Federation specifications

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Federation Faction







These ships were retired from Starfleet service due to their age, however, may still be found in the different eras of Starfleet.

These ships are rarely found in the current era of Bravo Fleet but are amply found throughout Task Force 64.

Early Federation



The following classes have are considered to be mothballed and no longer widely used for active service. Several hulls from each class are still in use, albeit in minor roles, closer to inner core of each faction.

These ships were once active within Bravo Fleet, but for one reason or another were or are being taken out of service. Usually, it is due to a lack of graphical presence for these ships.

Kelvin Timeline

The following classes have are from an alternate timeline known as the "Kelvin Universe", created by the destruction of the USS Kelvin.

These ships are from the NuTrek/Abrams Universe trilogy, and can be found in Task Force 64.