Federation specifications

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Federation Faction


Modern Fleet

These are the most modern of Starfleet designs and are often found on the frontier of Federation territory and beyond.

Reserve Fleet

These ships are still in service to the Federation in copious numbers, and are still technologically sound for Starfleet patrols and duties, but are often found closer to the core territories rather than on the frontier.





These ships were retired from Starfleet service due to their age, however, they may still be found in the different eras of Starfleet.

These ships are rarely found in the current era of Bravo Fleet but are amply found throughout Task Force 64.

Early Federation



The following classes have been considered to be mothballed and no longer widely used for active service.

These ships were once active within Bravo Fleet, but for one reason or another were or are being taken out of service. Usually, it is due to a lack of graphical presence for these ships.