Food Replicators

From Bravo Fleet Infobase

Federation Faction


Food replicators are one of the two types of replicators in currently in use with the other being Industrial Replicators. The raw material for the food replicators is a sterilized organic particulate suspension that has been formulated to statistically require the least quantum manipulation to replicate most finished foodstuffs. Unlike the transporters with which operate at a quantum resolution the replicators are designed to operate at a molecular level resolution.

When a food item is selected from any replicator terminal in the replicator network. A measured quantity of this raw material is drawn from the storage tanks the raw material is stored in and directed to one of several phase transition coil chambers via the distribution manifold. Once in the Phase transition chamber the raw material is dematerialized. The matter stream is then moved to the requesting replicator terminal via the replicator wave guide network.

Once the matter stream arrives at the requesting terminal the matter stream enters the molecular transformational tank where a quantum geometry transformational matrix field is applied to the matter stream to conform to a digitally stored molecular pattern matrix. The transformed matter stream is then passed into the phase transition coil chamber built into replicator terminal where the matter stream is rematerialized into the requested item.

Along with the food item that was requested a dish, bowl, or other such container and eating utensils are also replicated. These items and any uneaten food can be returned to the replicator where the items can be recycled by being dematerialized and reverted back to the particulate suspension raw material and returned to the storage tanks. The raw material for the food replicators is also supplemented and resupplied There are number of specially modified food replicator terminals in sick bay and various science labs for the synthesis of certain pharmaceuticals and other scientific supplies.