rings which disrupt communications intermittently. The planet became of interest to Starfleet when they first detected it in 2384. The USS Opachia (Ronin Class) located the planet and made contact with the natives, a warp capable race identified as the Hayden'ek. However, things soon took a turn for the worse when it was revealed that the world was a Romulan protectorate.

The Romulan's had set up a colony on one of the planets northern most continents, welcomed with open arms by the friendly Hayden'ek, agreeing to protect them in exchange for a supply of the planets natural ore and crystal deposits. The Romulan's were steadily exploiting the fragile Hayden'ek people and forced the Opachia away from the planet. The situation worried Starfleet Command so much that they issued a directive prohibiting Starfleet vessels in the Corridor from going within a lightyear of the Haess System.

Romulan Withdrawal and Federation Protectorate Status

The Romulan presence on Haess III grew until late 2387 when, following the Romulus supernova, the Romulan government ordered a strategic withdrawal of all forces from the Gavarian Frontier. When this became apparent to Starfleet, they once again made contact with the planets government. Ambassador Ilmora Ghetal oversaw the process of applying for Protectorate status with the Federation.

Re-establishing Contact

In early 2388, the Hayden'ek transmitted a distress call, to which the USS Venture responded. Cardassian forces were blockading a trade route between Haess and the Quillian System due to past links with the Romulans. Captain Hunter and the crew of the Venture made contact with the planets Government once more and attempted to diffuse the situation with the Cardassians whilst developing relations with the natives.

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