Gavara IV

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Gavara IV
Grid C1, Gamma Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Gavara system


Gamma Quadrant


Class M



Discovery Date:


Political Information

United Federation of Planets
The Consortium (former)

Native Inhabitants:




Capital City:

Gavara Colony


Gavara IV is a planet in the Gamma Quadrant affiliated to the United Federation of Planets.


Gavara IV is a Class M planet on the the edge of Federation explored space in the Gamma Quadrant, and became home to a number of different species such as Humans, Bajorans and Trill. The planet's climate is similar to Earth's, however the only two seasons are spring and summer. The planet is inhabited by an ape-like native species known as the Gavarans, who are very similar to humans and have advanced technology, however they abandoned space travel a number of centuries ago. Although most of the population live in Gavara Colony, some live on the outskirts or in the forests.

Gavara IV's population is focused on Gavara Colony, a city that is around six square kilometers in area and dominated by apartment blocks. The city is powered by a nuclear fission plant and also has five landing pads which vary in size (two pads are large enough for an Intrepid-class starship), as well as a wing of Valkyrie-class fighters for aerial and orbital defence. Other planetary based defence includes a marine base where over 100 marines are based.


24th century

  • 2377: Gavara IV is discovered by the Federation, and in the same year, Gavara Colony is established.
  • 2379: The government hands over power to a group of pirates. The government was later overthrown after the planet's population revolted against the occupying pirates.
  • 2384: The colony is seized by the Dominion.
  • After 2384: The Federation retook control of Gavara Colony.
  • 2388: After The Event, Gavara Colony is seized by The Consortium, with the USS Alwanir deployed there to defend the planet from Starfleet. Gavara IV is later used as a launching stage for an assault fleet to attack Starbase Unity, which resulted in a Starfleet victory in the Battle of Starbase Unity.
  • 2388: The Battle of Gavara IV takes place, with the USS Vindex destroying the Alwanir and successfully retaking the colony from The Consortium.