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Gavarian Corridor
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The Gavarian Frontier is the theater of operations for Task Force 47 of the Fourth Fleet and the Cardassian 7th Order. The area is largely unexplored by the Federation, even by 2399, and is a hotbed of hostility between the Cardassian Union and Romulans.

The area, far from proper Romulan territory, contains several resource-rich worlds, formerly under Cardassian control, that were seceded to the Romulans by the Federation at the end of the Dominion War as spoils of war. For all intents and purposes, the handful of systems are considered Romulan territory. As part of the agreement, the Romulans are given free passage through Federation space for freight ships carrying mined resources back to Romulan territory. It is a point of contention for the Cardassian people who are always in need of resource-rich worlds, and also happens to be one of the only things that reunite the three main Romulan factions formed after the fall of the former Romulan Star Empire.


The Gavarian Corridor (also known as the Gavarian Frontier), named after Captain Anticulo Gavarian who commanded the USS Franz Josef, the first Starfleet vessel to have charted the corridor for Federation interests in 2382, is the theatre Of operations of Task Force 47. It is an area of space is located between and beyond the Cardassian Union and space seceded to the Romulan Star Empire after the end of the Dominion War. It is an area of space that is, for the most part, mostly uncharted by the Federation.

Leading to the Frontier is a 400 light-year stretch of space known as the Gavarian Corridor. At the mouth of the Corridor sits Starbase 47, aa new Unity-class starbase that replaced the former, dilapidated Regula-class science outpost. In stark contrast, at the far end of the corridor, 40 light-years from the relative safety of the United Federation of Planets, sits Anticulo IV in the Anticulo System. This planet housed the first established (scientific) base in the region and sits in neutral territory, making it the ideal stopping point for the Task Force before heading into the Frontier itself.

As the Starfleet presence grew larger, so did the amount of information gathered by the vessels exploring the area. Many new systems and areas of importance were discovered as Task Force 47 continued the Starfleet mission of scientific exploration. A journey as long as a month and a half could be required, at Warp 9, to cross the Corridor from one side to the other. Starfleet has therefore taken the decision to position at its entrance the operational base for Task Force 47, Starbase 47. All Starfleet or Federation vessels wishing to enter the Corridor must first stop at Starbase 47 before being allowed to proceed.

Notable Locations

  • Comani Rubble is an asteroid field located ‘North’ of Romulan space.
  • Tolara Prime can be located one light-year ‘South-West’ of the Gavarian system.
  • Haess III is the home of the Hayden'ek species.
  • The Eruine system is located at the top left tip of the corridor, inside Cardassian space.
  • Belkan's Drift
  • A system under the flag of the Cardassian Union, the Ralius System is the site of a new Cardassian colony and military base being built in orbit.


A group of Warbirds organizing to engage the Cardassians along the Frontier.

By the 2340’s, the Romulan and Cardassian Empires had expanded to such a length that, near and above the Badlands, their borders almost touched. As well, the two empires had stopped expanding at such a point that it left the galactic ‘North’ of the Alpha and Beta quadrants largely uncontested and uncharted by any government. Not until the mid-2350’s did either of those government’s realize the vast strategic importance the unclaimed area of space could have.

In 2357, both Empires tried to take advantage of the Frontier. Though not known as the Gavarian Frontier at the time, it was known as a frontier and an opportunity. The Romulans tried to mount an assault on Cardassian soil, only to be met with a similar Cardassian force attempting to attack the Romulans. This lead to a little-known skirmish (to the Federation, at least) at Tolora Prime, a system just a light-year away from Anticulo IV. Although the skirmish concluded as a draw between then, both Empires realized that it was an invaluable way to indirectly combat each other without the Federation's knowledge.

Over the next ten years, multiple engagements by both military and intelligence factions were fought within either Empire, though none came to any deciding conclusion. However, by the late 2360’s the two Empires knew their constant nagging at each other had to come to a close because the Federation had, once again, expanded farther and faster than they had expected.

However, this only caused severe tensions to arise between the two powers. Just before the war, Federation delegates had to oversee a cease fire agreement between the Cardassian Third Order and the Eighth Imperial Romulan Fleet in what is now known as the Gavarian Corridor by the Federation (the corridor of space that leads to the Frontier). This largely contested area of space has been a hotbed of intelligence activity ever since the Empires ceased their military operations in the Frontier.

During the Dominion War, the Frontier and the Corridor were prime fighting grounds for the Romulan and Dominion forces by the time the Romulans had entered the war. It was a key facet of the allied victory, as it allowed Romulan forces to sweep around and keep the enemy occupied on their flank while, near the end of the war, the Federation Alliance geared up for an assault on Cardassia Prime itself.

Though most thought the end of the war would ease tensions, it did not. The Romulans retreated to their borders once again, and the battered Cardassians, for a time, did as well. All thought that the Cardassians had learned their lesson and that there would be peace for years to come. It was years, but only a few. Once the Cardassians regained most of their former strength, tensions once again shot up.

The early 2380’s saw the return of the Cardassians as a secondary power in galactic politics. As such, heated debate picked up once again between the two powers. Political tension, especially along the Corridor, ran high. Highly contested and valuable systems, some rich with dilithium ore and other ores key to ship production were the most intensely fought over, and at numerous points in the last six years the situation came precarious close to bloodshed.

In 2383, the first Federation outpost was established within the Frontier at the "mouth" of the Gavarian corridor on the planet of Anticulo IV. It was a small, though well-equipped, deep space research base with minimum military capabilities. In other words, it was able to defend itself if need be, though barely. The introduction of this base caused outrage among their neighbours, but nothing more was done about the matter.

One of the deep space research facilities on Anticulo IV.

With tensions still running high, inter-galactic interest swivelled in the direction of the Frontier. Though in the long run the Federation saw a chance for possible exploration and, in the distant future, expansion, it also saw how high tensions were in the area. In 2386, under direct orders from Starfleet Command, and thus onward Starfleet Strategic Operations, seven ships were dispatched to Anticulo IV, the location of the Federation’s first Federation base in the region. Their standing orders were to referee the Romulans and the Cardassians while charting this new Frontier, and to keep the peace at all costs. A notable player in this new initiative was Captain Nithumen Browsden, who had been refused retirement in order to become a key member of the Starfleet-wide Task Group assigned to the Frontier.

Political Status

The Frontier is quite the location for debate between the Cardassian and Romulan governments, and now Starfleet with the inclusion of a Federation presence. For just over thirty years, the Frontier has been used as a military staging ground and, in the corridor between the two Empires, has been a hot spot of political debate and aggressive diplomacy. The Romulans and Cardassians have both staked claims to countless systems, especially within the corridor, citing such reasons as, "We were here first," or, "We have cultural ties to this system," etcetera, etcetera.

Initially, the Romulans had the upper hand. After the Dominion War, the Romulan Empire was left in a fairly stable state and much more of a potential threat to the other major powers as the Romulan Empire took only the final brunt of the Dominion assault. This military advantage was the strength behind their claims and efforts to once again expand the Empire. However, it soon became clear that a few of the systems closer to Cardassian space already had Cardassian residents living on them in small, isolated colonies. The Cardassians used this to their own advantage to stake a claim for more territory. It was believed, however, that half of these colonies were made up of refugees wishing to escape the Union for a time, and not wanting to be involved (as a people) in the then militaristic way of Cardassia.

With the introduction of the Federation into the Frontier in mid 2382, the two Empires became increasingly on edge. Both Empires viewed the Federation as untrustworthy and both the Romulans and the Cardassians used the introduction of the Federation as an opportunity to try and undermine the Federation by citing that the Federation desired to surround, in a sense, either Empire. This caused the Federation some turmoil in the early days of their presence in the region as they had to deal with countless accusations and questions regarding their reasons for being in the Frontier, other than to simply referee or to explore. Some parties even believed that the Federation presence in the Corridor was to allow them to directly involve themselves in the internal affairs of either government.

Starfleet Involvement

Direct Starfleet involvement in what is now known as the Gavarian Frontier began in 2382. Starfleet saw the need to once again begin the exploration of new frontiers. Though at first hesitant, in late 2382 Starfleet, under direct Federation orders and permission, began the construction of a small research base of a habitable planet. The most suitable planet in the Frontier was located 80 days away from Federation space. However, the base was built and the system was named Anticulo, in honour of the Captain who charted it. The base is located on the fourth planet.

Because of the repercussions of the new Federation base, Starfleet had three ships assigned to the Frontier: the Potemkin, Gloria and the Ren’Tak. The Potemkin and Gloria performed charting expeditions and scientific operations while the Ren’Tak acted as a defense ship of Anticulo IV itself.

However, due to the aggressive nature of the Cardassians in late 2385, the Ren’Tak was re-assigned elsewhere and five other ships (the Merrimack, T’Lana, Venice, Odyssey and Hippocrates were deployed along the Gavarian Frontier in 2386. The USS Ajax was also assigned to the Frontier to conduct Covert Ops missions and gather Intelligence.

The USS Goddard spent a significant amount of time travelling to and from the Talusan system where plans for a new facility, Deep Space 17, were to be confirmed. These plans have since been abandoned in favour of a new planetary based Outpost in the Aquorat System. The USS Ajax conducted several important intelligence investigations into Romulan and Cardassian involvement in the Frontier whilst the USS Venture was all set to travel the length of the Frontier and pick up the former mission of the USS Patriot, establishing an archaeological dig on the Mauo system – home of an abandoned Iconian Gateway. This mission was halted by Starfleet Command at the behest of the Romulan Government.

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