Gavarian Exploration Agreement

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The Gavarian Exploration Agreement was negotiated on Stardate 66047.5 by representatives from the Cardassian Union, Romulan Star Empire, and the United Federation of Planets. This agreement brought the Cardassian-Romulan War of 2388 to a close and sought to bring about a new era of peace and exploration in the Gavarian Frontier.


Cessation of Hostilities

All military operations conducted by the Cardassian Union and Romulan Star Empire are pledged to end Stardate 66100.0. Assets recognized by both parties are to withdraw behind their respective borders, with the exception of elements necessary to defend colonies. All claims to the corridor as a whole shall be recognized and respected by all signatory organizations.

Any and all prisoners held by any party not subject to tribunal must be returned immediately to the proper faction.

Border and Colony Declarations

Cardassian and Romulan territory lines are permitted to expand one-half lightyear into the Gavarian Corridor. Colonies placed elsewhere within the corridor will revert to the power that placed them prior to Stardate 65122.62 (February 14, 2388) and the onset of the War, including those planted by the Federation.

Open Passage Agreement

All parties will allow another to freely explore the Gavarrian Frontier. Any power making a profound discovery is not permitted to lay claim to exclusive study, and will allow representatives from the other to participate in joint studies should that power wish to do so. All joint studies may not be obstructed by those participating in them. Any obstruction shall be subject to the laws of the discovering party.

Limitation of Military Operations

Military operations, save for the defense of a power’s assets, shall not be conducted in the Gavarian frontier. In addition, all powers take responsibility for the defense of the Corridor, including colonies of other organizations, and non-aligned worlds.

All powers may operate a single starbase throughout the corridor. These bases must have a minimum distance of four lightyears from all foreign borders. These bases may keep enough starships stationed there for defensive purposes.

Any other military asset no dedicated to exploration and defense will be required to vacate the Corridor by Stardate 66100.0.


  • Legate Elim Bendras, Head of the Cardassian Seventh Order
  • Admiral Thalitha, Romulan Star Navy
  • Yivliv Ra-Havrox, United Federation of Planets

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