Gavarian Armistice Agreement

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The Gavarian Armistice Agreement was negotiated on Stardate 64364.21 (October 15, 2387) by representatives from the Cardassian Detapa Council, the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet Command. The GAA brought an end to hostilities between the armed forces of both parties and sought to bring about a new period of peaceful coexistence and joint operations in the Gavarian Frontier.

The treaty was dissolved on Stardate 65122.62 (February 14th, 2388) upon the outbreak of the Cardassian-Romulan War. It was later replaced in 2389 with the Gavarian Exploration Agreement.


Joint Operations Relating to Scientific Discovery and Exploration

The initial premise for the negotiations was to explore the possibility of joint endeavours that would allow greater exploration of the Corridor and the Gavarian Frontier and also the sharing of scientific discoveries made along the way. Both parties have agreed to commence joint operations of this nature immediately.

Joint Responsibility for Safety and Security of the Corridor

The representatives have agreed that the safety and security of all Cardassian, Federation and non-aligned worlds will be the responsibility of both parties. Each faction has agreed to partake in joint operations that will ensure the safety and security of the corridor and those that reside there.

Recognition of Each Factions Claim to the Corridor

It has been agreed that both factions will officially recognise that they have equal rights and claims to the Corridor. The Corridor shall no longer be classed as a conflicted area and instead, all sides shall participate equally in its protection, development and exploration.

Limitation of Military Assets and Personnel Located in the Gavarian Corridor.

As both factions are now responsible for the safety of the region, a limitation on military forces from both sides has been put in place.

All Starfleet or Cardassian military forces without a specific mandate to be present for specific missions were put on notice that they were to leave the Corridor at the earliest possible convenience.

Both factions are limited to one Starbase or planetary based Outpost within the Corridor. Starfleet are currently operating Olympus Base in the Aquorat system. The Cardassians are currently constructing a Military outpost on Ralius II.

Requirement to Assist in the Creation of Cardassian and Federation Colony Worlds

Both factions are required to assist one another in the creation of any and all colony worlds as required, totalling no more than three worlds per faction. Initial plans are in place for a Federation Colony on Il'Trian IV and a Cardassian Colony on Ralius II.

Dismantling of Deep Space 19 and Cessation of Cardassian Claim to Deep Space 10

As part of the negotiations, the Cardassians have requested the dismantling of the Immense Class Starbase, Deep Space 19. Located in the Kovar Colony, the Starbase is a significant asset that unduly swings the balance of power in favour of the Federation.

Starfleet has agreed to this request on the condition that the Cardassian government officially relinquish all claim to Deep Space 10 (formally Empok Nor), officially recognising it as a Starfleet asset. The Cardassians have agreed and officially cede all rights to the station.


Castellan Iliannah Kattell, Head of the Detapa Council and Cardassian Representative

Ambassador Erica Rider, Federation Ambassador to the Cardassian Union and Federation Representative

Gul Tolias Rekor, Head of the Cardassian 7th Order and Cardassian Military Representative

Captain Nathan Hunter, Officer Commanding USS Venture and Starfleet Representative

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