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Starbase 23, code-named Gateway Station, is a Spacedock-class space station located on the Federation border to the Romulan Republic and the Independent Romulan Factions. Constructed in the late-2390s, it was designed to replace border infrastructure that dated back to before the Romulan supernova and the collapse of the Romulan Neutral Zone. Under the command of Fleet Captain Lionel Jericho Gateway Station is now the hub of Starfleet operations in the Midgard Sector, a region that stretches across the territory of the Federation and Republic, as well as the collapsed Neutral Zone and the former territories of the Star Empire of Rator. Its mission is to maintain stability in the area through humanitarian operations and diplomacy with local Romulan factions.

Gateway Station is the headquarters of Sirius Squadron, whose primary mission is to further Starfleet's ambitions in the Midgard Sector. Gateway is also the launching ground for Project: Horizon, which seeks to undertakes exploratory missions into former imperial territories, regions Starfleet has never been able to study before.


Gateway Station is charged with the following missions:

  • Maintain the security of the Federation border.
  • Engage in diplomacy and humanitarian aid with local factions to support regional stability.
  • Liaise with the Romulan Republic on matters of commerce, security, and diplomacy.
  • Develop opportunities for trade, research, and industry in the Midgard Sector.
  • Establish new avenues of Starfleet exploration in and beyond the Midgard Sector.

Regional Stability

The Midgard Sector is a highly volatile region. Relations with the Romulan Republic remain underdeveloped, but it is the largest local power beside the Federation and a proven ally. All other non-Federation territory was formerly that of either the Neutral Zone or the Star Empire of Rator and is now independent. While there are multiple worlds, industry centres, or stations known to still be occupied or operational in the area, none are confirmed to Starfleet to have banded into any new factions or fallen under any local warlords.

Many of these worlds are struggling after the fall of the Star Empire, historically reliant on complex chains of economics and logistics. In the old Neutral Zone is at least one former Romulan Relocation Hub for the evacuation of Romulus, set up by the Federation in the 2380s before their withdrawal from the area after the Attack on Mars. Starfleet has judged that rendering humanitarian assistance is their moral obligation and a political necessity to avoid serious upheaval.

Commerce and Diplomacy

With the opening of the old Romulan border and the Federation's return to outreach programs, regional commerce, industry, and diplomacy changed at the start of the 25th century. Gateway Station acts as a headquarters for Starfleet and civilian efforts in these areas: hosting diplomatic talks with local factions, providing facilities for cross-border trading, and facilitating humane and responsible industrial undertakings in and beyond Federation space. Starfleet especially hopes that any cooperation with the Republic on Gateway can form a model for future relationships.

Border Security

The collapse of the Star Empire of Rator means that Gateway lies on the border with fractious territories of former imperial vassals. There are few even potential enemies in the region who could present a serious threat to Starfleet operations, and especially not to Gateway itself. However, opportunities for pirates and warlords to operate in such a lawless region are endless, and travel without a mighty starship is considerably more dangerous. Likewise, the Romulan Republic is less resilient against such threats. With its auxiliary craft of runabouts and starfighters, attached starship, and the other vessels of Sirius Squadron, Gateway Station is expected to keep denizens of the Midgard Sector, especially but not exclusively Federation citizens in the region, safe from threat.

Research and Exploration

The formation of the Neutral Zone in the 22nd century locked Starfleet out from ever entering Romulan space. The Midgard Sector thus stretches across Federation territory that has been thoroughly explored and charted, and former regions of the Neutral Zone and RSE where Starfleet has never before ventured. Now, Starfleet is keen to explore beyond Federation borders for the first time. Gateway Station is a platform for Project: Horizon, which seeks to launch exploratory missions across the border. More than merely a scientific undertaking, this will require Starfleet to secure access to these territories through diplomatic negotiation and recognises that Romulan and indigenous locals may have a stake in subsequent research and findings. Project: Horizon is thus a multifaceted operation requiring significant diplomatic investment as well as scientific research.


Since the establishment of the Romulan Neutral Zone and the Federation's founding, Starfleet infrastructure in the Midgard Sector was designed to secure the border with the Star Empire. Until the Romulan supernova, regional stations were for surveillance of Romulan activities across the Neutral Zone, or defence against possible incursion, with limited capacity for humanitarian or diplomatic operations. This left the Starbase 23 of the 2380s, an old Watchtower-class station, like many others on the border: under-equipped to assist with the evacuation of Romulus or to manage the subsequent refugee crisis.

By the 2390s, Starfleet was rolling out upgrades to regional infrastructure. Starbase 16-Sierra, a Spacedock-class formerly serving second-line support to the Klingon frontier and trade routes, was slated for a larger replacement to meet the needs of modern, bigger vessels. The decision was made to tow 16-Sierra, already modified to remove its arboretum for a second internal docking bay to receive explorer-level starships, to the Romulan frontier. In this age of heightened security, suspicion, and xenophobia, this new Starbase 23 was originally intended to act only to secure the border through defence and diplomatic engagement with the Star Empire of Rator, and discourage refugee migration. This changed after the Federation's return to past policies of exploration and outreach in 2399 and the collapse of the Star Empire of Rator in 2400. Now on the Federation's doorstep were the volatile remnants of the Star Empire, a cluster of warlords, abandoned worlds, and independent factions. Immediately adjacent was the Romulan Republic, in whose ongoing survival and stability the Federation had become increasingly invested.

As such, the new Starbase 23 finished redeployment not to cautiously guard a border but charged with maintaining regional stability to meet both Federation and Republic interests. As the last stop before a bold new frontier, she was duly given her new codename: Gateway Station.

This led at first to relatively quiet responsibilities, with peacekeeping forces sent to stymie local pirates, humanitarian outreach extended to the refugee world of Teros, and more support given to the local Federation colonists and industrialists. Fledgling missions of cooperating with the Republic began. But within months, the change of leadership in the Klingon Star Empire of mid-2401 and their subsequent aggression promised to change the strategic significance of Gateway. Starfleet realised the station needed further support, especially if they were to meet their treaty obligations to uphold the independence of the Republic. The assigned forces of Sirius Squadron were expanded, including with the eponymous Odyssey-class ship herself, in order to better protect such a fraught region.

There remain extensive opportunities for exploration and outreach from Gateway Station. But the future of this corner of the Romulan Republic may lie in the crew's hands, should the Klingon Empire turn their eye upon it.

Leisure Facilities

Gateway Station is equipped to provide leisure and entertainment facilities for Starfleet crew, civilian residents, and visitors. This includes dozens of holodecks and holosuites, gym and sporting facilities, and the various lounges, bars, eateries, shops, and cafés. The majority of these are located on the Arcade, a galleria stretching across multiple decks.

Bean Me Up

Bean Me Up café

A café in the Arcade, Bean Me Up is a bright and cheerful establishment. The standard-issue cold metal bulkheads are softened by amber upholstery and fixtures and lighting that changes with station time. In mornings, it is bright and bustling, encouraging people to start their days with vigour; by the afternoon, more relaxed and thoughtful, and in the evenings the lighting is gentle for quieter get-togethers than the nearby bars. It is a favourite for the Starfleet crew, and its tendency to attract regular clients has encouraged the staff to provide a friendly service, learning names and preferred drinks.


The Foxglove Cocktail Bar

A cocktail bar in the Arcade, Foxglove is a venue evoking a higher-class aesthetic and is favoured by Starfleet officers enjoying a chance to dress up off-duty and civilian visitors looking for a more refined experience aboard Gateway. Its wood-panelled walls are accentuated by a polished, marble-effect floor that give the establishment a cosy but classy atmosphere. Booths, benches, and comfortable seating are upholstered in dark leather around polished wood-effect tables, and the lighting remains dim but clear, enough to foster a sense of warmth and intimacy. A large stage usually offers live jazz, often from holographic performers, but sometimes with living musicians, and the music is normally of a volume to be atmospheric but unobtrusive. On certain evenings, there may be more noteworthy performances, such as notable musicians, stand-up comedy, or dance routines, making Foxglove in those circumstances an event venue for a fulfilling evening. The wide bar at one end offers a plethora of cocktails from thousands of worlds, and while many are made with real ingredients in the bottles behind the bar, their replicators will meet even the most outlandish of needs. Seating is available on the upper level of a veranda stretching around the main floor, offering greater privacy and views of the people or performances below.

Sunny Side Diner

The Sunny Side Diner

The Sunny Side Diner is an all-day eatery on the Arcade, offering hearty food in the style of an old Earth diner. As such, while it provides quick, easy food all day, its particular specialty is the large, filling breakfasts. But the primary source of its name is its location: flush against the exterior bulkhead of the Arcade, its windows catch the Midgard sun in the morning, station-time.


The Crowbar

The Crowbar is a bar just off the Arcade, opened after spacers looking to do trade beyond the border began to operate out of Gateway. Once a small storage space, its conversion has led to a slightly run-down aesthetic of scavenged furniture and jerry-rigged equipment. It is a favoured establishment for non-Federation, non-delegate visitors, though its reputation for being 'rough' is, according to station reports, more about stereotypes than reality.


Keystone Bar

The Keystone Bar is one of the bars on the Arcade favoured by off-duty Starfleet officers, especially the crew of Gateway itself. It is one of the oldest on the station, and one of the few surviving back to the starbase's days on the Klingon frontier. As such, the bar has a sense of history to it, and has often been run by retired officers. Depending on the time of day, it may be a quiet and relaxed place to get a drink, or a turbulent, exciting scene for crewmembers looking to blow off steam.


One of the Replimats of Gateway

There are many quick eateries around the station offering simple seating and access to a public replicator. While some are on the periphery of the Arcade, most are near busy workspaces or distant living quarters. They tend to be used by visitors or crew looking for a quick bite somewhere sociable, and offer little by way of comfortable aesthetic - the public canteens for a lunch break or a breakfast on the go, rather than somewhere to sit and enjoy the ambience.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers


  • Gateway Station is a starbase command assigned to Admiral Alexander Beckett. Members are welcome to have their ships visit Gateway for ship repair, crew leave, etc, without requesting permission or any expectation of joint writing.
  • Set on a wild frontier of the former Romulan Neutral Zone and Star Empire of Rator, Gateway is the last stop for many missions of exploration, humanitarian support, or diplomacy headed into regions still largely unknown to Starfleet.
  • The recent upsurge in Klingon hostilities has Starfleet concerned about local safety, but there is little expectation Gateway itself will come under attack. Danger may be found merely a stone's throw away, but the starbase itself is safe, secure, and well-defended.
  • An influx of interest from both sides of the border has led to a more colourful hue of the average visitor, from eager Federation prospectors to Romulan refugees seeking a better life or those from the former Neutral Zone seeking opportunity. The populace of Gateway is varied and does not all adhere easily to Federation principles and law - but there is no serious crime aboard.