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A Starfleet transwarp gate

The Federation transwarp network is a small network of transwarp conduits used by accessing transwarp apertures, all originally created by the Borg Collective to quickly move their vessels throughout the galaxy. Utilizing the Borg technology, Starfleet has been able to access a few of the transwarp conduits with the help of Seven of Nine and the increased knowledge of Borg technology since the return of the starship Voyager from the Delta Quadrant.

Although much of the network was crippled upon the final leg of the return journey of Voyager, the network itself was mostly still in place yet simply inaccessible. As the Borg began to repair the network in the years following, Starfleet became aware of this through it's Delta Quadrant operations. It wasn't until Starfleet's hand was forced to destroy the Iconian Space Gateways they had been using for nearly 10 years that they took a deeper look into using the Borg transwarp network.


The transwarp network established by the Federation is limited in size and scope, but has the advantage of being an entirely separate system from the remaining Borg transwarp network. As the Borg repaired the network after "Voyager", many of their interspatial manifolds were removed from active use within the system for future repair and maintenance. Starfleet took the opportunity to fully remove them from the control of the collective and redirected them for Federation use. With the apertures fully removed from Borg system, reports indicated that the manifolds were considered destroyed in the attack in 2378 and were permanently removed from the system inventory. In order to keep Starfleet's plans hidden from the Collective, the number of manifolds removed from the network was limited in scope and number. Furthermore, as defense against a possible reacquisition of the interspatial manifolds, Starfleet developed a targeted virus to disrupt future attempts to retake the device as a fail-safe.

The USS Ares traveling through the network.

The next step in the process was to make the transwarp corridors two way, as Starfleet vessels lacked the technology, power supply, or ability to create transwarp apertures. However, there were exit apertures all over the galaxy. Eventually Seven of Nine, with the help of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, were able to create Starfleet transwarp gates of their own. Using these, they would lock onto the exit apertures in the Alpha Quadrant and fix their position. In order to establish a two-way corridor to another fixed location, a similar gate was set up in the Delta Quadrant to allow two way travel. However, the Starfleet transwarp gates can only be set up at the entrance and exit apertures of existing Borg transwarp corridors, not anywhere in between, as Starfleet lacked the knowledge to create their own; moreover, the entire purpose of the project was to utilize what was already there from the Borg. This prevents Starfleet from choosing where to place the transwarp gates specifically, however it still provides quick travel throughout the galaxy. This also somewhat threw off Starfleet operations throughout the galaxy that used the former Iconian Gateway system, however Starfleet soon adapted by building their centers of operations around the new Starfleet gates.

Once the two gates were established, they would lock onto one another and separate the associated transwarp corridor from the rest of the Borg network. This would then allow quick travel between the two gates in a matter of hours, compared to what would normally take decades.

Effects on Vessels

The stress on an unprepared vessel traveling through the corridor can be great. However, with the information gathered from Voyager and shared by Seven of Nine, Starfleet has been able to adapt. Before entering either transwarp gate, a vessel is forced to create a charged chroniton field throughout the ship. This is done to combat the extreme temporal stress that's created by the transwarp corridor to keep the vessel in temporal sync. This is usually done by charging the shield generators with a consistent chroniton deflector pulse, thus spreading the chroniton field evenly across the ship via the raised shields.

There are also extreme gravimetric distresses placed on a ship entering the aperture at the transwarp gates. Normally Borg vessels, which can create transwarp conduits anywhere due to their transwarp coils, normally project a structural integrity field ahead of itself. However, the Starfleet transwarp gates have specific power generators to compensate for this, and project the structural integrity field on it's own to aid vessels. This allows entering starships to focus on the temporal stresses, instead of both.

Established Starfleet Transwarp Gates